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  1. This is the only movie I saw in the cinema last year and the missus is a huge Queen fan so relieved it was pretty decent. Was aware of the artistic licence taken with timelines and relationships for dramatic effect, didn't detract overly from the movie at all and ending on Live Aid was the obvious choice . Malik is fantastic and it was a bit odd to see him & Jurassic park fella , who were both in "the Pacific" miniseries together onscreen again in different roles , had some contextual issues in my head for the 1st 20 minutes.
  2. 1. Murmurations- Simian Mobile disco 2. A humdrum star - GoGo penguin 3. Circle- Phil France 4. Pinned- A Place to Bury Strangers 5. nowt- every other album I've bought has been released in 2017 or earlier
  3. lolly

    Best New Music of 2018

    This is great, missus loves it too, bonus!
  4. Reading Blood and Thunder by Hampton Sides, basically documents the American takeover/invasion of the southern states including New Mexico and California.Also serves as a part biography of Kit Carson, one of the most famous characters of the old west. Its a bit like a factual version of Blood Meridan but slightly drier but is nonetheless entertaining reading, you really get a feel for some of the stories that inspired McCarthy and no doubt countless other writers of Western fiction.
  5. lolly

    The Jazz Thread

    Got this a couple of weeks ago, on very regluar roation at the moment, loving it.
  6. named after the president whos idiocy inspired people to move to mars
  7. Saw Apostle on Saturday night, decent enough and some gruesome bits there. Worth a watch, though Dan Stevens, who's excellent in Legion was a little anonymous here.
  8. Just finished season 3 - got it on Blu-ray due to the removal on Netflix and Prime being a bit rubbish and this not being there yet. Really feels like it's 2 books worth(have only read the 1st myself ) there seems to be a clear demarcation between one book and the next and while that sounds like it might be a criticism , it's not, we get two very distinct chapters with all sorts going on and effectively 2 major high points / climaxes in the season . Some properly emotional moments and great set pieces , enjoyed it as much as seasons one and two. How did SciFi come to the decision to can this, was it not getting the numbers?
  9. Really need to see this, been listening to Dan Carlin's Blueprint for Armageddon and the numbers and impact of WW1 are staggering, he keeps using the term meat grinder and it seems totally apt for what happened.
  10. I picked up Painted Ruins by Grizzly Bear about 6-9 months ago , absolutely love it and feel it's better than Shields which itself is a superb album. Can't believe it ranked so lowly in the charts!
  11. Lies! there was tension wondering how long it would go on for.
  12. Just watched it on netflix myself over the weekend, had heard good things and it generally pulled it off, it was a bit sparing on the action front though that's not such a bad thing, overall pretty good. On the other hand G.I. Joe - Rise of the Cobra Something, something scottish weapons dealer attempts to take over the world and the Joes have to stop him. Pretty decently cast with what looks like a fair whack of cash throw at it this is largely awful. Unless you're 10 and then it's probably fantastic. The plot is utter bobbins and has large holes you could fire Dwayne "The Rock" Johhson through , Ecclestone hams it up terribly, Dennis Quaid collects a cheque for the square root of eff all and the(really) shit Wayans brother stinks the place out. Snake Eyes has a set of comedy lips on his suit and Channing Tatum seems to be struggling in a earlyish role. The audio didn't seem to be syncing with the characters actions either but that might have been my internet. I saw the 2nd one a few years back and thought it was okay , watched it again after this and it is similarly nonsensical and riven with plot holes but much more enjoyable as there appears to be at least some charisma in the cast with the aforementioned "The rock" and some all round better characters , Ray Stephenson's Texas accent nothwithstanding. If you're a 10 years old; GI Joe Rise of the Cobra 10/5 , everone else, 1/5.
  13. I remember this coming out and thinking it sounded like a knock off of Point Break, or at least a poor close cousin. Especially as they weren't too many years apart.
