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    Someone who shares the same advisors as Robin. Take it with as much of a pinch of salt as you want, I'm not bragging about it but just letting people know who might want to know the current position.
  2. hat


    Well he's had this set up for a while and while upaletable they'll stump up more than anyone else so we might as well. With any luck he'll revert to type and break down again, missing most of every season he's there.
  3. hat


    Was £1248 this year as I sold a few matches back last season. I've had a season ticket since I was 12 and it's unlikely I'd ever give it up now unless the club became an oligarch's plaything.
  4. hat


    So it's like this with RVP. He (and his people) are determined to get out and City is the only place he'll go to, this isn't a case of if but just when and for how much. I'm not trolling btw, I'm just a pissed off season ticket holder.
  5. Can anyone recommend any decent Picross clones?
  6. hat

    Playstation Vita

    Thanks, and to BZ as well, will just hand him the Vita and get it transferred via the content manager. Power Stone is one of the few games I'd go to those lengths for. The Vita has really delivered some great gaming for me, and to think I only picked one up because of the shedload of Game credit i had amassed.
  7. hat

    Playstation Vita

    Can someone clarify something for me. If I get a mate to log into the PSN Store on his PS3 with my account and download a game, will I then be able to download the game on to my Vita via the download history list? All this for Power Stone collection! While I'm at it is there anything else on the PS3 PSN that doesn't appear on the Vita store?
  8. hat

    Playstation Vita

    Articles suggest that Power Stone Collection on the store but I can't see it via the Vita. Is it only available via the PS3 store? (which I can't do as I sold mine).
  9. hat

    Playstation Vita

    I love what the Vita can do but the fact that i have to buy PSN points because my card won't work in the store and the constant connection errors really spoil the experience.
  10. pro evo I imported, edited and played the life out of that game but for the last few iterations there's nothing left for me.
  11. hat

    Playstation Vita

    Where did you get the flyer containing the codes from?
  12. I just got my confirmation email about receiving a free copy of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Original Soundtrack CD. this news comes second only to having the chance to play this masterpiece again.
  13. http://thisismynext.com/2011/06/07/nintendo-wii-u-games-xbox-360-ps3-fak/ Nintendo Wii U demo games shown today were actually Xbox 360 and PS3 versions In a bizarre twist to an otherwise exciting news day, during an interview today just following Nintendo’s showing of its new Wii U system and games, company honcho Reggie Fils-Amie told GameTrailers that the sizzle reel of games shown today were not actually from the Wii U. Instead, when asked if they were from PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, Reggie replied “Absolutely, because we’re talking a year away from when the console will launch.” It’s a little odd that Nintendo wouldn’t have any actual gameplay from the system to show off, but it’s even more disconcerting that the company simply substituted other platforms to demonstrate what the console was capable of. Furthermore, when asked if the system will be “as good” as Microsoft and Sony’s products, Reggie replied that they would… but then tried to refocus the conversation on the fact that the new Wii is finally a 1080p product. Don’t want to take our word for it? Hit the source to watch the very long video (the Reggie clip starts 2 hours and 28 minutes), or listen to the audio below.
  14. Seeing as I had some time today I went looking around youtube and found a possible fix for my PS3, I gave it a go and now it's back up and working perfectly again. If anyone gets the flashing red light i highly recommend looking The total cost to fix it was £7.
  15. So my fat PS3 has finally given up the ghost and now is only capable of flashing a red light at me. As it's out of warranty I'm not contacting Sony but are there any other recommended places who repair PS3's that anyone knows of? Alternatively, any tips on where are the best PS3 console-only deals right now?
  16. I was at Disneyland Paris over the weekend and I picked up streetpass miss from France and Holland.
  17. does anyone know what the unlockable 'free camera' mode in the AR shop does? also, are there any recommended quality 3DS cases available yet?
  18. all added as well, my code is 2707-1586-1641
  19. hat

    Rock Band!

    Any recommendations for the best (non-pro) guitar to pick up for rock band 3 and where I could get it from at a decent price?
  20. hat

    PAX... UK?

    Alexandra Palace would be the decent venue given that it's the birthplace of television broadcasting.
  21. hat

    PS3 jailbroken

    if i install CFW is it ok to stay on my wireless network for things like media link and iplayer but just not log into PSN?
  22. hat

    PS3 jailbroken

    So do I read it right that any sort of online connection, even non PSN access including post-release game patches are likely to result in the banhammer at some point?
  23. hat

    NBA 2K11

    I finally got my order through from zavvi. What's the general consensus on shooting with the RS or X button?
  24. Are there any big midnight launch events in London for the 3DS?
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