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  1. Anyone have sow Joan offering below 100b this morning? She's 108b in my town.

    Not much below but I think they were 93 or 96, can leave my town open for a wee bit

    Thanks to everyone who visited my town and left gifts and donations yesterday :) My salon is now open, there's still lots of fruit on the trees, so I'll leave my town open for a bit and if anyone wants turnips, fruit, or a make over, you're more than welcome!

  2. Have you set up the Clean beautiful town ordinance at the town hall? I havent done any watering all week ! Although it has been raining non stop. Could be to do with changing your 3DS clock time.

    Yeah, I have the beautiful ordinance and I haven't changed the clock time. I have decided they are being overwatered and am going to leave them and see what happens. Genius plan. :/

  3. Arggh my new resident has moved in and destroyed my only Banana and Lychee tree. Can someone save me one of each for when I can visit later? I can trade apples and peaches?

    I have lychee if you want them!

    I got an axe and was all excited to chop down a bunch of trees and make a proper orchard....I broke my axe!

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