  14. The war on the muddy planet and the train sequence are pretty decent , as everyone says the real problem is trying to wring any tension out of it, we know Han, Chewie and Lando survive. If there had been more made of Qira and we had to invest more in her there may have been more excitement to be had and the ending may have carried more weight. While Clarke isn't exactly brilliant she wasn't annoying per se , but a better actress might have made more of it. Given that she's pretty much indestructible in anything else she's been in she's never really in any danger or has to extend herself in any of her roles it's a little unfair to expect her to be brilliant. And if people are wondering why she keeps getting work; she is one of the main stars in the biggest show on the planet in the last few years. I though both Bettany and Harrelson, both of whom we know are good actors, could have made more of this, I thought there were both underwhelming. L3-37 needed to be assimilated much, much earlier too.
  15. Just finished Revenger by Alistair Reynolds, Sci -fi set in the far future in a unverse where alien skulls are used as communication devices aboard starships- complete with solar sails(the ships not the skulls). Tries to do the pirate thing and some perfunctionary universe building hinting at much more interesting depths and suceeds in part , though this story wasn't particularly to my liking it's relatively short and doesn't drag at any point. The larger universe would definitely be worth a bit more exploring. Just read the Wiki page and it appears it's aimed at YA , which explains a lot, the characters were fairly one note and the story wasn't particularly complex.Appears there's a sequel planned and if that were a bit more complex / mature it would certainly pique my interest.
  16. I also made it 20 minutes before I turned it off, also on a plane.It just felt cloyingly sweet and I couldn't stomach it, despite there obviously being a fantastic cast and an interesting premise. Also; subsitute Justice League with Pacific Rim Uprising.
  17. Ready Player One When the creator of a virtual reality world called the OASIS dies, he releases a video in which he challenges all OASIS users to find his Easter Egg, which will give the finder his fortune. Directed by Spielberg , possibly to the surprise , or not, of some people this is basically a CGI adventure with characters from all your favourite and not so favourite animated movies , games and whatever other media they've drawn stuff from. The story is the standard average joe the chosen one goes on to save the world and get the girl so no real suprises there. I'll start with the bad; obviously it derives a lot of it's inspiration from an astounding amount of pop culture and how well all of that sits with you is up to you , so while it's oringinal in that it pulls everything together it's entirely unoriginal in the characters it uses. The cast are a bit on the lacklustre side, the two leads are relatively okay in an overly earnest fashion and fare better as CGI characters than when in "real life". The same can be said for the supporting characters, some who aren't brilliant as CGI suffer really badly as live action. Director Krennic seems to be typecast these days in big movies and while he's fine, he could have played this in his sleep. I've seen him in other things , Bloodline for example and he's so much better than what he's working with here. And Mark Rylance seems to have based his performance on Garth from Waynes World.And not in a good way. The good; the opening CGI race is pretty awesome, I liked racers , despite being pretty crap at them , when I was playing games and that one was pretty full on.There's a "level" set in another movie that while fans of said movie might be spinning in their bathtubs , I thought was done well enough.It did remind me to watch said movie again though as it's a stone cold classic. It also moves along at a fair pace and I was rarely bored. I haven't read the book and the trailer didn't inspire me with a lot of confidence so it came as a bit of a surprise how much I enjoyed this. I did get a bit sick of it before the end and it had started to drag but overall it was reasonable entertainment. 3/5 King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Robbed of his birthright, Arthur comes up the hard way in the back alleys of the city. But once he pulls the sword from the stone, he is forced to acknowledge his true legacy - whether he likes it or not. So this is a king Arthur story via Guy Richie . I'm not aware off too much detail of the original story as it's been a while since i read it but I didn't think it was based in London with a load of cockney geezers running around the criminal underworld before becoming the knights of the round table. Nor was I aware of shapeshifting demons in the manner depicted here or 100 foot high war elephants. While some people might applaud Richie for trying a different take on the original story , making it a "lock, Stock"" variant with Jude law playing Brick Top in the Arthurian legend and a load of other