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  1. The grammatical errors on the email sign up confirmation message feel like a sign.
  2. I really enjoyed watching the Imola and Misano races earlier in the season. So glad that wasn't my first impression of GT3 racing
  3. Why aren't the commentators laughing at this? It's fucking ridiculous. They might as well tarmac the entire area between the barriers and let the drivers go wild. Edit - amazing that a driver has just had a time deleted for track limit abuse. He must have dipped his wheels into Germany.
  4. Track limits are even more ridiculous than F1. Should be a hard and fast rule in all motorsport that the white line is the edge of the track; two wheels over that is a time deletion in practice and quali and a penalty if it's used to gain an advantage in the race, simple.
  5. Track limits at the final corner
  6. I'd be interested in watching it but they used to have something like that in F1, it was shit.
  7. Maybe we could all do paint jobs based on our usual cars?
  8. I wish the Nissan GT-R was still racing
  9. Do it I'm probably going to buy a Reverb G2 when it's released/available so you can buy my Rift S
  10. Stick to one or the other (VR obvs) if you can! The reason I'm quick/consistent at all is all down to VR (because I can judge the distance to the corners so much better) and I honestly think they are completely different beasts. I don't think practicing on a flat screen will actually help that much if you then use VR in the race.
  11. @Valver Have you tried bumping up the replay quality? It's done through the standard game settings menu (not video settings) and there's only a couple of settings for it. I think if you stick it on high you'll get shadows on the cars.
  12. Great screenshot @SweatyTravolta! I think I'm only just out of shot on that as well, so ace how close we all were after about 45 minutes of racing
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