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  1. Just finished season 4 myself and while it is slower paced and I thought being set in a camp/planet would detract, it was still really.good . Some of the payoffs for things set up earlier in the season were subverted a little and generally thought the quality was pretty high again.It's maintained a consistent quality throughout the 4 seasons and if this season was based on a weaker book then looking forward to season 5.
  2. Zero Dark Thirty Unliekable people doing unlikeable things in the hunt for Osama Bin Laden.This is basically Jessica Chastain's movie and she's reasonably decent in it and overall it's a moderately restrained look at the 10-15 year hunt for Osama. If the amount of intelligence they went off for the actual raid is as slight as the movie makes out then fuck me dead . There had to be an action set piece at the end and again it's fairly restrained . I'm sure there's large portions of the story omitted as well as timeline seems to jump between years but that's understandable given that it would probably be 5 hours long otherwise. Also watched it on free to air here in Oz, i.e ad breaks every 10 minutes which is ridiculous - no wonder these channels dying on their arses . 3/5
  3. American War- Omar El Akkad Set towards the end of this century it's based around the premise that a number of southern states secede America from the union due to the divergence from fossil fuels and a civil war ensues. The book follows a southern girl and her family as she's redicalised and the consequences of that. It's not a long book and none of the protagonists are particularly likeable so it's a credit to the author that it remains very readable and engaging throughout. Some of the setup and the vision of a climate ravaged America is quite scary but well done. picked up Cloud Atlas for $2 in an op shop yesterday so straight into that next.
  4. Finished season 2 last night, not nearly as interesting as the 1st season and Mackie was only ok, the "original" was better in the latter 1/2 of the season. Trepp and the AI were the best thing in it, if the spun off a Poe & Co. Where he goes around with some friends helping people like a futuristic A team, I'd watch that.
  5. John Wick 3 I'm a pretty big fan of the previous 2 and this was definitely not a disappointment. all three movies are a little flat when not in the action so to speak so that's always been an issue but this one has the added improvement of a worthy end boss fight, Some of the action , especially using animals and motorcycles, was hilariously and cartoonishly brutal. I can understand how people would get bored with it as it can be something of a overload of violence with periods of guff in between but for me it was the best of the 3 movies so far. 4/5
  6. Godzilla: King of monsters I quite liked the 1st of the latest western version of Godzilla- didn't think that the monsters were over used and if the story had kept Brian Cranston's character alive and focused on him instead of the boring son it could have been great. Anyhoo, the sequel - King of the monsters. Focus is more on the monsters this time around and the humans are cardboard cutouts for the most part , it introduces a few new baddies early enough and the best set piece of the film - King Gidorah's awakening- is pretty much 1st half . Everything else is a slow decline and the overexposure of the monsters in general robs the movie of any suspense and fails to build up any excitement. Some of the logic in regards the plot is entirely absent(an odd complaint in a movie about giant monsters I know) and any sense of meaningful distances is and afterthought- I'm assuming humans of the near future have invented teleportation they move around the planet so easily. Some of the better actors obviously only signed on for 2 so made sure they were out on completion of this one. Anyway - you'd need to be a few beers in to get any real enjoyment out of it, I was sober so 2/5 .
  7. Douglas? That was a very Dougal thing to do.
  8. Just watched the 1st episode of October faction, more agency fighting supernatural beings malarkey but pretty decent opening.
  9. Not relevant but went to see these guys do a DJ set on NYE in here in Perth. Haven't been to a gig in years due to it being so expensive and fuck all people worth seeing coming here , it was a cracking set , they were awesome live in what was a reasonably small venue.
  10. Jurassic world: Fallen kingdom Was curious to see how bad it was , it's pretty terrible but I was surprised with how tedious the whole thing was. Pratt and Howard look bored and the only real surprise was that the baddie pointed out how complicit our heroes were in creating the situation and effectively their moral bankruptcy (not in so many words) and they had no answer.A rare moment of clarity in a messy series that probably still makes truckloads of cash so won't end soon. 1/5
  11. Saw this a while back and may have commented but I thought this was fantastic- more unsettling than outright scary and atmosphere so thick you could cut it with a knife. Had forgotten the end scene but by that point I was so impressed that minor quibble was easily dismissed for me though can understand folks having issue with it. Need to see the lighthouse (same director?) too.
  12. Mr Bond, you've failed your annual KPI to kill 1 major bad guy, 25 minions and cause approximately 1 Billion pounds in damage, instead you've focused on avenging Vespers death at the hands of some middle management gangster. only half your annual bonus this year.
  13. The A-team in the star wars universe on the outer rim(the O-Team?)
  14. Regardless of the characters motivations - her character is flirty and feisty with him previously and after the fact I think you see them lying there smoking as if him raping her was totally fine- as if justifying that " she actually really wanted it" -it's a pretty nasty sequence all up.
  15. As uncomfortable as that is - and it is- I never thought you were supposed to believe that Eastwoods character was a "good " person , he's a vengeful spirit out to gain revenge on the town that wronged him.
  16. Shazaam DC superhero movie that's reasonably light hearted and a bit more small time. Gets a lot of kudos for not being so po faced but for me it lacked in substance and I kinda got bored 2/3 of the way through.2.5/5 Not as OTT as aquaman where Karl Drogo carries it with his enthusiasm despite it largely being utter bobbins. 3/5.
  17. Jason Bateman looks shocked to e running a football club instead of acting.
  18. Finished the season and am looking forward to the continued adventures of Gerry Rivia & friends in the future.
  19. Sorry- I'm on Australian Netflix- been on ages , would have thought it would be available everywhere.
  20. After sticking on my must watch list got around to "The prospect" on Sunday evening. Looks like the had about $100k for the budget and made a low key ,personal , dystopian sci -fi movie. After watching 1. 5 seasons of Narcos & that season of GOT I have deduced that Pedro Pascal has more charisma in his thumbnail than I have mustered in my life to this point and again he's great in this. I loved it and thought some of the low tech high tech was excellent and aesthetic were fantastic .Between this, Annihilation and Upgrade there's been some cracking sci fi over the last few years.
  21. I finished episode 4 last night and did finally realize how it was jumping around time wise- haven't been in this thread though. I agree re some of the dialogue lacking in subtlety but overall it's not too shabby, I thought that his would be a bit shit when I heard the premise- played about 10 hours of the Witcher 3 and wasn't sold so it's a welcome surprise. The missus likes it and she missed the 1st episode too so it must be doing something right. Alternating between this and Narcos Season 2 at the moment - feel quite spoiled TBH
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