fantasy elements from other fairy tales etc is a bit of a departure ,and I was happy to stay in the lounge TBH. It doesn't help that the cast are largely crap, especially Charlie Hunnam, who is up there with Orlando Bloom as actors so shite that it seems inexplicable that they've been provided leading man roles. Jude Law chews scenery poorly but at least appears to be enjoying himself. The only one who could possibly hold their head up high is Eric Bana , and he's only in it for 10 minutes.I literally cannot remember any of the other fuckers in this other than David Beckham who's two lines and Mahogany-esque delivery still eclipses Charlie. Add to that a dull, overlong story and this is a right clunker. The only , and I mean only, highlight is the moment when Charlie realises the full potential of his power while fighting with the sword and takes out all the baddies in the melee in a whirlwind of blows while not injuring any of his own side. It reminded me so much of the scene in "Top Secret" where Chocolate Mousse mows down the entire room with a machine gun and only the Germans die I laughed out loud. If you've watched Kermode's review of this it's pretty spot on, right down to Charlie Humdrum and the "King Arthur Daly" comments. I really didn't like this, 0.5 out of 5 and that 0.5 is just for Bana and a reminder to watch Top Secret again. Pacific Rim: Uprising Jake Pentecost, son of Stacker Pentecost, reunites with Mako Mori to lead a new generation of Jaeger pilots, including rival Lambert and 15-year-old hacker Amara, against a new Kaiju threat. Set about 10 years after the original Pacific Rim, this new Kaiju threat reveals itself after some shenanigans and probably could have been done away with if they'd gone with a slightly more interesting story. It opens up with Pentecost living in one of the destroyed costal areas grifting and scheming until such time as he's picked up by the authorities and sent back to train a new generation of Jaeger pilots, despite the fact they already have an instructor.A new AI controlled version of the jaegers is soon to take over the duties of the original human controlled units until blah, blah, yakity schmackity, Kaiju. The bad: it's obviously garbage , the story is contrived , many of the performances are poor and it's a rethread of much of an average 1st movie. Scott Eastwood is in it and while he has his father's look he certainly doesn't have his talent. Some of the characters are so incidental I struggled to remember who they were if and when they were offed. The battles, while decent were relatively unengaging and there was only an occasional sense of threat. The good; John Boyega up until be rejoins the military is a bit of a rogue and brings a lot of charisma to the role , once he joins it kind of kills that angle but he's by far the best thing in it. Some of the Jaeger's look cool and there a battle with an opposing one that's pretty good.It also seemed to be pretty quick, though I see it clocks in at nearly 2 hours. There is, possibly , a more interesting story with countries having opposing Jagers and philosophies on how to use them but uniting against a common threat for all of humanity is how they went with it, not surprising given it's a summer blockbuster.It also sets up a 3rd one at the end , hopefully this was poorly enough recieved that it torpedoes that idea. 2/5 and I might be generous. The Revenant A frontiersman on a fur trading expedition in the 1820s fights for survival after being mauled by a bear and left for dead by members of his own hunting team. So this starts out with fur trapper camp being attacked by indians in what is a brutal and what may well be realistic assault. the trappers who escape start to make their way back to their base camp on the run from the indians. While enroute Di Caprio's Glass is attacked and mauled by a bear in another brutal scene resulting in him being severley injured. He's left behind to die with a number of trappers , including his half indian son and Tom Hardy's Fitzgerald. Fiztgerald kills Glass' son , fools the other trapper and leaves Glass half buried to die. Glass obviously doesn't which leads to a slow,agonising escape by Glass and eventual pursuit of Fitzgerald . The bad; struggling to think of much TBH, it's probably a bit slow in places and the CGI on the bear could have been better. Without knowing the story, maybe the superhuman effort by Glass is a bit unbelievable. The good: so much is good about this, the cast are all spot on, the environments suitable harsh and forboding, the tension in certain scenes is fantastic and it is never once an easy ride for either Glass or the audience .The journey and eventual resoloution feels completely earned and at no point does the story drag even if it does move slowly. Di Caprio won an oscar for his portrayal of Hugh Glass in this and while it's a performance typical of how good Di Caprio is, it's probably a general merit award as opposed specific to this movie.It's not a movie that I'll watch again in a hurry but it's one that I rememeber just for the sheer quality. 4.5/5
