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  1. Dungeons and dragons heroes is a particular fave of mine, xbox exclusive though iirc.
  2. Thank you! It is fun really, especially with new versions, looking back and reading old reviews at the time and so on. How about karnov? The speccy version of that was decent *new to me I mean as in versions i didn't play bitd
  3. There must be a few I guess. Maybe strider or alien storm? I must say I usually dread the conversions section of these features because I have to play these often terrible conversions (usually after playing the arcade original exhaustively). But with silkworm, each game was an absolute pleasure especially the amiga version as you say.
  4. I wrote this for Eurogamer. I was still piddling around on my Speccy in 1986, so only discovered this incredible game on the Mega Drive in the early 90s and it's like nothing else on the console. The PC original is so influential today, I thought it would be interesting to have a delve into the story of its making which goes back all the way to the early 80s. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-04-11-the-story-of-starflight-eas-sci-fi-sandbox-that-laid-the-way-for-mass-effect
  5. that sounds very unbalanced and frustrating
  6. Just finished reading this issue, really good to soak in all that 90s nostalgia. Also enjoyed the BMX simulator feature. Here's a list of the features this month:- Back To The 90s Making of BMX Simulator Evolution of Pitfall Desert Island Disks with @strider Making of Starlord Ultimate Guide Buck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday Making of Clock Tower Mega Drive RPG collecting special Ultimate Guide Fighters Megamix Future Classic 428: Shibuya Scramble History of Timesplitters Retro Inspired Ghosts N Goblins Resurrection
  7. Better imo but then I'm not a huge fan of GoT books
  8. Love RA Salvatore's icewind trilogy. As you know!
  9. I absolutely loved the dragonlance novels as a teenager - really fell for the world and characters haven't read them in years
  10. Don't tell the boss, but there's a pitch for a making of Warriors incoming ;-)
  11. I've just written about Buck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday on the Mega Drive which is a port of the original Gold Box SSI game. Interested to see where this collection goes!
  12. Blue Thunder is an original game...any similarity to a helicopter TV series of the same name is purely coincedental ;-)
  13. The home computer club, an off shoot of a similar venture which offered books. Incentive software had a close relationship with them as they had high value releases such as driller and graphic adventure creator which always went down well as game of the month.
  14. I guess you've not been to upminster for a while. It's dead as a high street these days, coffee shops and restaurants sadly.
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