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  1. 42 hours on aircraft from Thursday to Monday - a lot of movies- very brief reviews Fantastic beasts and where to find them- I'm not a fan of the entire Harry potter thing or the universe but this was decent, liked the setting, the characters and it tootles along nicely. 3.5/5 Fantastic beasts- the Crimes of Grindelwald- not as good as FBAWTFT, Depp isn't as good or conniving as Farrell and it felt like there was less energy but more bombast. Still not bad. 3/5 The Predator(2018). Cut to fuck for violence and swearing due to airline . Was unrelentingly shite regardless - turned it off. 1/5 Captain Marvel- Brie Larson in another boring Marvel origin story - the script for these just gets tweaked from one to the other with a few cosmetic changes here and there. 2/5 Rampage. CGI gorilla outperforms various human cast including the rock to be the best actor in an entertaining but thick as bottled pigshit monster movie. 3/5 Battle angel Alita- CGI person outperforms various human cast in entertaining but often silly sci-fi about cyborgs etc. The uncut version is probably better and gorier. Surprisingly ok. 3/5 Spider man- into the Spiderverse. Another boring marvel(multiple) origin story. Lies,this is up there with Logan as the best superhero movie ever. It's fucking awesome, watched it twice. 4.5/5
  2. I was 4 when ESB was released and was brought to see it at the cinema- we got those icecream things that had a chewing gum ball at the bottom each(like a plastic cone filled with icecream) and mine was the only one without. So coupled with a downbeat ending I didn't understand and a disappointing ice cream scenario I've never really liked the movie despite it obviously being great.
  3. Aurora by KSR gave me some claustrophobia - it is generally set on a very large ship with various biomes as it were but I still got that enclosed feeling. It wasn't bad in general but has a standout final chapter (IMO) in regards something very simple and accessible for a lot of people that may not be appreciated by the majority of us.
  4. I got into the MP recently , it's good fun, the new Naboo map is quite good and the level of support from the developers seems pretty high. It's been a few years since I played online MP in anything and forgot how sucky being a n00b is, my KDR is still pretty poor even after a few weeks of relatively consistent play.
  5. Not finished the season yet- up to episode 5 but enjoying it so far- it's funnier than previous seasons.I quite enjoy the little Easter eggs and overt references / "inspiration" especially :
  6. This is destined for a 20-30% score on rotten tomatoes or the like but will be nowhere near as bad as it's made out to be. Still won't be good, mind.
  7. Bran the builder actually used the bodies of his slaves for his constructions....
  8. At which point we can say they myst the boat etc
  9. If they manage to make it as good as the 1st 3 seasons of GOT then I doubt anyone will care when it's set or what it's connected to. Look at Legion, I'd barely be able to draw the link between it and the wider x men universe based on the tone and style of the show, certainly for the 1st series( haven't seen the rest).
  10. Paddington 2 (2017) Paddington, now happily settled with the Brown family and a popular member of the local community, picks up a series of odd jobs to buy the perfect present for his Aunt Lucy's 100th birthday, only for the gift to be stolen and Paddington take the fall. So a bit of a different scenario this time with Paddington doing some time due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time . The architect of his downfall is a much more colorful if equally dastardly enemy Phoenix Buchanan , played by Hugh Grant who really puts the effort in and seems to be enjoying himself immensely. I have to say I preferred him to Kidman''s protagonist in the 1st, he's much more colorful and interesting , seems like a proper pantomime villain. There's also a much larger set piece for the finale which is good fun. I've quoted part of my previous review because I'm lazy and it holds as true for the sequel as the original movie: Neither logic nor cynicism hold too much sway in regards the plot and it trucks along with a who's/who of British actors all looking like they're delighted to be involved.There's lots of humor and heart and while it's obviously aimed at kids the missus and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 4.5/5
  11. Spoliers! Sorry, that's a joke. I loved the book- the horse drawn artillery and other details gave it such a sense of time and place.There was a lot to like about the movie, and to dislike, but the abrupt ending seemed true to the book.
