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  1. I think performance is the thing I'm most concerned about, in a game where sensation of speed is so important. I take it the recent patch hasn't helped?
  2. SharkyOB

    TT 23

    Seems he's doing well, but a stroke triggers an automatic racing license suspension for a year. Apparently he's already been cleared to drive on the road, so hopefully he'll make a full recovery.
  3. Has anyone tried the new one yet? Any good?
  4. SharkyOB

    TT 23

    And Ian Hutchinson after his stroke 🙁
  5. I'm defo going to get it, but there's not much point buying anything else while I'm so obsessed with TotK!
  6. Worth it for the 1970s Nordshleife alone! Sorry I'm not racing at the moment guys. I was on holiday for a couple of weeks, but I now have a lot of music stuff going on which is taking up a lot of time. Defo won't be back this week but maybe next.
  7. X-Com 1 & 2 (the relatively recent ones). Many hours sunk into these with the official content like War of the Chosen and even more with mods like Long War.
  8. That is also a lovely car!! Sorry for doubting your quote 😅
  9. Black and gold being the Lotus 72 I assume? Yeah, that car is a beast! You're right it doesn't need h&t if you don't have an h-shifter/clutch/the inclination, but it is very satisfying 😍
  10. Thanks Eric! I assume I can just copy that code and paste it into a .json file?
  11. Has anyone tried the new track yet? It's absolutely superb and I can't recommend it enough. I'd done a few laps round the full Nord/Sud combination on Assetto Corsa already, but it's I think that's one's an old conversion from GP Legends, so I've been really excited to drive a version up to modern graphical standards. I started off doing a few laps of the Sudschleife in a 60s Mini to get used to things and then went for it on the full track. It's pretty hard to do valid laps, especially in older cars, but I'm loving the challenge of trying! The track definitely needs a different approach to the modern version, mainly due to the curbs, which you can't attack in the same way. Car wise, so far I'd recommend: 60s F1 70s F1 (Lotus 72 😍) BMW Pro Car 70s Porsche 911 All great cars for the track, get your heel-and-toe on!
  12. I've just registered and I doubt it's due to the track, Hungaroring is great 😍 It's new championship day folks! Who's joining us later? Get those registrations in!
  13. Probably slightly more on the cam car. They were wide in turn 1 which compromised the line in turn 2, so they should've expected the car in second to be quicker. They didn't really seem to allow for that with their line.
  14. Standard 1st corner incident for me, don't think either is hugely at fault.
  15. 1970s Nurburgring (including both the Nordschleife and the Sudschleife) is now available on the release candidate build 😍
  16. Why though? Watching the replays back, some of the moves you were pulling last night were just bizarre. You were miles faster than the rest of us anyway, why not wait for a proper passing opportunity?
  17. S'alright though isn't it? The game's still there to be played in it's original form and choice is a lovely thing.
  18. Gutted, I've only just found out about this. I really liked Breen and he seemed like a great ambassador for the sport.
  19. Yeah, shenanigans!! Seems like something that could go wrong quite quickly, like having a two lap race after a red flag.
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