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  1. I got a new guy! He came to camp and decide to stay. He's a little frog called Prince and I forgive him for decimating some of my trees for his house because he's just adorable.
  2. just saw this, sorry! Added you and will keep an eye on prices
  3. Turnips are currently 321 bells in my town, the first time prices get this high is the week I didn't many turnips! Town is open if anyone wants to sell
  4. Today as I was hitting rocks, rather than money, one gave me gold/silver. I like this, but why has it happened?
  5. think you're on my list, town is open
  6. Thanks to those who visited my town and left gifts/donations! edit: I have a new townie! He's a pink bear thing called Vladimir and I love him already on the basis of his name. He says he came from Crabdon - did I somehow nick him?
  7. Do not lament this...I just found out the that yet another piece of art was a fake. Three purchases, three fakes. This game needs an option to slap someone. Hmpf.
  8. yep, I got the orange pattern on one of mine and mushrooms grow around it, some of them are worth a few bells
  9. Not much below but I think they were 93 or 96, can leave my town open for a wee bit Thanks to everyone who visited my town and left gifts and donations yesterday My salon is now open, there's still lots of fruit on the trees, so I'll leave my town open for a bit and if anyone wants turnips, fruit, or a make over, you're more than welcome!
  10. Leaving my town open for a bit, I'll probably check on it every so often to make sure there's no crash. A few items around the station for the taking, and plenty of fruit on the trees and the down on the beaches - help yourself
  11. Sorry, just read this! Can leave my town open for a bit while I'm out though
  12. Leaving my town open for a little bit now, Redd is here, there's fruit on the trees - help yourself, and some items for the taking next the train station. I'll probably be back and forth a bit between cups of coffee!
  13. Yeah, I have the beautiful ordinance and I haven't changed the clock time. I have decided they are being overwatered and am going to leave them and see what happens. Genius plan. :/
  14. Do flowers have a life span? The past couple of days I keep finding dead flowers even though I make sure they get watered daily...
  15. There is fake artwork... I genuinely gave a little gasp of horror, fake works of art in this sweet little world, is everything a lie?!
  16. Just got back and see it must have crashed on someone - sorry! And thanks to visitors who left mangoes and a Wario top
  17. Leaving my town open for a bit although I probably won't be about, lots of fruit, mostly apples, by the station, help yourself! Also have a few fossils: tricera torso, spino torso and dinosaur track, if anyone needs them, send me a message!
  18. This has happened to me 3 times!! I thought she was just scared of them, she sort of screams and then faints! *shudders* Horrible buggers.
  19. added, town should be open for a bit later, I'll make sure I save you some!
  20. I have lychee if you want them! I got an axe and was all excited to chop down a bunch of trees and make a proper orchard....I broke my axe!
  21. Literally went "eeep!" with excitement when I realised my orange, peach and cherry trees had fruit on them this morning!
  22. leaving my town open for a bit, there's fruit and I've buried some stuff around the place as a bit of a treasure hunt - nothing very exciting I'm afraid but you can always sell it for a few bells!
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