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  1. 22 minutes ago, davejm said:


    OK mate, no worries.  I was just going to ask but if you're sure.


    I'm just sorting out the new season schedule and it will be a mini 5 week GT4 season running up to Christmas.  Maybe the GT4 cars will be easier to jump in and be up to a good pace without the practice?  You always did seem very good in those cars.   I think this will be a nice change to move away from GT3 for a bit.


    Oh yeah, I'm totally going to be back whatever we're racing and I'd be at the final round if I wasn't on my hols!  Just came out of last night feeling pretty down.  Race 1 was a write-off and then race 2 went horribly wrong after it started well.  I don't think I'm in a good mindset at the moment; if I get caught up in an incident or make a mistake, I push too hard to compensate and end up making things worse.

  2. On 04/07/2018 at 21:31, carlospie said:

    My two relates to ff7


    in the slums I didn’t know how to progress on the attached screen, I thought you had to kill a certain amount of enemies, turns out there was just a plank of wood you had to run up. By the time I got out of here I had unlocked climhazzard!!!


    i also did the whole game without using summons, I always equipped them and they never showed up in battle, turns out you had to scroll down on the menu 



    On 21/07/2021 at 21:54, carlospie said:

    I played the whole of final fantasy 7 never knowing how to summon. I always equipped the materia but in battle they never showed up. It's because strangely the first summon doesn't appear on the first line you have to scroll down.


    I also got stuck for weeks in one screen in midgar. It was a scrapyard that had an iron hand in it. I just couldn't figure out where to go and presumed you had to activate the hand but I couldn't do it. I ended up overlevelling massively and had the level 3 limit breaks by the time I left.


    What year is it indeed!!

  3. 41 minutes ago, Count Buffalos said:

    How much of a step up is the TS-PC from the T300? It looks like the base is available for about £240. 


    Not huge tbh, there's defo a law of diminishing returns as you move up the ranks of belt driven bases.  I used a T300 for years and I'd probably still be happy with it, although for me, the upgrade was worth it for the rim.  I don't think I'd recommend it if you were going to buy the base to use with a rim without the additional controls.

  4. 3 minutes ago, davejm said:

    OK, more wheel impressions.  I'm posting them here as I've only tried ACC.


    Gotta say this... if you've got a decent belt driven wheel (TS-PC, CSL Elite, CSW 2.5 etc) I'd be happy with what you have.  The CSL-DD feels amazing, and very smooth; but when I was practicing yesterday and 'in the zone' you just forget about the equipment.   It isn't such a massive improvement.


    Coming from a low end wheel would see a big benefit (I'd suspect); and even from a T300 would be good due to the extra power.  And I am benefiting from some extra torque over the TS-PC (which I was running on 100% in driver & in-game).


    I love it, but @SharkyOB I think you made the good choice in sticking with what you have considering you like the Ferrari rim on the TS-PC.


    Yeah, it was a complicated decision weighing up lots of factors, otherwise I'd probably have cancelled much earlier!  I did suspect it wouldn't exactly be the second coming after being used to a high-end belt driven wheel and in the end losing the rim and the buttons on the base seemed like too much of a compromise.  I'm still really keen to see what Thrustmaster announce, DD wise, though.

  5. 14 minutes ago, Gotters said:

    I'm slow but more consistent without a ghost when TTing - I find the ghost either makes me take liberties to try and catch it up if I'm behind, or stresses me out if I'm ahead that it's a good lap.


    I'm exactly the same, hate ghosts.


  6. 45 minutes ago, Valver said:


    Wow, that's an amazing time!  Great work.  Jumps you to the top.


    @everyone What's the forums usual position on doing leaderboards? Should we be providing screenshots for all new times, or just for top scores?  I've not done this before...




    I think screenshots should be provided for all times, especially frankly ridiculous ones in the 28s 😵

  7. 3 minutes ago, Valver said:

    Some nice improvements this morning, and a new challenger!




    Is anyone else starting to wonder if something is up with the game's timing though?  (and this isn't just sour grapes at having been elbowed out of 3rd by Sharky!)


    I just did a race against JimmyBroadbent's '29.834' ghost lap.  I was ahead for a chunk of it, stayed within the lines to not get any penalties, crossed the line a mm behind him (my car was in his ghost) and was therefore *certain* I'd have improved on my personal best - and it said my lap was a 33.251.  WTF?!  How can that be correct?




    I suspect there's something buggy about the way penalties are applied. I'm pretty sure that if you get a penalty and then reset to start the lap again, the penalty is still applied at the end of the new lap. 

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