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  1. I am so excited for this game, and have just been told it's going to be my bday pressie
  2. When I started watching AT I just thought it was a cool, funny show, but the more I watch it...it deals with such big issues! Love it.
  3. Made celeriac chips tonight, mixed them in olive oil, paprika, turmeric, garam masala and a wee bit of salt. They were so good! This paleo thing, I like it.
  4. Thank you, will have to give the squash a try this weekend
  5. I have a question, if you allow dairy, how do you thicken something like a cheese sauce? I made some earlier in the week and tried using coconut flour and while it did thicken, the texture wasn't right. I'm not keen to use xanthan gum because of it's tendency to go gooey if you add a little too much. Any ideas?
  6. gilly


    Shwarma is so good...mmmm, I want a shwarma breakfast now
  7. I love Civ V, never played any of the others, and I'm not entirely sure what my plan is - I seem to be taking over though, is that actually a good thing or will it just make the remaining empires mad enough to join together and fight me?
  8. Why not make your own granola at home? It's easy to make, much cheaper than buying it, healthy and you control the amount of sugar and the extras that you want in it. Can you make smoothies and bring them in with you, they're another good way to get a protein filled start and they're pretty hassle free.
  9. I have a question which may well be silly, but I'll ask anyway...
  10. I loved it, I'd like to see it again. And HULK SMASH. That is all.
  11. I started playing this game a couple of days ago. I love it. It scares the life out of me, and I keep playing it at night in the dark with the sound right up, and it's great. The only problem is that I scare myself so much I play it in little bits at a time It's my first horror game (playing Resi Revelations demo got me intrigued) but it's so atmospheric it completely sucks me in. It's probably a silly question, but when you start the game there's an option to play as Justine - is that just the game through the eyes of another character?
  12. aren't the controls quite annoying?
  13. Tales arrived in the post today, I'm excited But...I want to finish OoT first which will most likely take me ages. Currently have a girl crush on the Gerudo, and the music there makes me feel like Zoro
  14. I'm really slow, so it will probably take me longer, but I like the sound of that, as soon as I can justify another game, I'll get it. Thanks
  15. How long is Resi Revelations, roughly? I played the demo, it was my first time playing any resi game but I liked it (despite jumping violently a couple of times), debating getting the full version...
  16. Whoever recommended I play Resident Evil: Revelations - thank you, I downloaded the demo and realised it's my first horror game. It's great
  17. I was in Game earlier today and picked up a copy of Nier for PS3, noticed a few people on here looking for a copy and I've got plenty of games to keep me busy, so if anyone would like it just send me a message
  18. I haven't had my 3ds long, but for the first few days I was constantly adjusting the slider because I found if I moved it, even slightly, I'd see double of some things, or just couldn't see properly. My eyes seem to have adjusted to it now though...
  19. You know I don't like borrowing stuff, I'm such a klutz something is bound to go wrong and then I'll feel terrible! Now quit exposing the forum to my weirdness.
  20. All I know is that if you bought a 3ds early, it was one of the games you could get as a freebie...I didn't buy it early though, so not sure if I can get it. But I *want* it. I love Yoshi.
  21. This might be a really daft question, but I can't find Yoshi's Island on the e-shop, I know it was one of the freebies for people who bought the 3ds early...is it not available on the shop?
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