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  1. I've just finished the 2nd Series and have to say I thought it was a bit of a curates egg, there's obviously some good stuff there but other aspects were pretty dull. I think a lot of it came down to very serious people talking about very serious things with very little levity and it didn't help that some of the acting was terrible ,special mention to Rik Mayall's elf cousin and his missus as well as Ciri and Yenn wen they were together. On a positive note some of the political machinations are pretty interesting outside of the main one and the entire thing takes an uptick when Jaskier is around , specifically when he and Geralt are together.Looks like the budget got a significant bump too and some of the monsters were cool looking.
  2. Star wars ;The force awakens, the last Jedi and the rise of Skywalker. Set in the same universe with lots of the same characters appearing in each these three have fuck all to do with each other plot wise but there are some Easter eggs and subtle references to each other scattered throughout.
  3. 3. Caliban's War- James SA Corey Part 2 of " the Expanse" , covers season 2- 3 of the series with some aspects of the 1st book thrown in to the TV series. Book introduces a few characters including Avasarala who is hands down the best thing in it by a light year.The show changed a few plot sequences up which don't detract from the show but I felt were executed better in the book, conversely some of the characterisation in the show feel better for the minor characters.Still a cracking read. Previously:
  4. Good ending, stuck the landing, have to be pretty happy with that. Feels like the pause it hopefully is rather than the end.
  5. Leviathan Wakes- James SA Corey Reread this as I'm planning on doing the whole series this year and the Expanse is coming to an end on "de telly" soon. I've reviewed it before I think, it's got lowest common denominator space opera type stuff going on but it's brilliantly executed and worth a read . Also picked up "The Praxis" , 1st part of the Dread Empires Fall series as it's name checked in the notes. I'll have to break these space operas up with a few palette cleansers during the year I think.Previously:
  6. A Fortunate Life- A.B Facey This is Facey's autobiography and there's a number of streets names after him and one of his sons, who died in WW2, around the northern suburbs in Perth. Born in 1894 it's basically the story of a pretty remarkable man who lived and worked in rural WA at the turn of the 20th century, fought at Gallipoli and was heavily involved in the Unions fighting with the Conservative government for better conditions or workers after the war. I loved it and thought it was a wonderful snapshot of life in the early 20th century but it was on the secondary school curriculum so I'm sure there's a generation or two of West Australians who think it's a load of boring old shite about some bloke that they'll never read again.
  7. I was banging on about Keanu looking old and a bit slow for the John Wick Movies, this is him at 50 for the 1st movie. Reddit link So yeah, granted it's 7 years or so ago but just goes to show I really know what I'm talking about and I should be treated as an expert on the square root of fuck all.
  8. Godzilla Vs Kong I quite enjoyed the 1st Godzilla (of the current lot) and the 1st Kong movie, both had flaws but were entertaining. King of the monsters was not good, it's been discussed to death so that's parked. This didn't have a lot to live up to and still managed to fail on almost all counts for 1.5 hours of the 2 hour runtime. It has to be one of the most moronic, nonsensical, poorly plotted loads of shite I've seen in years.The talent involved are wasted in what should be a knockabout B movie and ends up being dull, tension free borefest with poor set pieces. And then the final ruck happens and nearly manages to redeem the entire thing by being a decent scrap with some great visuals and in some instances a real sense of scale and weight. It turned a 1 star movie into a 2.5 out of 5 , don't know if it's a case of expectations being lowered so much that anything competent as a conclusion was so surprising that I'm being over generous. So yeah 2.5/5. Also Stranger Things Eleven sounds so much like a young Wynona Ryder it's uncanny.Which is probably unsurprising seeing as they work together quite a bit.
  9. Witcher:Nightmare of the Wolf Animated Witcher prequel about Vesemir (sp?)for those that don't know. Some good stuff, some not so good stuff and as I haven't seen season 2 I can't comment on whether it adds to the series or not. 2.5/5
  10. I've highlighted this bit because it demonstrates both sides of the argument, it subverts the traditional expectations of these scenarios while at the same time being somewhat underwhelming by the sort of standards we've come to expect. Personally , I loved it, but I can understand those who don't.
