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  1. Sorry for bringing a bit of negativity into the thread folks! I know the racing will still be great tomorrow and I'll probably rediscover my motivation next week. I think I'm just not feeling it because I don't particularly like Laguna Seca and I'm really enjoying driving older cars in Assetto Corsa at the moment.
  2. That seems to be a pretty standard issue in most VR games, I always have to reset the view on start-up. The camera is definitely way more out of position in RR, but I sometimes start above the garage in ACC so it's not confined to that one game.
  3. And they've just started a summer sale on the content, with tracks and cars all being 50% off. As always with RR, buy the points first at a discounted rate here: https://www.raceroomstore.com/shop_en/list_page?cat=24 Then buy the content on the main site using the points.
  4. Yeah, I know. The problem was there were a few of us on the server and one person wasn't on Discord, so it would've been difficult to coordinate a mass exodus.
  5. Tried for a bit last night. It was pitch black, so I don't think it was particularly representative of the conditions we'll face in the races, but the car felt horrible. No grip at all and setup didn't seem to be helping. I might just go back to the default aggressive setup and work things out in the practice session tomorrow. Still feeling a bit meh towards the game at the moment, which is odd as the races are great each week. Just can't seem to generate any motivation for practicing.
  6. New leaderboard: Bremgarten - Maserati 250F 6 cylinder 1. Erik - 02:34.035 2. SharkyOB - 02:35.290 3. Valver - 02.43.900 Gonna do some ACC practice now but I will be back!
  7. Nice! Certainly using all of the track and more at points
  8. Times so far: Bremgarten - Maserati 250F 6 cylinder 1. Erik - 02:34.035 2. SharkyOB - 02:37.535 3. Valver - 02.43.900 Have you set a time @davejm? Anyone else? I'm hoping to get on tonight, I reckon I can improve my current effort by quite a bit.
  9. That was the video that got me to download it. It really is a spectacular track
  10. Sounds great, maybe go with the 6 cylinder version as it's a bit easier to handle? Would love to go for an endurance style race, so stick with our 1 hour format with pit stop? Shall we stick with this car for the time trial too? That way we'll all get a bit of practice in ahead of the race. Let's run it until next weekend then I'll set another car/track combo
  11. The new Bremgarten (Swiss GP before the Le Mans disaster) mod track is absolutely incredible! You should defo have it in your collection: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/bremgarten-1950s.43576/ Here's a few laptimes I set in classic race cars: Anyone fancy a hotlap challenge?
  12. I don't think there's any need to get grandstand seats as long as we can all bring camping chairs (I can probably borrow enough for the four of us). There's a great place I normally camp out on the outside of the Hislop's chicane, pretty much where the 10 is on this image: From there you see the cars coming down The Avenue into Cascades and then going off down Lakeside. You then see them come back into view over Hilltop and braking into the overtaking zone at the chicane. You can also see most of the way up Clay Hill. I'd only do that on race day, the Saturday is great for walking the circuit and prying around the paddock, assuming it's as open as it is for the BTCC.
  13. Sorry I didn't respond to this conversation guys, I'm defo up for Oulton if you are though!! Hoping we can make a weekend of it and go out in Liverpool on the Saturday night too? Anyone else up for joining us?
  14. I should have them recorded; I'll have a look when I get home and upload them if I have them.
  15. The marine is probably the easiest starting character; great default gun and the armour point is very useful.
  16. That isn't what I'm saying, I think that's pretty obvious from the comment you quoted.
  17. You talk about difficulty options like the devs just tick a box and they magically appear in the game. If the devs want to make a game that's designed around a certain level of difficulty (and they can make it work financially), they should be allowed to do that. There aren't zero arguments for this, not all games are for everyone for a variety of reasons, it's perfectly valid for difficulty to be one of them.
  18. It's so worth it though, in many ways AC is a better game than ACC. Content Manager takes all the pain out of the UI, but again it does take a bit of setup and getting used to.
  19. Great selection of cars for the tourist session! I'll be in my favourite 60s
  20. Finally, it may have a use!
  21. Yep and you can see the driver's helmet moving in the mirror as you move your head in real-time
  22. That's ace, I had no idea you could do that! Sorry I couldn't join last night guys, I'm out tonight rehearsing so didn't feel like I could abandon my partner two nights running.
  23. Good for laps, not so much for knees. Also, have own free will. 5/10
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