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  1. One's a lost cause and the other is fairly young and can be influenced so maybe that's why he's saying it ? Does seem rather unfair though.
  2. Adam has been very neat and tidy in general today.
  3. Arnie looks like he's melting more convincingly there than at the end of T2
  4. Serious questions,will they really go at him considering he's only had four months or will they lay the blame at Capello's doorstep?
  5. lolly


    But it too often felt like a Waltons episode, with - literally - porn movie grade acting. It never really found its own style either, seemingly being Lost one minute and then a Six Feet Underesque family drama the next. The directing was incredibly inconsistent. It was so clumsily put together that I'd struggle to recommend it. But there was something about it that kept me watching... Felt like a some sort of possible prequel to "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy in places but as people mentioned seemed a bit inconsistent in other aspects.
  6. It looks like adidas have tried to spin it negatively and fuckwit365 amoung others have picked up on it.
  7. judging from that picture his dad did.
  8. Will the fact that two english teams were knocked out affect the co-efficent(?) for determining how many teams get into the CL from the premier league in any significent way?Or is it just BS determined by money.
  9. The alternate ending with McElhone in it is surprisingly good in a dwonbeat way. And going from your username - the look and feel of Sky Captain the world of tomorrow seemed nicely realised unfortuantely the rest of it didn't cut the mustard imo.
  10. Mighta come back in soul form only...
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