  11. 19 . Station Eleven Saw that they've made a series of this and decided I better read it before my curiosity gets the better of me and I spoil it for myself.And I'm glad I did , it's a wonderful post apocalypse tale and a little of an unusual angle. There are callbacks within the book to earlier events which are quite nicely done and for the 1st half at least there's a sense of melancholy that kind of reminded me of Omar El Akkad's "American War". It kind of loses that in the 2nd half but is still decent going. The ending seems to set up a pretty obvious sequel and I'd have a slight concern, there is a reference to the 1st book of another trilogy and for me, that went to shit pretty quickly and dragged the entire series down despite the decent 1st book (like the latest star wars trilogy!?)so I've allowed my view to be tainted here somewhat. Anyway, previously:
  12. The action sequences in Stupider Ascending are extremely well done and some of the spaceship designs (fish type things - I forget) were also excellent. But "peak bollocks" for the rest of it is apt thought it never became boring or too stupid for me to switch off. FWIW - I didn't like Cloud Atlas the book , thought quite a bit of it was tedious but quite enjoyed the movie , the brevity required by a movie suited the stories more. I'm looking forward to this, hopefully they edit the fights a bit tighter than they did for John Wick 3 , there's noticeable pauses where stuntmen hold off for a second or 2 to allow for a reaction but it's probably understandable given Keanu is 60 odd now?
  13. I've listened to this just now and holy fuck is it grim for a multitude of reasons.
  14. I've watched 3 episode of this,haven't read the books, the 1st episode wasn't exactly fantastic .Some of the actors are decent to good but Pike is head and shoulders above everyone else IMO , see she's a producer as well. There's some ropey CGI and a fair few fantasy tropes but it's interesting enough and the cast, as mentioned , have no small amount of charm, seems greater than the sum of it's parts at the moment. Edit, clarity for pedants (like me), it's obviously fantastic in the literal meaning of the word.
  15. I've only listened to 2 new albums this year so am going through other people's and picking albums to listen to and add to my own before EOY.This Floating Points one is superb, love it.
  16. 18.Left of Bang - Patrick Van Horne & Jason A Riley It's a guide for marines /military personnel specifically to identify the signs of something bad happening, IED, ambush etc by observing key indicators in local indigenous populations and is useful in self defence type scenarios. Talks about OODA (Observe ,Orientate, Decide, Act) loops and traffic light systems and has some interesting aspects but a lot of it boils down to "trust your gut" , if it doesn't feel right in a situation, it probably isn't and as most of us are not LEO or military it's probably best to GTFO of whatever scenario is setting off alarm bells, assuming we can. Previously:
  17. 1917 Perfectly cromulent, even good , war movie. 3.5/5 Also, this is worth reading to the end for those that haven't. Cromulent
  18. 17. Children of time -Adrian Tchiakovsky Vernor Vinge must be getting royalties from this one as there's more than a passing resemblance to " A deepness in the sky" . Still well put together and it's an easy enough read , curious to see where the sequel goes too, but won't because I want to start reducing my pile of shame, not increase it. Previously :
  19. There's a huge dropoff in quality in the 4th and 5th books anyway which is evident in the show as well, they still have some great moments but one way or another the end of the series will be disappointing either via the TV show having to be it or the books themselves. Which is a bit sad ,especially considering how good the beginning was.
  20. lolly


    Narcos:Mexico. I bounced off the original Narcos quite hard initially before falling in love with it on the 3rd attempt and found the same sort of thing happening here, have stuck with episode 1 & 2 and it's already got it's hooks in me. Fuck your $1 a month price increase Netflix , I still have shit to watch and every time I think I can justify dropping the service they release or I find something worth the subscription.
  21. Have watched two episodes, the story is serviceable but the animation is eye bleedingly good, it's worth it for that alone.
  22. I've 2 episodes left and it reminds me of some of King's books , (apart from the obvious one and a short story or two), lots of setup and waffle between some genuinely excellent bits. Dude playing the priest is fantastic as well, he was good in Legion too.
  23. That is pretty spoilery , don't watch if you want to go in with some mystery left. Not a dig at you @Swainy btw, I don't know what kind of logic is applied by studios putting these trailers together.
  24. That looks so bad you'd need to be a lunatic to watch it. I'm here all week, try the veal,etc.
  25. The Green Knight I said nice things about this in the dedicated thread- loved it. 4.5/5
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