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  1. I don't think it is collectors anyway. Its the same people buying and selling them to artificially raise prices. Its a tactic that's been around for years.
  2. Subscribers are getting theirs now, this is in the shops shortly. Main feature The Nintendo 64. Everyone loves Goldeneye, right? Also:- History Of Dizzy Making of Castle Master In The Chair Matt Furniss Making of Litil Divil Ultimate Guide Double Dragon II Making of Ghosthunter Collector's Guide to Neo Geo Pocket Color Archive Falcom Plus more and all the regulars
  3. We've all been there! Some of those ludicrous hit squads I've had as well back in the day. My mum probably gave them to a charity shop lol
  4. I know Glenn and have interviewed him. Amazing collection. He's not ex sega as far as I'm aware. Sad to see him sell up.
  5. My missus and I went to a festival called house and classics in St Albans a couple weeks ago. There were some great sets, not least Brandon Block and Ratpack. It all passed me by back in the day, but I love it now.
  6. Oh yeah you got us, well done
  7. I've just submitted a feature to Mega Visions mag but I haven't managed to get a copy yet. They seem to be doing good things
  8. Been reading a few gaming books lately. Itchy Tasty is a great in-depth look at Resident Evil up to RE4. Life is a Game is an inspiring look at the life and games of Mev Dinc, from his days growing up to working with Activision/Electric Dreams in the 80s and then running his own studio, Vivid, in the 90s. If you're of an 8-bit bent I can also heartily recommend Hints & Tips for Videogame developers by Andrew Hewson and the story of Automata Deus Ex Machina, by Mel Croucher. Also another vote for the fab Games That Weren't. If you're after something a little more nostalgic, there's Hey! Listen! by Steve McNeil which is a sideways take on gaming in general and very funny to boot. Of course there are loads of great books from Fusion Retro Books, but as I've contributed to some of them I'll just leave this link here to those: https://fusionretrobooks.com/ and there's also Bitmap books of which this is my fave: https://www.bitmapbooks.co.uk/products/sinclair-zx-spectrum-a-visual-compendium I'm just about to start Arcade Imperfect by Jerry Ellis and Andrew Fisher which is all about arcade conversions, and that looks very nice too. I'm sure there's some more lurking on my shelf but think that will do you for now!
  9. I saw this on Twitter. Very sad news. Zenobi were legendary in keeping the adventure fire burning.
  10. Agree 100% with you. All the points Edge makes are valid, but the game is still hugely enjoyable despite its flaws. I thought the review was on the nose and great, but I'd have gone with a 7 f'sure.
  11. I've almost completed this and have hugely enjoyed it. It's classic overblown resi in many places and while it's not as claustrophobic as resi 7 it still spooks in certain areas. If you've played the dolls section you'll know what I mean. I love exploring the environments in these sort of games and am still in awe of the graphical fidelity of the last generation (I'm on ps4). The (alleged) short time doesn't bother me at all either - I prefer it in fact as I don't have the spare time to play a 100 hour game anyway. Overall another great resident evil. After the debacle of 6 I'm happy with the new direction of the series.
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