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  1. just got into this as there's such a plethora of super hero shit around and you've pretty much summed up my impressions of this , up to episode 5 I think and R squared was excellent.
  2. I've watched two episodes of series 2 and it defies logic completely already - there's a load of whizz-bang effects and awful dialogue. It feels like it's written for 8-12 year olds who won't notice the giant plot holes or general level of stupidity on show. Anson Mount is carrying it on charisma alone from a cast POV( Doug Jones has had f-all to do so far) and some of the visuals are decent in fairness.
  3. Hunt for the Wilderpeople. A national manhunt is ordered for a rebellious kid and his foster uncle who go missing in the wild New Zealand bush. As per the plot description courtesy of IMDB this does pretty much what is says on the tin while also being a free advertisement for the NZ tourist board. It follows the trials of the two protagonists as one initially gets lost in the bush and the other comes to find him , gets injured and they are declared missing/ kidnapped. they become fugitives of sorts and a manhunt is declared after an encounter with some hunters in one of the huts that dot the NZ outback. The movie becomes a reasonably gentle chase up until the finale where it picks up pace and despite a few hiccups the ending is suitably upbeat. The main cast are good with the two main actors Sam Neill and Julian Dennison both pretty good and their relationship develops quite nicely over the course of the movie. The strongest point though is the humour running through it, a generally dry, self depreciating NZ wit that had me laughing often during the course of the movie. I used the word gentle in my description of the chase and that's my overall impression of this, it's a nice , gentle feel good movie that's well worth checking out. I didn't realise that his is 3 years old either, thought it came out last year. 4/5 Hardcore Henry Henry is resurrected from death with no memory, and he must save his wife from a telekinetic warlord with a plan to bio-engineer soldiers. An FPS as a movie, complete with powers and upgrades etc, probably the 1st time it's been done end to end for an entire movie and not just that bit in Doom with "The Rock" . To be fair it's a pretty cool gimmick in that movie and probably the standout section in it . Here though it's constant and after a while the novelty wears off and you're left with a sub-par plot and Sharlto Copey hamming it up in a number of roles, some of which are better than others. It's also pretty gory and I winced a number of times during it. As the plot is so thin and the gimmick wears off tedium starts to set in as the various aspects of running, jumping and shooting just turn into a blur. I accidentally set the speed to 1.5 towards the end and it actually improved matters , including the dialogue. In saying that there's some pretty impressive set pieces and one parkour section was especially well done and quite enjoyable, the novelty initially was cool and there's some stuff to like here. probably would have been better as a 30 minute short as stretched to over an hour and a half as mentioned neither the plot or the gimmick can sustain the movie for the full run time. 2.5/5
  4. Sorry, yes actually, that being the more important takeaway. Suppose (eventual) fair play to RA for standing up against it at the 2nd time of asking. i'd imagine some of the local RWNJs will denounce RA for punishing Folau and suppressing free hate speech.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/apr/11/israel-folau-to-be-sacked-by-rugby-australia-over-social-media-posts With this and pocock's injury, not great news for Australia
  6. Jarhead- Anthony Swofford. Gulf war memoir of a sniper who saw very little action due probably to America bombing the fuck out of most of the Iraqi forces before most ground forces could engage. Details the tedium and depression of most of the soldiers lives as the wait for combat and in the very brief instances of actual combat experienced by the author leaves him disappointed and disillusioned. It echos a lot of other 1st hand accounts of war but gives a unique insight into such a one sided fight. the author's account of the Iraqi casualties is horrifying and the subject of nightmare fuel and the movie seems relatively faithful. I picked it up for $1 in the local 2nd hand bookshop and got through it pretty quickly (it's not long either) , interesting enough read but hard to recommend unless you really like war memoirs.Being a soldier sounds shit , regardless of whether you're at war or not.
  7. Re the beard thing- I thought there was a blink and you'll miss it of a flashback/forward in the original of a bearded terminator. Not that I care any more , it's a franchise of diminishing returns since No 2 with occasional good ideas and set pieces butchered over the course of the following movies.
  8. Two Hands- Heath ledger is small time and runs afoul of a local Kings Cross hood in Sydney. Getting Square - Sam Worthington is an ex con trying to go straight on the Gold Coast (I think) and things don't go quite according to plan. Horror/Comedy - Tucker & Dale vs Evil The Boondock saints. I'd nominate Logan Lucky too but there's some fairly sizeable stars in there despite the "small time" nature of the heist.
  9. I burned through this over the weekend, it's patchy and there's a lot of pointless gratuitous nudity as people mentioned but ultimately it's interesting in both the animation and some of the stories.
  10. Ghostbusters (2016) Following a ghost invasion of Manhattan, paranormal enthusiasts Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates, nuclear engineer Jillian Holtzmann, and subway worker Patty Tolan band together to stop the otherworldly threat. The one with teh wimmins insted of de menz. i seem to remember quite a bit of hullabaloo about the fact that the original male cast had been replaced with a cast of women for this reboot/re imagining of the original ghostbusters. Don't know what the drama was because with a script as average as the one for this movie it wouldn't have mattered who was playing the leads.It follows a lot of the same beats as the original movie with slight changes in background and attempts to subvert fans of the original's expectations which largely come across as a bit under done and flat TBH.It feels like they bolted bits of the Ghostbusters lore onto a bog standard hollywood comedy script about 4 female friends and just went with it , apparently destroying a lot of goodwill of fans of the original in the process by desecrating a few sacred cows. Wiig and Mccarthy can do this shit in their sleep , McKinnon was channeling some weird teenage weirdo character and failing and Jones was given the square root of fuck all to work with . Hemsworth was the best thing in it and appeared to be enjoying himself, same goes for Garcia. There's some nice design on a few of the ghosts, one rather well done cameo and a relative energy to proceedings but it fails to mask that it was a below average comedy with few redeeming features. Watched it out of curiosity rather than expectation and was disappointed even so. 1.5 maybe 2 out of 5.
  11. Day of the Triffids- John Wyndham More like Day of the Terrifics, amirite people!?! Post apocalyptic in the immediate aftermath of an event that effectively wipes out - or facilitates the death of -90% of the population. If you've seen the series on BBC years ago that had a different focus where the book is more about trying to deal with and survive in the immediate aftermath. It's not particularly long and details the isolation quite well , ticks over at a fair pace but I found a few minor issues. Firstly it seems to have female characters there to almost solely validate the main character and secondly it wraps up a bit quickly where it could have been drawn out and some additional tension wrung from the plot. Still though, it's a fantastic read and definitely recommended. Given that I think most of the action occurs in and around the same area as Riddley Walker? (my English geography isn't fantastic) it almost feels like a spiritual prequel to that book.
  12. There's a Devil in the Drum - J.F. Lucy Compelling and thoughtful, Lucy's account of his service during WW1 . Some of it has been disputed as his memory is obviously quite patchy of some events but that doesn't distract from the account.There's no glory here and the impact the prolonged exposure to conflict has on him becomes more apparent as the book progresses. A recommended read for anyone with an interest in the conflict or war in general. I need to polish of Day of the Triffids next.
  13. lolly

