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  1. A gardening shop is opening today and I get to go to my island for the first time, I am stupidly excited!!
  2. noob question - how do you put fruit into baskets?
  3. I am in love with your town and my mario kart, thanks
  4. will add later! if you keep going to Isabelle she'll give you jobs to do, one of the things she suggests is fishing and if you can't buy a fishing rod in your town, she'll sell you one for 500bells
  5. My wee character saw a spider last night and fainted!! My town will be open in a sec if anyone would like some apples, I'll be back and forth to 3ds, so if I don't interact I'm not ignoring you!
  6. Mine won't connect to the internet now even though the 3ds itself is showing up as connected. Oh well, at least it's looking like I'll win the bug off!
  7. I got one too, but I am having a real moment of "I can't give it to him, he'll eat it, and what if I never find another one?! I should give it to the museum....but what about the prize?!"
  8. hit them with your shovel, it just bounces off most it seems, but sometimes, one might smash
  9. I got a sapphire by smashing a rock, now attempting to smash all rocks.
  10. How long does it take for fruit to grow back? It's been 24hrs and mine still isn't back!
  11. I get error code 018-0512, anyone have the same problem and/or know how to fix it?
  12. added! added! I got all excited when I opened the gates to my town, but when someone tried to visit, it crashed! Hope it doesn't keep happening, I want visitors!
  13. This is going to be my first Animal Crossing game and the more I read this thread the more excited I get!
  14. gilly

    Nintendo 3DS

    Added you and Epcotman!
  15. Haven't spoke to him in months, he's irrelevant to my life, but he seems to like to snark at me online. Personally, I'm not interested!
  16. Saw on twitter that Play have the Wizard edition in stock, didn't follow the link, but might be worth checking out
  17. Also like Resident Evil: Revelations, think someone from here recommended it in another thread. Has anyone played Golden Sun: Dark Dawn? It showed up in my amazon recommendations and I'm intrigued.
  18. Chrono Trigger and the Phoenix Wright games, Metroid Prime Hunters and Yoshi's Island. Love them.
  19. I watched this without having a clue about it, and really enjoyed it. Although like tssk, it left me feeling pretty...pensive. It's been quite a while since watching a film left me with that feeling.
  20. gilly

    Nintendo 3DS

    Am I the only person who gets quite excited when they get a streetpass? It may be tragic, but I get excited. Also, letters. Send more letters people.
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