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  1. Michael Piller, innit. After a revolving door of head writers he finally puts a stable staff together and sets the tone for the show.
  2. I feel that Cameron is a brilliant technician who is a poor writer. Avatar is a stunning technical achievement for its era but it's painful to sit through thanks to a total lack of nuance in the writing and Cameron's signature terrible dialogue. The technical novelty wears off quite quickly and what's left is, frankly, quite boring. I'm sure A2 will do very well, but I won't be watching.
  3. And it's actually quite good. Not "American remake of The Office" good, but it's funny and charming. I've seen the first 6 episodes and it's already developing its own identity, although two episodes are based on the British version.
  4. Can someone either create a "Celebrity Death" thread or rename this one, because Dennis Waterman was pretty fucking famous.
  5. I think it will make a shed load of money and be absolutely fucking awful, just like the first film.
  6. You're not wrong about anything here but the one thing I'd say the episode does get right is that the problem isn't solved at the end, which is about as nuanced as this one gets.
  7. Konami set up a UK company to release conversions at some point - presumably they thought, "Ocean are making plenty of money from our games so why don't we cut out the middle man?" They released conversions of Nemesis, Salamander, Jail Break and Jackal. They don't appear to have used any in-house coders, instead outsourcing everything. The results were poor.
  8. A minor classic for me, this one. Sisko threatening Quark is Brooks at his best, as is Quark's subsequent reaction, where his face reveals that whilst he's scared of Sisko, he's terrified of Kira.
  9. No, but they're very similar to Big Finish's race of canine humanoids, the Killorans.
  10. Snakedance. Kinda a close second. He gets three of the greatest stories of all time (Androzani being the third) and an almost embarrassing level of dreck to shore them up. I feel that the best Davison era is on audio - Spare Parts, Fanfare For The Common Men, Loups-Garoux, The Waters Of Amsterdam, The Peterloo Massacre etc.
  11. I'm sympathetic to people whose work and families means that they have to grab time here and there for entertainment. Under those circumstances I can understand watching a film in chunks. But otherwise, it's a pretty sad indictment of just how mentally undermined we've become thanks to smartphones, social media, etc. The thing I love about cinema is that it's a chance to be completely wrapped up in someone else's world for a couple of hours, and I wouldn't get the same appreciation if I had to break films into pieces to watch them. (On a related note, I'd recommend a podcast called Your Undivided Attention which talks about these issues with people from the world of tech. "Eye-opening" doesn't quite cover it.) Anyway, another vote here for disc rental. I use Cinema Paradiso, I get two films a month, and I relish setting aside a couple of hours, twice a month, to watch a film in its entirety. The semi-random nature is appealing, as is having the choice made for me (choice anxiety is a real killer of enthusiasm). Also the ability to select films across the whole history of cinema is rather more interesting to me. I have a 5.1 setup and a decent but modestly-sized screen, and that's usually far preferable to the cinema experience. I had grown tired of paying £££ to sit in a room with cunts, chomping and chatting and texting their way through a film, and post-COVID I can't imagine wanting to repeat the experience. Having to tell a fellow audience member to STFU when I saw Us in a multiplex (because he was singing along with a Michael Jackson song on the soundtrack) was one example of how unappealing the communal cinema experience has become. I use Netflix but rarely watch any films on there, not least because the choice of films is both numerous and conservative, a poor combination. I may sign up for a few months of Curzon Home Cinema at some point.
  12. Jones said in a recent interview that a second series was written and commissioned but COVID killed it. A real shame.
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