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  1. I can't even draw stick people, everyone I've added so far draws all these amazing things - loving it though! I miss streetpass hits - disadvantage of living in the middle of nowhere
  2. Would anyone mind friending me, I live in the middle of nowhere, and I already miss getting streetpasses and puzzle pieces
  3. His gaming collection is his redeeming feature
  4. Quit making me sound like an idiotic puppy!
  5. But I'm not his housemate either! Edit: I'm actually quite chuffed that you called me a gamer, I feel like I belong here now
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions, Ghost Recon seems interesting and it's quite cheap so I'll try to pick up a copy of that. I'm so slow it'll probably take me ages to finish OOT though. I completed the first boss today and felt ridiculously proud of myself - the first time I played Zelda (phantom hourglass - my first ds game) I was clueless - nothing was intuitive to me, and now I finally have a vague idea of what I'm doing! The skulltulas genuinely make me shudder though
  7. I shall add it to my wishlist, I've never played other people online...I can picture it being very frustrating for the other person though.
  8. I forgot about that. Please don't judge me, I was completely gaming deprived throughout my childhood, it's making me slightly obsessive about certain things now
  9. I'll trust you to remind me of this when they're released
  10. Thanks everyone, suggested games have been added to my wishlist until I can buy them
  11. I'm a bit of a newbie gamer, but I love rpgs. Chrono Trigger is my absolute favourite game!
  12. Any game recommendations for a 3ds newbie? I have OOT which I'm loving, and I'd like to get the hang of street fighter - first time I tried it I had no idea what I was doing, so I just mashed buttons furiously. I got KO'd, decided it was not a great game, then I managed to win a fight and decided I actually want to know how to play...easily swayed apparently!
  13. I just got a 3ds as a bday pressie and I'm about to play Zelda - I'm quite excited and chuffed
  14. It all looks so good! And the cherry and almond tart just looks so perfect! Any chance of the recipe for the Arancini, I've never heard of it before, but it's making my mouth water!
  15. Really? You think the green one is nice, but the white and blue one is a shocker? :|
  16. I was going to mention Arachnophobia! For some reason when I was younger (alright, not that young...13) I saw it in the tv listings for about 2am, and described as horror. For some reason, despite being scared of spiders, I thought that it would be corny and amusing, so I watched it. The scene with the girl in the shower and the spider creeping towards her - ahhhhhh!! Once it was over I went upstairs feeling like spiders were lurking everywhere, opened the door of my room, and something flew into my face - I screamed, convinced it was a spider..it was a moth. But then I noticed a cobweb...I slept in the spare bedroom that night and pulled my room apart the next day to make sure there were no spiders hiding out in it
  17. Yes!! I suddenly feel compelled to find episodes and watch it...although it'll probably seem incredibly corny now!
  18. Not a film, but does anyone remember that show 'Strange but True?' Between that and watching X Files with my big brother I think I was convinced that aliens and monsters were real...
  19. lying in bed, innocently scrolling down and see that pic - aghr!! I hate clowns
  20. This is one of those films that I like a little bit more every time I watch it.
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