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  1. Quick question- can Odyssey be played with the Pro controller? I'm not into the whole fling/waggle thing.
  2. You can only play a limited amount of Arcade mode before being locked out of it for 18 hours.
  3. The arcade mode has an 18 hour progression ban lock down.
  4. My biggest take away from that video is that I wish Ed Fries was leading the Ataribox project.
  5. I have a unopened copy of Devil's Third. It will stay that way for multiple reasons.
  6. If there's room I'd like to request to join PSN: hoolicooluk
  7. hat


    Tried the web, iphone and ipad versions and none show up. Just weird.
  8. hat


    I can only see the non-lovely NA colour version.
  9. hat

    PES 2018

    It's difficult to compare this and beta as they're online v CPU players. The one thing I did notice was how many long range efforts when in when I played the demo. All in all it's a step above last year's already great playing game.
  10. Looks like a Bioshock Infinite sequel.
  11. the Hong Kong worked for me. I've not logged in yet though.
  12. This opened with Julia Hardy and CGI trailers and somehow still managed to go further downhill. As the MS E3 presentation started is was all set to forgive the Xbox One mis-step and finally pre-order a new Xbox console. However, they've just not presented anything for me that justifies the purchase (apart from Cuphead but I can play on PC). I'm sure they'll get a surge of buyers but I don't think it will be enough to truly challenge the PS4. Having three great systems battling it out would be great for games but once again I just don't think the xbox will quite cut it.
  13. Having listened to the main show for so long I almost feel bad to have stopped listening completely. They don't bounce off eachother and no-one seems to enjoy themselves or have the energy to do anything beyond the usual formula. Ben's arrival hasn't helped. Brad was never my favourite but he's almost un-listenable now. The way he finishes other people's sentences with obvious stuff makes me punchy. It seems like there's no real plan and Jeff is trying but not able to make it the show that he'd truly want. It's just become becalmed, made even more stark by the great work of Vinny and the East Coast team.
  14. They should get Dr Who 'superfan' Rufus Hound on to show himself up as a fraud again.
  15. Hard to describe just how cool this pairing is
  16. Extra points for including the Donkey Kong theme from around the 1:30 mark.
  17. Not sure if this has been noted yet, but on the Treehouse stream they said every kingdom in Odyssey is related to items connected with Bowser's wedding. e.g. the wooded area is a giant greenhouse where the wedding flowers are being grown.
  18. I was on the fence but after seeing the positive feedback and such gorgeous screens my copy arrives tomorrow. Can't wait to fire it up in 4K on my Pro.
  19. Really looking forward to hearing what Yu Suzuki has to say.
  20. I'm very proud to featured in this month's RG, talking about our Retro Asylum podcast.
  21. Quite enjoyed it as a piece of nonsense.
  22. I simply love it, in the classic way that sees Jeff never compromising his style or approach to development. As Uncle Nasty said above this is the game that I always wanted to play when i was a kid, jumping inside the arcade machine and being surrounded by the graphics and sounds from that era. Even though it holds that feel it's utterly modern in its approach and easily stands alongside its contemporaries like Thumper and dare I say Rez.
  23. The Kickstarter is now live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1835143999/zx-spectrum-next On the 35th Anniversary of the Spectrum too.
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