  12. Paddington (2014) A young Peruvian bear travels to London in search of a home. Finding himself lost and alone at Paddington Station, he meets the kindly Brown family, who offer him a temporary haven. I was going to write a spoof spiel whereby Paddington loses his family and goes all Grizzly on the poachers that did it in this dark re-imagining of the Paddington story but a) that's not particularly funny and b) it would be a disservice to a movie that I can only describe as lovely. This basically is a relatively short introduction (90 mins)to Paddington and the brown family in London with some major/minor peril in the form of an evil Nicole Kidman who wants to stuff him and put him on display. Neither logic nor cynicism hold too much sway in regards the plot and it trucks along with a who's/who of British actors all looking like they're delighted to be involved.There's lots of humor and heart and while it's obviously aimed at kids the missus and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I knew that it was well received and should have seen it sooner. 4.5/5
  13. "Space game of thrones" was the opening in the pitch meeting and that was pretty much that I'd imagine.
  14. Folau launches legal action against RA for unfair dismissal I thought they canned him on the entire hate speech thing so I'm not sure he has a leg to stand on here , i'd imagine there's something about social media and all that in his contract- even if it was his personal account(?).
  15. I've yet to watch the last episode but have to say that the cast, regardless of what people think of the plot, have done some cracking work, and Clarke's walked the line on the sanity angle really well for Daenerys IMO.
  16. I've convinced my wife to go and see this; the 2nd part of a modern take of the fantasy representation/interpretation of the Japanese fear of nuclear Armageddon. Man I hope it's worth it.
  17. Atomic Blonde (2017) An undercover MI6 agent is sent to Berlin during the Cold War to investigate the murder of a fellow agent and recover a missing list of double agents. Charlize Theron and James McAvoy star in this spy "caper" based on a graphic novel it seems where Theron is the Ice cold MI6 agent sent to Berlin to investigate the murder of her lover and to get the same mcguffin that they needed in the original mission impossible movie. These lists must get thrown together at the same time the shopping one is done. Anyway what follows is a game of cat and mouse as Broughton(theron) digs into the Percival (McAvoy) who seems less than snow white in his approach to the cold war divide.Eddie Marsan, John Goodman and Toby Jones are also in it as various supporting characters and it shows the strength of the movie that such quality are happy in bit parts. I mentioned in the dedicated thread a few years ago that the action looked a little unconvincing as you could see Theron not connect with her punches and while it may be true it's a silly thing to bring up as unless you're really looking for it you wouldn't notice. Fights in this are brutal , long and very well done- there's a level of apparent physicality that eclipses the Bourne movies because is shot steady and you can see every thrown punch, kick and stab. The story is pretty straightforward and just keep the characters moving on to each new action set piece. Theron and McAvoy are both great as the deadly ice maiden and sleazy broker MI6 agents respectively with McAvoy especially looking like he's enjoying himself. All in all a fantastic action movie the with Theron proving between Mad Max Fury road and this that she is fantastic in action roles. 4.5/5
  18. There are going to be a more arguments on the internet about the who, what and how of this than there are stars in the galaxy. Personally, I'm already a little fatigued by the entire star wars thing and I love star wars - even playing the SWGOH mobile game for about 18 months. Calling Jon Bernthal for Canderous Ordo though.
  19. The liquid terminator coming off the chassis of the exoskeleton one was pretty cool though. Almost all of them after 2 have some sort of really good elements let down by the rest of the movie, 3 has the crane chase and ending , Genesis has the re imagined opening to 1 which is actually pretty well done other than Jai, salvation as some interesting terminator designs and grittier fight against the machines, at least in the opening. But it's like they've not had the courage of their convictions or have been hamstrung by having to make sure that they could be shown to as wide an audience as possible so were watered down by committee.
