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  1. Well I always played with custom music, turn it down if that helps. The ps4 port seems to be fine for me as well.
  2. I believe it will be on its performance mode??? methinks, i hope, should be?
  3. Uhh its still delicious. I'm on PS4/PS5 - so probably just add my EA ID EA ID - MW-Heymykie PSN - Heymykie XBOX - Heymykie
  4. Oh wow. My American ass has been dealing with a plethora of things across the sea! I've just opened up rllmuk for the first time in years. Wow good to see most of you all are still alive and well. Definitely excited to see and speak to you all again.
  5. It's only happened to me "during an event" only once so far...
  6. Hey can we get a PSN Gamertag list going so we can squeeze in a couple of games on PS4. Mines obviously: HeyMykie
  7. <p>Here we go!!</p> <p> </p> <p>http://www.justin.tv/heymykie</p> <p> </p> Thats all folks
  8. New Stream! http://www.justin.tv/heymykie#/w/7561317376 That's all folks
  9. Enjoy people. http://www.justin.tv/heymykie#/w/7561317376 And done for tonight...... Streaming now, might stream on Thursday at a reasonable time for you kids!
  10. So the word is constantly moving. Once you finish a race police come after you until you escape. you can start another race while they're after you are just roam around. The most havoc you cause the more your money multiplier goes up. If they catch you then you LOSE EVERYTHING!!!!! actually if you wreck. I have a 5x multiplier and the cops fahucked me. 130k down the drain. You have to find your hideout and bank your money throughout your session
  11. I can always set up a stream. Been meaning to test it out anyways.
  12. So far it seems so the map is open as well once you get to a hub you can click the map and go anywhere on the map it seems. Terrain seems varied. Need time with it though. I love the dark souls analogy a lot of reviewers are comparing it to
  13. Rivals is delicious so far. It feels like Hot Pursuit meets Paradise. I didn't much care for Most Wanted. But this...I can do this!
  14. Good Evening gentleman...I'M BBBBAAAAACCCKKKK on ps4 though...
  15. Thats deathmatch, if you feel your ready for something more then play wanted, its the signature mode of the entire assassins creed multiplayer experience. The maps are bigger, probably takes you 40 secs to run from one end to the other as opposed to the smaller more initimate maps of deathmatch which are "sections" of the bigger wanted maps. hey isn't there's a fast travel system?
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