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  1. I watched it all recently having only seen the 1st two seasons originally.there's some ropey CGI on the cylons that doesn't look fantastic these days but most of the space action is pretty decent. story wise the first two seasons are generally excellent and the latter two are good. i was surprised by season 4 because it's considered the worst but some episodes that sound like filler borefests turned out to be pretty gripping.considering the scale and themes throughout the series they pulled it together pretty well. The feature movie( 2 parts i think) to kick it all off will give
  2. lolly

    Babylon 5

    1st time. Even things like the rollercoaster type restraints on the train; shows that the people putting it together actually thought about how these things would work and what would be required.
  3. lolly

    Babylon 5

    I just started watching the 1st feature movie with the PS1 special effects, it all looks a bit cheap, I've got a copy of the "unspecialised" version from Amazon which somehow managed to be the wrong region despite being sold by the local store. Those few whinges aside , even this early some of the dialogue is fantastic and seems to hint a a much more nuanced and intelligent story that I think people laud the series for. And just to contradict an earlier point somewhat the character costumes for some of the Alien species look pretty decent and it's great that they're not all bipeda
  4. Just watched latest season episode 2. Two very quick observations, it was pretty affecting regarding a certain character's youth and Avasarala is (still)a badass.
  5. I'm working my way through the top 10 (at least) of anything I haven't listened to to see what I've missed , regardless of whether I agree with the placing there's always good stuff in there I haven't heard. @ngchol you're a legend for doing this every year.
  6. Best Served Cold- Joe Abercrombie , World of the 1st Law I loved the original 1st Law trilogy which I read in the latter 3 months of 2020 and thought I'd continue on, unfortunately as well as this starts out it ran out of steam for me- maybe I've overexposed myself but I found the 2nd half of this dragging, despite it being pretty eventful. Maybe it was the change in character/motivation of the avatar of you know who in the original trilogy but it just felt a bit mean and petty. Going to leave off the rest in " the world" for the moment- on to Ancillary Sword by Ann Leckie.
  7. Up to episode 5 now, caved and bought it on Apple TV. The title tune is so good and the soundtrack in general is fantastic, love it. It's not comfortable viewing at times and I was thinking that it's almost Sci-Fi horror, there's a creeping sense of dread and some of the body horror is full on. I'm really enjoying how it subverts your feelings towards characters almost on a episode basis, it's nicely done.As much as I like Travis Fimmel he only really plays one character in anything I've seen him in ( Vikings/Warcraft/this) which works okay in this context again and as
  8. Palm Springs (2020) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9484998/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_1 IMDB spiel:When carefree Nyles and reluctant maid of honor Sarah have a chance encounter at a Palm Springs wedding, things get complicated as they are unable to escape the venue, themselves, or each other. Groundhog day-esque comedy starring Samberg and Christina Milotti with a typically decent turn from J.K Simmons as well. Samberg basically just plays Jake Peralta from Brooklyn 99 without the hassle of a job to motivate him (which is not a bad thing per se)and Milotti effectively drive
  9. I originally watched up to about 1/2 way into season 3 and just re-watched the entire thing recently all the way through to the end and including Razor- the lead actress in that,the tiny kiwi lady ,was rubbish. I actually thought that season 4 was better than half decent for a lot of it, episodes that sounded like there would be boring exposition and infighting turned out to be pretty compelling, one of the character deaths in particular affected me and the unraveling of hope during the season was done well at times. The final 3 episodes also did a reasonable job of tying the entire series
  10. In fairness to him he continued on his statement with "apart from that one" as the ball went in without missing a beat.
  11. The Blade Itself & Before they are hanged ; Joe Abercrombie First law series #1 & #2. Fuck yis anyway, this has been mentioned in the recommended reading thread and now I've another series to burn through. Usual craic, proxy European/ middle East/ scandinavian setting with a bit of magic and a terrible crisis upcoming told from the viewpoint of multiple disparate protagonists. Much like early GOT novels they're cracking reading , assume there's a drop off in quality later in the series and seems to be the case based on other reviews but brilliant so far. A Wri
