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  1. I'd love them to just go with a strict no track limit abuse policy tbh; the white lines indicate the edge of the track, more than two tyres over the lines you get pinged. Nice and simple.
  2. Don't weave when you're holding your speed at the start Meers, that's defo what caught you out in the first race! There was at least a half second delay between the lights changing and you nailing the throttle.
  3. No, I don't think so mate. Don't want to single anyone out, would just be much better if we can all do this as it's so easy to setup and should be possible with the number of buttons on most wheels. Just think of it as your pit radio button for extra coolness 😁
  4. Guys, can we all make sure we have push-to-talk setup for next week please? Hearing other people's gear shifts and various gruntings is not good for concentration.
  5. Yeah, I think we should avoid option 2 like the plague. The only reason @SANtoOos used a custom livery was because the Lexus doesn't allow custom team creation due to licensing issues. There's too many of us nowadays for it to be effective and I don't think it's reasonable to expect everyone to download and install the liveries. The massive lag spike they cause when anyone with a full custom livery joins the server is another issue. I think the in game editor is fine and you can get some decent results using it.
  6. I'm white, with red and green bits. Castrol colours basically. Always number 21 as well. My GT4 Porsche Cayman on the Sim Racing GP Banner:
  7. Do it and join our excellent ACC racing league. Racing BMW M2 touring cars at Imola last night was epic!!
  8. Not sure I'll be able to drive, getting a fatal error every time I try to start ACC and googling isn't helping.
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