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  1. OCUK were sending out queue positions from the start whilst I believe someone had to threaten Scan with a FOIA request to get them to do theirs. Ultimately I have no love for either company and they’re both making an absolute killing this year, but they don’t have to do anything really. This is all Nvidia and AMDs fault, not theirs. https://videocardz.com/newz/this-geforce-rtx-3080-ethereum-mining-rig-now-makes-20k-per-month
  2. Yeah, there's been a 'healthy' discussion on the OcUK forums about this. Although all these sites are printing money right now, I do think OcUK are being decently transparent about it. The ASUS TUF queue I'm in has moved down by about 1000 places since Oct 2020 but from what I can make out, that's because about 800 people have left the queue/requested refunds not because cards have been delivered. I know from that thread that Gibbo has admitted they haven't even managed to deliver cards to most ASUS customers from the first *hour* the cards went on sale. In my case, being past positi
  3. I *may* have secured a 3080 TUF from someone on PartAlert who has decided he only needs the 3060Ti he also got and will sell it to me at cost (£720). It's not delivered for a couple more weeks though so let's see? (!) Am also trying to now seriously get the also perm out of stock case and PSU (NR200/Corsair SF750) that everyone also wants. I've just ordered them from the Czech Republic so let's see how that works out... If I get EVERYTHING else at some point except the GPU, I guess it might be ebay time if this guy doesn't come through.
  4. Oh and the introduction of characters entirely to serve spin off shows is jarring as all hell.
  5. Finally! I should’ve known I could rely on RLLMUK for at least some grumpy criticism. Mostly agree with Clipper on S1. This may be one of the most overrated shows of all time. It LOOKS fantastic. I love a lot of the casting... ... but the writing is laughably bad. No people speak like people do in some of the episodes of this. Many episodes are monster of the week except bad. Some episodes are great (the prison break one) but they are rare. The fan service and small-universe-ism is absolutely excruciating. The last episode had me rolling my
  6. I am on all the Discord and Telegrams. You actually can't look for/refresh the FE pages because they take them down when there's no stock. The FE drops on Scan DO tend to last longer than the <5 seconds for other cards to instantly sell - typically a few minutes - but as I say, I know there hasn't been a 3080 FE drop in weeks. If I wanted a 3070, I actually think that's much more attainable. The stock for those seems to drop daily (not the FE tho there was that drop a few days ago). Someone on the Discord pointed out that a number of the cards from the Scan FE drop were listed immed
  7. Don't know but all the EU ones have 20% import duty but I think that's just the same as VAT would've been here anyway. Can't believe RLLMUKers gave up queue positions instead of donating them to needy others! (*cough cough*). I'd love an FE but there haven't been any new 3080 FE drops since mid December.
  8. I mean I'm not HAPPY about it. I had no idea it would be a 6 month wait and neither did OcUK. But it seems like the least worst option. What would your solution be for managing buyers of a stock constrained and in demand product? You can't take orders without paying up front because folks would just order one of every single one to get in every possible queue. The only way I can think to improve it would be to have a master queue for people like most of us who would take basically any 3080 card instead of individual queues for every SKU. But I would still charge up front to ensure genu
  9. I don't really. They may have taken all our money day of order, but they also are one of the few retailers that actually allowed orders to be queued post launch. The fact I cannot order a PS5 today and wait in a queue and have to use these stupid part alert services is mind boggling to me.
  10. From Gibbo, the guy who runs Overclockers, on their forum: Asus have now confirmed to me that NON-OC cards are NOT discontinued and should be shipping some soon, they did say the price is going up though, I am awaiting to see my new cost as it best not be going up 25% as we can't afford to lose 25%, I have communicated to them we are still shipping hour one customers from launch day so they need to be mindful of this as its not our fault for selling so many within the first minutes of product launching. Emphasis mine. Btw, I'm in the OcUK queue for one of the 'base' ASUS TUF cards
  11. So you never managed with Amazon in the end? By camp Scan do you mean camp the FE PartAlert channel for the Founders Editions?
  12. OcUK took the £740 out of my account the day I ordered the ASUS TUF 3080 from them in early October. Expected delivery is another 5-6 months at the current rate (I'm 1200th in the queue now and they're getting 50 / week on average since October) !! In other news, Amazon updated to say 22-26th January. I still don't have a PC to even put this card in but I'm going to hold off ordering the parts until it's a lot closer to the date...
  13. No credit card billed yet and don’t usually Amazon do it immediately? Not a great sign...
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