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  1. I've been replaying this recently and think it's a great little horror game
  2. I wrote a feature on Deathchase for issue 100 and something and called it just Deathchase.
  3. I like it but it pales in comparison to the Mega CD game
  4. Actually with a black border around sprites (as in the picture) clash could be avoided!
  5. I've posted these in the past, I'm assuming he doesn't mind
  6. Issue 232 is arriving for subscribers now and out in the shops on Thursday. This is the subscriber cover, the newsstand cover will have a Speccy on it. Cover: 40 Years of the ZX Spectrum Inside The Egret II Mini Studio Profile Capstone Evolution of Ecco The Dolphin Making of The Terminator Ultimate Guide SNK vs Capcom Making of Shogun Total War The Restoration Masters Making of Simpsons Hit and Run Plus all the usual including reviews, letters, columns and homebrew.
  7. The boys and I always have great fun on point blank! Glad you enjoyed it mate
  8. Sure mate, drop me a FB messenger message and we'll try and sort something out
  9. Did you go Matt? I always pop along on a Saturday with without boys and pop next door and see Ally too
  10. Is that Allan? I played some Dying light with him a while back while he was out there. What's happened?
  11. If you've got the cash it's a tremendous opportunity to start a proper arcade right on southend sea front.
  12. 0 Yep the boys and I been there many times, great little place! They have snacks and play games while I have a beer and play games!
  13. I wonder if the retro hunter knows about this!
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