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  1. Love sound of this! I didn't know you could do it, how did you set it up? I also really like CC, adds so much to the feeling of being in a race and the spotter is great.
  2. Ah, sorry guys! I've only just seen your posts and I'm not gonna be on in time to join that race.
  3. I might well join you. I can't race tomorrow but I have a free night tonight
  4. I'm really sorry guys, I'll be missing from the first two rounds of the season as I've got to rehearse both nights. I think it's going to be pretty tricky to fit two rehearsals and a night of sim racing into each week this year, so I might be missing more races than I attend.
  5. They are bastards, the real ones caused this:
  6. Here's my lap records for Longford, including my Ferrari 330 P4 time:
  7. Unfortunately I can't race on Thursday as I'm heading down to Bristol for Christmas, loving the car and track combo though so I'll post my quickest time in a bit.... Really interested in the event tomorrow though @Yannik. I've just registered for your community so hoping I'll be able to race.
  8. Awesome racing tonight folks! I'll defo take 2nd, 1st and both fastest laps Longford was the AC track I was trying to remember: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/longford-1967.2741/
  9. Good tunes guys!! Have you ever covered Frightened Rabbit @davejm? There's something I'd like to post here, but the full four song video isn't being released until the 31st. Here's one of the songs though (I'm on bass, although you don't really see me much in this one!), this is the originals band I recently joined on top of the Tool tribute I've been doing for the last few years: Love Jay's face
  10. He's made his bed, now he should lie in it.
  11. Anyone who thought the result was going to change was living in dream land. No way that was ever going to happen and if Mercedes appeal it won't get them anywhere.
  12. Or you could just play it because you enjoy it?
  13. Sorry about last night guys. Been having a crappy time in work lately and it just felt like more work last night; I hadn't put in enough practice and just wasn't comfortable in the car. The practice session was fine at first, but after a few laps I was struggling to work out/remember where my braking points were, which lead to quali which was a disaster until my final lap. Felt ok at the start of race 1 but then I was struggling with braking points again and I kept spinning the car. After the third spin/stall my enthusiasm was completely gone and I wanted to leave, so I did.
  14. You're hilarious. Poor little Lewis
  15. Gonna miss you guys @Meers and @mrben09! @SANtoOos, are you racing this week mate?
  16. Smaller diameter so easier to turn quickly (might be important in modern single seaters) and more knobs/dials etc. The latter only really matters if you're playing ACC, or something else where there are lots of controls you can map. I'd imagine playing on consoles would restrict this somewhat, as you generally can't map as many controls on those.
  17. Early! Being in control and hitting the apex is way more important than braking late there. The thing is though, I know this is true but I still have trouble executing it! So easy to be too late on the brakes or try to carry too much speed in Paddock Hill.
  18. Nah. I do enjoy coming in here the week after a race and seeing the pearl clutchers in full on froth mode, keep up the good fight!
  19. Sort of, it's a fuzz pedal with two different types of wah, a traditional one and a mid range filter. It sounds insane when you combine the fuzz and the wah together! Specifically it's one of these: https://www.jimdunlop.com/justin-chancellor-cry-baby-wah/
  20. Yep, bass only! Justin is the main user of effects in Tool, Adam (the guitarist) only really uses overdrive and delay. And thanks It's normally neater than this, I'm in the process of re-wiring everything to accommodate my new pedal, which is the BigBlueBastard™ in the middle of the board.
  21. I see! You've got T-LCMs at the moment, is that right? Saw a really good video the other day about a mod which apparently really improves them, if you want to save some cash! Includes links to the bits you need. I think this would probably make the brake too heavy for my flexi wheelstand, but I know you wouldn't have any issues with your cockpit.
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