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  1. Balls, sorry Dave! Was meant to let you know when we were done with the server. All good to switch back to PowerQ setup when you get a chance. Nice photos btw
  2. It's really easy to upset the car by braking too late into that corner (I span twice in practice trying it). It's better to brake while you've got the car pretty much in a straight line, change down (I come down 2 gears in the Nissan) and steer the car through while on the throttle. This will stabilise the rear end of the car, as without a bit of throttle there's less weight over the rear wheels so the car is more likely to spin. If you do want to turn while braking, more forward brake bias helps in a fast corner like that as you're less likely to lock the rears as you turn and brake into t
  3. Yep, full points is fine by me too! Looks like we're defo on for 5pm mate, so if you wouldn't mind switching it over that would be grand. I'll message you once we're done so it can be switched back.
  4. Ace, see you later then. I'll bring beer, as I won't be driving
  5. Are you working from home? If so, 5pm today would work.
  6. I've got to pop into work in a bit, but I'll hopefully be home about 3ish (defo no later than 4) if that's any good?
  7. Ideally I'd say do something today or tomorrow (same for @SneakyNinja too). That way we could do Silverstone using your setup for last night's race. It'd help that you're familiar with the track already and we could look at basic setup stuff too, most importantly whether your tyres are at the right pressure. Is the server still setup for Silverstone @davejm?
  8. Any time really. Are you working during the day at the moment?
  9. Such a good battle with you two last night, really enjoyed that Just didn't have the speed to keep up with you after you sorted out your entry to Vale (think you went deep there on a couple of laps), I had to drive perfect laps to even stay with you and it was too much in the end.
  10. ACC is definitely the most immersive racing sim out there and I've put many hours into both games. Nothing beats the feeling of being in a real race that that game can give you. AI only races? What do you mean?
  11. Happy birthday mate, that is amazing Should we award points to the disconnects? Maybe in the order they left, so last one to leave would be 7th etc. Totally up for doing some laps with you (or just sitting onboard) to see if I can help in any way.
  12. Maybe we should do full warm up laps for endurance, but the shorter run up for sprints?
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