  20. Jupiter Ascending (2015) A young woman discovers her destiny as an heiress of intergalactic nobility and must fight to protect the inhabitants of Earth from an ancient and destructive industry. Stupider Ascending is more like it , amirite? Written and directed by The Wachowskis this is a fairly straightforward bit of guff where a "chosen one" must save humanity from a big bad , in this case our ancestors spoiler * who live for millennia by turning the populations of planets into blue powerade and drinking it or taking baths in it . That shit is 50% of your average daily recommended sugar or something equally horrific BTW. Anyway , Channing Tatum is a genetically spliced warrior combination wolf/ human/marmoset/ whatever tasked with grabbing Jupiter (kunis) , said nobility, and delivering her to the intergalactic republic because she owns earth and eddie redmayne wants it. Or something, the story is a load of bollox and I obviously wasn't interested. Redmayne is dire as the big bad, an overblown bombastic performance with little or no threat/ menace. Tatum is fine , Kunis has very little to do despite being one of the leads and yer one from orphan black and the commitments puts on a wojus Russian accent as jupiter's mother. Which all makes it sound like it's a load of shit, and it is, to an extent but what nearly saves it is the design and a few of the set pieces. The look of the alien craft and general design of all the otherworldly stuff is fantastic and really well done with some beautiful vibrant colours. Many of the designs are fish based and just really well imagined so that aspect was really pleasing on the eye. Also some of the fighting and set pieces , in particular in downtown Chicago(?) was high energy and again looked great while others were , if not up to the same standard, still decent in their own way.it's also reasonably brutal but most "deaths" are of alien CGI characters so nothing too gory. So all in all, a bit shit but actually worth a watch as even if the story is pretty slight and some of the performances a bit naff there's quite a bit to like in this from a visual perspective. 2.5/5
  21. Echopraxia - Peter watts lifted directly from Wikipedia: Zombies, vampires, aliens, cults, genetic mutation, cybernetic implants etc all together in one story . Sounds like a shitty movie thrown together by the Asylum or some other low budget studio in a bid to capture the interest of as many people as possible. Except a lot of it's based on hard science and it appears meticulous research has gone into pretty much everything even if it's a bit far fetched... Anyway, it's not a long book, there's a few decent set pieces in here , a lot of talk about the divide between God and Science but no real connection to any of the characters.Some of the concepts , of which there are many ,are explained in too much detail pulling momentum from the story.It got to the stage I was skim reading towards the end and by then my emotional investment had waned to the point I was happy it was over. That makes it sound much worse than it is but it's worth a read, especially if you enjoyed Blindsight.
  22. The Quiet American by Graham Green Set during the conflict in Vietnam between the French and Vietminh it's a story of a love triangle between an older English journalist, his young Vietnamese girlfriend and a young, idealistic American diplomat, i.e CIA . It's pretty on the nose as a metaphor for the English, Vietnamese and American nations in respect their characters and escalating American involvement in the region while still maintaining an interesting and engaging story. I understand a lot was based on the author's own experiences so it's pretty on the nose in that regard and at 180 or so pages is not a lengthy or difficult read. haven't seen either of the movie versions so can't comment on their faithfulness but will probably check at least one of them out. Recommended.
  23. Finished Absolution Gap by Alistair Reynolds It's in the Revelation space universe and for me is the 3rd part of the trilogy of Revelation space, Redemption Ark and Absolution Gap(the other stories in the series seem to be almost standalone even though some are set in the same locations) and continues in that a number of significant characters, not least the Nostalgia for Infinity . It take place over three different time periods and I was initially slightly confused as there appeared to be little crossover. Once my dim wits caught up with what was going on it all slotted into place and I found it a far better book than the middle entry, Redemption Ark, though thinking about that book there's some cracking sections in it too. Reynolds continues his habit of poor characterization for some of the "bit part" players who are focused on for significant sections and dropped with a few lines and barely a sentence or two referencing them in the remainder of the story.There always appear to be some forward momentum to the story which is fitting given the setting and it's a satisfying but a bit excessively quick ending . Will have to pick up Chasm city and anything else set in the universe too.
  24. lolly

    The Jazz Thread

    Got this over the weekend, really like it and love the final song "door" , beautiful tune.
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