  18. At least they didn't call it Sony's Marvel Universe of Characters. Though they should have.
  19. The eagle https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1034389/?ref_=nv_sr_1 In Roman-ruled Britain, a young Roman soldier endeavors to honor his father's memory by finding his lost legion's golden emblem. Channing Tatum stars as the Roman soldier looking to find the eagle of the 9th 20 years after it's been lost in Scotland.The opening 45 minutes are him proving himself as a military commander in england and getting himself injured/discharged whereby he saves Jamie Bell's character in the arena with one digit and subsequently sets out to find the lost eagle after recovering from his injuries. The two set out north of the border with Bell's local knowledge guiding them through as they try to pick up the scent of the prized eagle. they bump into a naturalised Roman soldier played with a weird accent by Mark stong and eventually make it to the camp of "the seal people". The eagle is recovered , chase ensues, roman soldiers redeem themselves in a bit of a scrap with the seal people and honour is restored, all in about 2 hour Lets start with the bad, other than Tatum, who's pretty committed the perfomances are shite, notably Donald Sutherland and Mark Strong , the former who's phoning it in and the latter who's on some weird trip as a Scottishised Roman. The gaelic they use with the tribe is sub standard leaving cert level and most definitely not the dialect they spoke in scotland - not sure I should be annoyed at that but I am. Also , after 20 years you'd expect armour in a relatively wet climate to be rusty and a bit worn, escpecially if it's seen some action, despite this the romans at the end have some pristine gear. And somewhat less nit- picky , for a movie with 2 largeish set pieces and a chase sequence, it's boring. I was fast forwarding bits of it because it was just fucking dull. The good, Tatum is okay, some of the scenery is stunning and the battle at the beginning is okay. Can't say I'd recommend this given how tedious it is, if you're looking for an Italians get fucked up by Scottish people movie go for the far superior but still flawed Centurion by Neil Marshall.
  20. Dunkirk Christopher Nolan's war movie based during the evacuation of allied forces from Dunkirk during WW2. Told from 3 different viewpoints this is a war movie writ large. A WAR MOVIE if you will. Or a least it wants to be but Nolan focuses on 3 characters and their respective stories or situations as the evacuation of troops from France occurs. Cast includes some Nolan staples in Murphy and Hardy in addition to a few younger lads including a fella from one direction ( go west, mate) and Mark Rylance who seems to have picked up a fair bit of higher profile work off the fact he was Ollie in Wolf Hall. Kenneth Brannagh is in it as Kenneth Brannagh , navy person, for me he always seems to play the same sort of character but it's never less than worthwhile. Each story/viewpoint intertwines and interacts with each other and we get to see multiple viewpoints of the same situation . There's no large scale battles here and all the battles here feel like small parts of a larger war which is conveyed pretty well. Each scenario has a fair bit going on and the action , while sparse really ramps up at certain points and the tension gets ratcheted up quite significantly. Performances are ok and it looks like there was a fair wad of cash thrown at it. Despite that however I felt it was less than the sum of its parts, theres been criticism that because of the different viewpoints its somewhat disjointed, not a criticism I'd completely agree with, just that some of the characters were less interesting than others. Hardy has little to actually do other than to stoically protect the troops below him and Rylance seems a little too earnest. It probably could have ended about 5 minutes before it did but I think they might have felt they had under used one direction person so had him do a little more to get their bang for their buck. Or maybe he partly funded it , who knows. Anyway, that cynicism aside , it's definitely worth a watch , there's one or two outstanding sequences that are worth the admission price alone and there are occasional glimpses of the terror that must have been experienced when these fighters or bombers were bearing down on ships on the open sea.
  21. love that some of the pictures as you scroll down almost suggest the predator has an office job and has gotten suitably pissed off about it. on the hunt for paperclips or whatever
  22. until the next one at least.
  23. That's a much better trailer. Didn't think the last reveal was too bad considering , kinda get the impression this might be batshit mental whch is probably a positive.Less children in a predator movie is a surprisingly positive thing...
  24. Only saw 20 minutes of the Australia Ireland game but saw Australia's disallowed try by Folau. If the incident causing to try to be disallowed had happened 20 minute before the match in the carpark it probably would have been just as relevant to the play, really stuck to the letter of the law there. From what I saw it was a bit of a shit game and Australia seemed to be the better side in terms of quality , if that was representative of the game , no complaints from and Irish POV.
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