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  1. On which note... upgrade yesterday to custom GPU cable (pslate customs hype) - prettier and marginally better airflow (cos the other way was ridiculously long for my tiny case):
  2. Yeah, as each month passes, I'm happier and happier that I just splurged the money. So nice to have a PC that just runs everything and also that feels like it's pretty future proof at this rate. The fact many many gamers seem to like 1080 and 1440p for the framerates also makes me feel like 4K gaming is pretty futureproof for now too. And the fact I don't have any screen even capable of more than 60Hz (!). Though the LG C1 is going to tempt me hard.
  3. 3090 FE in stock at Scan right now. Just got an alert. Honestly by far your best chance. https://www.scan.co.uk/nvidia/products/3090/y1pg6czx £1400 genuinely good value at this point. Loving mine.
  4. Right, so, update on this after spending MANY HOURS trying to fix and reading the internet. Turns out I had it all wrong, in my case anyway. I used a tool called CRU that's able to quite easily adjust your EDIDs in a non destructive way (the Registry can hold overrides which can then easily be cleared out). This enabled me to up the number of speakers the system understands I have connected from 2 to 6 (or 8) very easily. But this is achieved by adding speakers to the LPCM EDID section. The AC3/DD5.1 section already had 6 speakers assigned as available. The issue is in my personal c
  5. its a shame because 5.1 is a far bigger experience upgrade than 4K, HDR or 120Hz
  6. Just need to upgrade my TV from a B8 and my Playbar to the Sonos Arc thing and I'm golden!
  7. that’s interesting - I wonder by what method that works. Your TV passes the EDID from your receiver back to the PC? it would have to munge it together with its own video capabilities I think?
  8. Ughhhhhhhhhhh I actually have an HDMI matrix switch in my set up between the PC and TV which can be set to report 5.1 on its EDID. But for no good reason that also doesn’t solve this.
  9. New and exciting issue! So.... it’s extremely difficult to get 5.1 sound of out a PC to a TV/5.1 set up? If you have a sound bar-y set up with PC HDMI going to your TV, nvidia, inexplicably, offer no way for you to force 5.1 output if your TVs EDID says it only supports stereo. A 9 year old and still active thread suggests I need to manually compile an EDID override INF file, futz with driver signing and go from there. Please tell me I’m wrong and this is solvable?
  10. Yes. Try this on an iPhone/iPad or I think very new Mac: https://kidi.ng/wanna-see-a-whiter-white/
  11. Yeah that makes sense. Just googled this and thought it was interesting: https://www.reddit.com/r/PS5/comments/k40f5g/youve_been_doing_ps5_adjust_hdr_wrong_heres_how/
  12. I think you’re really missing out if you just have it off for everything. Apart from the obvious broken things like RDR2 I mostly like it. AC Valhalla and Destiny 2 both seem really good to me - tho Destiny 2 seems to be worse on my PS5 than it was on my PS4 Pro. The thing that annoys me though is absolutely all those calibration screens. ‘Barely’ is extremely ill-defined and theoretically you’d have to re-calibrate when playing in the day time and at night. Just pick sensible values and go with it. My Apple TV doesn’t need calibrating beyond the TV’s set up, games shouldn’t either
  13. Why do we need VRR? What exactly does that mean in the context of gaming?
  14. I’ve been a Mac user for years and all macs have been ‘Retina’ for ages. My other daily driver is a 5k iMac. So visibly seeing pixels again just feels like going back to a retro gaming console or something (!!). No pixels ever again for me! I do remember when I first went from 640x480 to 800x600 and then 1024x768 and it seemed impossibly sharp then !
  15. Ah I think you misunderstand the dichotomy. Currently I have an LG B8 65" hooked up to my PS5. I also can easily take my tiny PC there and hook it up and probably will for things like Cyberpunk. My PC lives on a desk though, with a 4K 27" 60Hz screen. In terms of the desk set up, I could upgrade this to either an ultrawide 5K2K 60Hz (if/when I find one on sale) OR a 27" 4K 144Hz+ screen. From everything I've read, between these two, ultrawide is way better than going from 60->144Hz. The other option for pure gaming is to go 144Hz AND ultrawide, but you then lose 4K+ - I'm not w
  16. Don't make me spend more money, please. I'd have to either get an LG CX (main problem here is genuinely physically getting rid of an LG B8... and something to raise the stupidly low CX above a sound bar.... of just buy the GX with feet. But that's a story for another thread... ) ...or get a HFR computer monitor. But literally everyone says Widescreen is better for gaming than 4K. And I need 4K for work (and my sanity - anything lower is just so ugly to me on text rendering). So my only option would be a 27" 4K HFR screen. These exist. But I feel
  17. Wow, that really does tank the frame rate. Then again, when I was at uni I made a program to ray trace a single scene and it took about 10 minutes and was probably about 200x200 !
  18. Is the general view that one should turn DLSS on then? I thought it introduced artifacts? Is the 'only' benefit more frames? As in, I'm playing on a 60Hz screen so if I'm hitting 60 then no reason to turn it on?
  19. Yeah my SF750 came with all braided cables too. The gauge was a bit small for _aesthetics_ but I've seen a lot worse. For a SFF PSU though, the cables are CRAZY long. Half my case is a snaking cable run for the two 8-pin PCI power cables you need to feed in to the 3090. I do want to get some custom short PSU->3090 cables but I just need to do the measurements. Also, as mentioned previously, they are all wired as 6 and 6 to the 12, which I think means they're missing some sense wires and things which slightly worries me. They'll obviously still work fine, but I do wonder at the impact on
  20. The Logitech Brio. It has the IR cameras for Windows Hello which is a life changer if you've never tried it. Face id log in, face id to unlock 1Password etc. It's expensive, but being able to add biometrics is HUGE. I actually want a rubber mat, I just want a well made one
  21. The one thing I'm not pleased with is the gaming mat. I bought some no name chinese one (it's 800x400) for £10 off amazon and the edges are NOT flat - they're all wavy from where it's been rolled up for so long and maybe not that precisely made. I have bought a branded £40 one before before and honestly it was identical material... but it did lay flat and seemed to have better QC. So was I just unlucky, should I order a new chinese one? Anyone have any good tips for big gaming/mouse mat things that are PLAIN BLACK ?
  22. It's the NR200P. It's an excellent 18 litre case, but yeah - it's Micro-ITX not mATX. As you can't quite see, it has an SFX power supply sitting to the right of the RAM as you look in. So it's motherboard on the left, PSU on the right, GPU below. I bought the blue yeti a few years ago for podcasting but we only made a few episodes before my friend lost interest so I haven't used it much. It sounds just fine and I have it by this PC because this PC doesn't have a mic *at all* and I need it for Teams calls. I've ordered a fancy webcam now though which may supercede it anyway. So... no strong
  23. Swapped out the noisy case fan for a Noctua and flipped my CPU cooler to exhaust. It puts my CPU temps up a bit but GPU went down about 7 degrees, which is worth on balance. my Battlestation is nearly complete...
  24. I would say the main difference is resolution. If you're happy to play in 1080p/1440p then the 3060 is probably decent (though I haven't looked at the details and there's a lot of depends-on-the-game). For 4K you definitely want 3080+
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