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  1. Woah, that was not on my radar at all and looks amazing, have no knowledge of it at all , looks like an Arthurian legend via Pan's Labyrinth.
  2. JIC anyone is interested there were 100+ penalty minutes in the Caps-Rangers game yesterday after fallout from the Wilson incident in the previous game where he hit player(s) while they were on the ground etc. He got a $5k fine and no suspension which has had a lot of fans (even a few in Washington) up in arms. Two fights at the opening faceoff alone. And Oshie scored a hat trick for the Caps after his father passed away very recently.Nice quiet game. Edit- NYR management released a twitter statement condemning the piss poor response by the NHL to the initial Wilson incident a
  3. Moby Dick- Herman Melville Whaling manual/log masquerading as a novel. Tried reading it, tried listening to it on audiobook. Whaling seems like it was an incredibly grim profession and the book does very little to dispel that notion, just seems like a dark, brooding novel and while I understand that it may reflects/symbolise the character of Ahab and the obsession etc it just wasn't for me. 100 Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez Dreamlike story of 3 generations of a family in a fictional town. There was so much going on thematically and sto
  4. The Mitchells Vs the Machines There's an entire thread on this so I won't go into details, it's not as good as Spiderman into the Spiderverse but is still pretty wonderful 4/5.
  5. At least the emissions from the cars will be in keeping with reduced greenhouse effect.
  6. Mortal Engines -Philip Reeve YA fantasy with large cities turning into roving tanks across Europe and devouring other cities for resources in the far future. Interesting fantasy steampunk vibe to it and it licks along at a decent pace.It's a bit simplistic in the storytelling as it's YA but there's a reasonable amount of mur-diddly-urder, some of which were a little, but not very, surprising.Some decent set pieces, indistinct cast of bad guys , predictable good guys and nice ideas. Also,I didn't mind the movie though I understand a lot of people hated it , it makes a fair few
  7. Deadpool 2 More of the same with this time Deadpool trying to direct a young mutant away from a path of evil or something. Plot isn't terribly important in these movies as they're just a vehicle for Reynolds to have a laugh and get paid for it. I've seen both and didn't enjoy the latter half of the 1st one , once the 4th wall breaking and toilet humor wore off it seemed a pretty run of the mill actioner. This though, was better, and I think that was mainly due to Cable's presence , he provided a straight man to Deadpool's antics and as such found that this worked much better over
  8. Mid 90s (2018) IMDB spiel-Follows Stevie, a thirteen-year-old in 1990s-era Los Angeles who spends his summer navigating between his troubled home life and a group of new friends that he meets at a Motor Avenue skate shop. This really should be right up my alley- I was about 5 years older than the lead in this about this time period , a skater and the same teenage themes (for me early 90s) of girls/socializing etc that are depicted here had happened, and probably for a lot of people, are relevant . It follows Stevie as he joins a bunch of skaters and tries to fit in an
  9. Cheers for the heads up, I feel like a bit of an idiot for being taken in so easily without checking the sources a bit more closely. Turns out there's term for the glorification of the Wehrmacht - Wehrabooism which I wasn't aware of and is a tool of far right groups to soften the image of the German army during WW2. Amazon keeps recommending other books by the same publishing house which appear to also claim to be actual accounts from other theaters which are also works of fiction.
  10. Incredibles 2 Loved the 1st one so was looking forward to this, a few middling reviews when it released meant i never got around to seeing it. Because I'm an easily influenced , weak and lazy kind of person. For me I found it nearly the equal of the 1st movie, the mother is a stronger and more interesting character and the way she used her powers etc are more inventive than the father. His situation in this was also well done and there's a pretty good turn from the entire family, Jack Jack will get most of the plaudits but I thought they're good as an ensemble.
  11. I'm probably alone here but I didn't think the trailer was terrible, Rudd is usually good value and I thought that keeping it "in universe" that there's a logical explanation for some of the stuff to be around if unused. Not onboard with the lifespan of car batteries though, that's supernatural. Probably mentioned previously in the thread does this go with the idea that
  12. Star wars Episode 9- the rise of Skywalker. Disney does a survey of 10 year olds about things they would like to see in a star wars movie. Disney then puts all of those things into a movie. I had to watch this in 2 sittings as I couldn't process everything that was going on but I might be getting old. That's as much criticism of this as I'm doing , it's all been covered in detail to the nth degree before Positive things- the opening sequence in the forest with Kylo looked interesting and could have been made more of , the dyad thing where they fight is really well don
  13. I just finished the final season of The Clone Wars. I can understand how some people thought it was fantastic but it didn't do anything for me. Until the final 4 episodes, wow, apart from looking like they chucked a metric fucktonne of money at it to make it look eye bleedingly good at times the final arc is superbly done.As people have mentioned probably improves the prequels(I like a lot of things in the Phantom Menace TBH, despite being aware of it's quite glaring flaws) ,specifically Revenge of the Sith.Pisses over the ending of most other series and ties in beautifu
  14. 9.Fight Club- Chuck Palahniuk I'm not going to talk about "fight club "the book. The movie ,however, is quite good and a faithful adaptation of the literature it's based on. 3.5/5 Previously
  15. It was one of those movies during Mcconaughey's rom com phase ( i think ) that stood out because it showed that he was a decent actor. Kris Kristofferson and Chris Cooper we're both fantastic too. Cracking "little" movie, often overlooked.
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