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  1. 3 hours ago, Wahwah* said:

    Saw this on twitter:



    That looks like quite a small branch of Game, but nonetheless that sign says they got 8 Series X and 2 Series S machines. 


    No conclusions, but interesting.  

    Their branch at Lakeside were told to expect 300 X's and ended up with only 50.

  2. On 08/06/2019 at 22:18, Ninja Doctor said:

    Playing via Autobleem earlier and I only just noticed that once you have chosen your psx game and press down you can enable hi res and change the clock speed without having to open the in game menu. It also saves the setting. 


    This works for both the inbuilt and added games. For the in built games it ups the cpu clock to 57 by default, improving the emulation somewhat. Nice. 

    Where's this mate?

  3. 12 hours ago, declan said:

    The latest and last (!) Checkpoints just went live today, ep #128.


    For the final show I managed to pull Robert Ashley from video game retirement and we have a brilliant chat about his life in games. 


    There are a bunch of reasons I'm finishing up the show - which if you're interested I talk about in next week's epilogue episode where I'm interviewed by Violet Berlin -  suffice to say it's for good reasons. I'm sticking the landing. 


    It's been a brilliant time! Thanks to everyone who has listened. If you never listened I'm going to start repeating the show from the start in the next few weeks. The content is evergreen, iTunes only archives the last 100 eps and there are WAY more people listening to the show now than there were at the start so it seems appropriate. 




    Aw man, sorry that this will be the last episode.


    I've always really enjoyed the podcast and enjoyed what you put out. Hopefully the spreading that word that I did from the Retro Asylum account was a help. look forward to hearing what you get up to next. Cheers, Paul


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