    The Jazz Thread

    May have mentioned it but I got Bheki Mseleku - Celebration via bandcamp a few months back and it's been on decent rotation since, really is rather good. So cheers for the recommendation all those months ago.
  14. This is 40. Judd Apatow's vehicle to get his family into a movie . A pretty decent comedic cast if you look at it but it's such a shrieking shitfest with Rudd and Mann playing two of the most unlikable characters of their careers. It's got the usual toilet humor , literally, of these movies and foists two boring, self centered fuckwits on us for the guts of 2 hours as they deal with the horror of turning 40 in upper middle class America. Haven't seen anything he's produced since then and that was 7 years ago. He's distraught obviously...
  15. Shaman - KS Robinson Story of a trainee Shaman and his various trial and tribulations approximately 32,000 years ago in Southern France. I'm not going to give away too much of the plot because there's not really that much there and this only runs to about 450 pages. If you've read the Mars trilogy ( all 4 books...) you might be slightly disappointed by this- it's not up to the quality of those books and feels very slight in comparison. There were also sections that dragged after a pretty strong start and I felt like I might be in for a bit of a slog but the last 1/2 is reasonably decent and was entertaining enough , also ties in with real life locations etc. I read Aurora last year also by KSR and it wasn't fantastic but readable up until the final chapter which( for me) was utterly exhilarating whereas this is somewhat the opposite - the ending feels like a fairly low key affair and not as satisfying as what went before. Worth a read if you're interested in some early man shenanigans but not a classic by any means. 3/5
  16. lolly

    Best New Music 2019

    Got real Fugazi vibes from this, which is obviously a good thing
  17. You lot are Tolkien the piss with these puns.
  18. I'm super late to the party on this , is it worth picking up now, seems like a metric fucktonne of updates have improved it to a considerable degree as it was getting hammered a while back?
  19. Star Trek TMP because my dad wanted to see it. Obviously didn't appreciate it at the age of 3 but it's one of my favorite trek movies which I only recognised 30 years later, there's a proper sense of mystery and otherness about the "alien" causing the kerfuffle.
  20. I've been laughing on and off for the last 5 minutes on this line alone. Bravo.
  21. For me, this is about as accurate a description of King's work as I've read - some of his short stories are fantastic, Different Seasons being a highlight. he's obviously capable of some genuinely creepy horror but in a lot of his books the drinks between water ,so to speak , are too long and bogged down by excessive exposition. I'm about to give up on Perdido Street Station, over 120 pages in and it's just not grabbing me at all, I've not bought into the world or the characters and I've too many books in my pile of shame that I need to get through. Shaman by KS Robinson or There's a Devil in the Drum by J Lucy next .
  22. I recently got a PS4 and this was mentioned as being the GOTY the year before last. It's very slick and well designed but the gameplay is is pretty repetitive with little variety from one area to the next. I only kept going because I was curious to how they were going to tell the story of the apocalypse and that's reasonably interestingly done.
  23. The Deuce Bigalow movies - quite obviously utter horseshite but there's a reasonable amount of slapstick in them and usually a feelgood message in them about something. There's probably heaps of racism,sexism and bigotry I'm missing that's giving me this rose tinted view of them.
  24. Blood and Thunder finished - definitely worth a read if you're interested in the conquest of the wild west and American expansionism/murder & dislocation of indigenous peoples during that period. Knocked over I , Robot too, only had a chapter left after reading most of it last year, didn't realize it was nearly over because it was part of a 2 book paperback. Surprisingly amusing bit of sci-fi with a couple of cracking characters and a slightly uplifting but menacing ending, reminds me somewhat of the very end of the foundation series . My 2018 piss-poor attempt at a reading challenge is paying dividends early doors in 2019.
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