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  1. in answer to you question I think they are : Easy
  2. They stuck the landing. lots of people have mentioned the various nuances in the final episode so I won't bother apart from one thing
  3. On the Tremors scale of brilliant B movie horrors(though obviously not as good)- Deep Rising - there is some nasties in regards folks being eaten /melted. Tucker and Dale vs Evil - though that's a bit meta for a 9 year old possibly Edit Super 8 Cloverfield
  4. Can't wait to see the finale next week
  5. The Northman Pretty much a straight up revenge movie with a bit of mysticism thrown in , probably a bit too long but there's some stunning sequences in here . 3/5
  6. Emperor - The Gates of Rome- Conn Iggulden 1st of his Julius Caesar series, focus on his early life, of which little is known apparently . It's distracting enough and follows similar beats to the 1st of the Genghis Khan opener, which as joemul mentions, is his best.Where this falls down is that Caesar ends up being a bit of a Mary Jane from the get go , which for me is ultimately boring,and a time jump in the "training" doesn't help matters nor does the deus ex machina on a couple of occasions, characterisation has never been Iggulden's strong point but it seems especially bad here. Moving on to the good, it's a pretty quick paced book despite clocking in at 400ish pages, Caesar isn't always the primary focus and some of the other characters are given some time to breathe and the set pieces are pretty awesome , worth the price of admission on their own, there's one which is especially good and up there with some of the ones in the Khan series. I'm going to read some McCarthy next to cleanse the palette.
  7. The Glass Hotel - Emily St John Mandel I have an uncorrected bound proof copy that i picked up for $4 in an op shop so don't know how many changes are in the published version.Reasonably small cast of characters , different viewpoints of the collapse of a Bernie Madoff type Ponzi scheme and the impact on those directly involved and some ancillary characters. I personally loved it and thought it was as good as Station Eleven, it seems to be set in a parallel universe where the events of that book may or may not be relevant, but have read criticism that the disparate parts don't work so your mileage may vary. Started iggulden's Julius Caesar series, absolute horseshit, but enjoyable horseshit nonetheless
  8. This has probably already been said many times before but this is the adult Star Wars that I've been waiting for since the original trilogy back in the 70s-80s , Lucas' vision has always been to continue that fairly lightweight goodies vs baddies scifi that he originally created and when the Prequels came out a lot of us had (probably) matured but Star Wars hadn't .Which is why it probably resonates with kids at that time than those of us who watched the OT.There's always hints of the darkness at the heart of the franchise in the various series, Alderaan, genocide on Genosis, bodies in tanks on display etc but this has fully embraced that dystopia and actually gave me 1984 vibes somewhat.
  9. Sandworm- basically about the Russian GRU/FSB hacking group who've been causing mischief for a fair number of years, they're behind some of the biggest cyber incidents over the last few years, not so amusingly by using tools that the NSA have developed for years and then were hacked/leaked themselves. On to the Glass Hotel By Emily St John Mandel
  10. I haven't followed the leafs off season moves because, seriously, who needs that entire soap opera but they don't strike me as being any better this season so playoffs and round 1 again. Caufield is already awesome , if he keeps developing under St Louis he'll be lethal. The Bruins seem fine given last nights showing but given the age and injuries thing they might well fall off during the season. Philly and Montreal have both won , hopefully that's an indication that they'll be better this season( 1 game sample size) so the Yotes and Sharks may be fighting it out for the 1st draft pick (Bedard) in what's supposed to be a stacked draft . I'm going to (not ) enjoy the Canes likely handing the Sharks a hammering tomorrow.
  11. So season's started as of last weekend where the Sharks got beaten twice by the Preds, at least the draft is supposedly stacked this year so that's a silver lining for fans of shit teams. Curious to see how the Flames go without Johnny and Columbus go with him as well as Florida and their altered lineup.
  12. I'm really enjoying this and the slow-slow-quick pace of the episodes each seem like a chapter in themselves, I've advised my brother, who hasn't started to do it in 3 episode chunks. I have a theory (and apologies if this has been mentioned before, haven't read all the replies) where the season is going :
  13. Dune (2021) rewatch after seeing it about 6 months ago. Enjoyed it much more this time, probably because I had the time to take it all in, it's fucking glorious looking isn't it ? As mentioned previously , the cast are still fine , Ferguson is head and shoulders above everyone and Jason Momoa gets to play both of his characters , the charismatic jokey one and the angry fighty one, and that's also fine. Dune itself is a bit of a cold book IMO , despite the setting, which is reflected in the movie and there's a brutal look to all the architecture and designs, again it goes to how well put together the visuals are for this. Really enjoyed it this time , felt like I could take my time and wallow in the beauty of how this looks and it's all the better for it, I think the story is about as well adapted as it could have been, the performances are largely fine and am looking forward to the 2nd part and a bit more focus on the Harkonnens. 4/5
  14. Predators The one with Adrien Brody. Saw this a few years ago and thought it was an okay movie in it's own right and positively amazing within the context of the series of movies.On rewatch there's actually more to like here than I originally thought.Brody is fine if not outstanding as the lead and there's some decent backup from the supporting cast including Fishbourne, Ali, Goggins, Braga.Story is as you'd expect and it ticks along at a reasonable rate , there's some silliness but it's not egregious by the standards of the franchise. What I didn't notice on the 1st time was some of the shots, there's some nice shots in here, not least a flare going off in a tunnel with the characters backlit and an overhead of a duel in some long grass.The finale is actually better than I remember and the design of the face on the "boss" predator is actually fantastic, really cool looking. It's the 4th best Predator movie after 1,2 and Prey , solid 3/5 movie.
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