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  1. Played this at Rezzed and enjoyed it. A good combination of Sky Kid and Mini Squadron on IOS. Going to spring for this on Switch for sure.
  2. I also got to give it a good run at Rezzed. It's a very solid and great fun driving game that looks, plays and sounds fantastic. The arcade racing space is open for Onrush and I think they may just nail it.
  3. And a Mega Drive Mini and Shenmue I & 2 remasters!
  4. Kinda depends if they announce a new console.
  5. Watching this Sega stream and also Trump's announcement that we've joined in strikes on Syria. Surreal.
  6. Wow, I remember finishing Myst on my brother's Mac. It was a truly groundbreaking game but I'm not sure I want to suffer those two brothers again.
  7. I started playing the story last night via the EA Access 10 hour trial. Is there anything interesting that makes it worth hanging in there as up to now it seems to be a particularly dull shooting gallery.
  8. hat

    Xbox One X

    I just showed the email on my phone. Got lucky with the guy for sure.
  9. hat

    Xbox One X

    I just went in the next day. I guessed the worst that could happen was that they'd refuse and I'd trade them in elsewhere.
  10. hat

    Xbox One X

    I just picked up a One X with four 'free' games in their bundle. I then just returned the games for a £165 refund which made the Xbox £284
  11. hat

    Nintendo Switch

    What’s the concensus on the best portable dock alternative?
  12. How is the d-pad and buttons on the Retro Mini?
  13. They just need more people like her as lots in the business don't get it.
  14. That echoes what I heard too. Howard is clearly one of a few safe pairs of hands out there so hopefully he's helped turn things around. By any chance did your friend mention (potential Solo story spoiler within)
  15. A friend of mine works at Pinewood and was involved in the production. From a long way out Rogue One was a committee-made Frankenstein movie. Solo seems like going the same way with Ron Howard having to fix the multiple mis-steps that made the movie comes across like a comedy TV-sequel of Smokey and the Bandit. Makes you wonder how these issues keep getting so far down the road before Kennedy has to keep stepping in to firefight.
  16. There was much consternation and disappointment from all involved about the re-shoots Disney demanded they did.
  17. Is it just me or does the hype seem a little more low key for this one? On top of the 'Disneyfying' of Rogue One and the Han Solo filming being beset with issues apart from Kathleen Kennedy there seems to be a distinct lack of people at Lucasfilm who 'get' the Star Wars universe.
  18. I've gone before but have passed on their Blackpool events more recently. There's less and less retro present and at Manchester this year a lot of the arcade machines were down/broken. They also lost the Bank Holiday slot for Blackpool so going there in Feb isn't exactly enticing! I'm sure you'll still find enough to have fun though.
  19. hat

    SNES Mini

    I shudder to think how I'd get on against Don J now.
  20. aaaand now the site is down for 'scheduled maintenance' *popcorn.gif*
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