  12. I've been playing this on PS4 for a few weeks now and am in the second area- did the and they were some of the best levels I've played in anything in a long time- multi-staged, cinematic and properly epic feeling. Fantastic stuff.
  13. Stuck this on in the car the other day and my missus likes it too, really nice , upbeat album.
  14. Extraction Tyler Rake , brother of Garden, has to extract the son of a drug dealer from where he's being held in Dhaka. That's it, nothing really more complicated than that, there's a fairly short setup and then into the action which is fast, bloody ,cartoonish and very entertaining.Then it slows down for some introspection or plot in regards Tyler and a mate and probably shouldn't have bothered before picking up again with the finale and a heap more entertaining and silly violence. Not much else to say, personally, like everyone , I though the action was fantastic but the rest
  15. only bought 3 new albums this year: 1 Bibio - Sleep on the wing 2 The Avalanches- We will always love you 3Tom Misch/Yussef Dayes - What kinda music 4 The Vision- The Vision 5 Pertubator - I am the night (re-issue AFAIK) EDIT: With recent releases etc there's a couple of updates in there- hope that is acceptable
  16. The World's End 3rd entry in the "Cornetto Thrilogy". Pegg, Frost and the usual ensemble mess around , fuck things up and generally have a bit of a jolly in the 3rd genre of the trilogy, Alien invasion. It's a reflection on the process of getting older and the lives we lead in our forties as well as the nostalgia for our youth. Personally I didn't like it , thought it was too light to have real impact in any regard, as the mild meditation on aging or as a knockabout comedy/action alien invasion movie.the characters were a lot weaker than in either Shaun of the dead
  17. Swan Song - Robert McCammon Post apocalyptic fantasy that follows the travails of a cast of characters directly after the bombs drop and subsequently a few years later as the world is a hellish nightmare similar to "The Road", but as mentioned, fantasy elements. Not sure how to review this , I didn't like it though I did burn through it in fairly short order. It reminded me of Justin Cronin's "the Passage" in that it used some (what are now) well worn tropes effectively and kept the story moving well but never engaged me particularly well. Some okay set pieces but
  18. Barbarian episode 1. A bit slow and lacking in tension, actors seem fine but the threat from the romans seems a bit thin which probably impacts that tension as mentioned. Not as good as thieves of the wood as regards period piece non English drama. Will give it another couple to see if it finds its feet , loved Dan Carlin's Celtic holocaust so the subject matter appeals.
  19. Just on this , I've read on Kotaku.au that there's lots of folk having similar issues with the matchmaking and ranking as well as hits not registering, more prevalent for players in oceania.
  20. I got this on PS4, worked through the majority of the campaign and jumped on for a few quick matches online.managed about 5 in total. Matched up against folk in Germany and the US in different games and I was wondering how that would affect server lag given that I'm in australia? Also being dropped in games with folk who are level 25 and 50, I was almost getting spawn killed and won't be back until there's something done about matchmaking. Pity, I generally love star wars and really enjoyed starfighter assault in BF2, this seems a more in depth and interest
  21. The day of the jackal. Tight as a ducks bum thriller about an assassination attempt on de Gaulle. Probably one of the few books that the movie did justice to the source material. Some very questionable attitudes towards women as well as trans and gay people that is quite jarring and detract a bit late in the frame. Of it's time is probably the polite way of hand waving it away. Also pointed out on the modern escapism podcast about the attitude of Arthur C Clarke in Rendezvous with Rama, there's one part about women that I actually thought was satire it was so out ther
  22. Rendezvous with Rama- Arthur C Clarke. Giant alien object enters the solar system and turns out to be worth investigating. Nice sense of otherness and no real confrontation/whizz bang required for it to be a cracking story . Can't get my head around some of the imagery, just too vast for my tiny little mind to comprehend. Brucie bonus that I now know how to spell "rendezvous" - it's not rondayvoo apparently.
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