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  1. Better imo but then I'm not a huge fan of GoT books
  2. Love RA Salvatore's icewind trilogy. As you know!
  3. I absolutely loved the dragonlance novels as a teenager - really fell for the world and characters haven't read them in years
  4. Don't tell the boss, but there's a pitch for a making of Warriors incoming ;-)
  5. I've just written about Buck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday on the Mega Drive which is a port of the original Gold Box SSI game. Interested to see where this collection goes!
  6. Blue Thunder is an original game...any similarity to a helicopter TV series of the same name is purely coincedental ;-)
  7. The home computer club, an off shoot of a similar venture which offered books. Incentive software had a close relationship with them as they had high value releases such as driller and graphic adventure creator which always went down well as game of the month.
  8. I guess you've not been to upminster for a while. It's dead as a high street these days, coffee shops and restaurants sadly.
  9. I have a contact indeed but they went quiet. I shall try again in the new year!
  10. Apologies for the blurry pic History of Turrican Making of Dan Dare III Making of ZX Interface 1&2 Making of John Madden Football Ultimate Guide Skies of Arcadia Ultimate Guide Battlezone Reinventing Silent Hill Retro Gift Guide 2020 Plus all usuals and more
  11. I'm jdanddiet and just followed you Gav. I'm currently mainly posting my top 100 spectrum games. Look forward to seeing your posts!
  12. Now it's finally arriving, here's a look at Retro Gamer 212! Cover feature legacy of monkey island Making of chronicles of riddick, guitar hero, pool of radiance and karateka Making of games world Desert island disks dan kitchen So you want to collect c64 games Ultimate guide super castlevania IV Plus all the usuals!
  13. I'm thinking of selling mine if you are in the Essex area
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