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  1. Oh dear god, I checked mine, I did not need to know that. Large portions of it are totally spent afk cooking dinner and things, no, honest...
  2. Sssssssh, I'm hiding! No worries though, Happy to fill a spot again to help if needed, watching new people on the jumping parts of the raid is always entertaining
  3. Vex Harpy's gain Arc shields at higher levels, as do Hive Knights, ontop of the Fallen captains who have them anyways.
  4. Myself and 4 non-forumite mates are up for trying the raid on Saturday Afternoon/Evening if any other Xboners feels like coming along and being our sixth? !WARNING! We've not watched any videos/read any tactics as we want to work it out for ourselves, more fun that way! So if you fancy many many deaths and probably not much progress or loot, join us! We have 4 lvl 28's and a 27, 3 Titans, A Warlock and a Hunter. So yeah, shout up if you want to come die!
  5. Added myself as well, often playing with mates but happy to help out forumites with strikes/bounties/crucible funs whatever when I can.
  6. Tonight was a good night, Queen's Bounty stuff for turning into shards to upgrade my gear, which is good. Tried the Weekly Nightfall Strike as well, Failed on the boss the first time, god damn Minotaurs. Second time we epic failed in basically the first room, Third times a charm though! There was much rejoicing and dancing on the bosses corpse and then the end of mission screen appeared, cue stunned silence and then much shouting and cheering! and I got started on a second Exotic Bounty! Smug mode well and truly engaged, then I handed a shit load of Engrams to the Cryptarch and he reminded me who the boss is
  7. Bumped from a few pages back
  8. By the Speaker/crap selection of Armour Shader lady.
  9. For all the Titans - The helm seems to be Amazing, it gives you Two of the Talent tree abilities that boost "Fist of Havoc" by default, so you can pick others, free talents ftw! (Death from Above & headstrong btw)
  10. Xur is back! (Though he's down by the speaker today) 13 Coin class armours: Warlock gloves "Sunbreakers" (Same as last week boo hiss) Hunter Chest "Lucky Raspberry" Titan Helm called "Helm of Inmost Light" 17 Coin weapon Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher 23 Motes of Light Random chest Engram Material Exchange 2k Glimmer / 77Spinmetal / 77 Spirit Bloom - Not tested what this gets you yet
  11. I assume this has been said elsewhere as well but when you go to select your alternate subclass, the fact there is an empty square there for a third spec, combined with the fact that each spec follows the same damage types as the guns (Titans get Arc/Void, Hunters get Solar/Arc, Warlocks get Void/Solar) when do you think we'll get our third specs of the missing type for each class?
  12. The Cryptarch guy gives you 2-3 free blue or purple Engrams when you hit reputation level 3 (and every level after it seems as I have him to 5) and as your money (Glimmer) caps at 25000 and is easy to get/not used for much don't be shy in buying Engrams from him when he has green quality ones, it gets you rep with him, can get you blues and some weapon parts or whatever from disassemble.
  13. Don't rely on world drops (Though there is a place on Mars with a stupid spawn rate of chests if you want to go down that route, I can try and explain where if anyone cares) play the random strike play lists you get 1 guaranteed blue item but often 2 per one you do, plus any drops you find while playing them, plus, you know, they are fun
  14. Once you hit 20 you can play all the missions from the normal map selection at various levels up to 28, you have the strike play lists that go up to lvl 24, the random daily mission lvl 20, weekly strike lvl 22, weekly nightfall strike lvl28. The strange vendor on Saturdays sells some stuff for coins and some for motes of light. At level 20 "mouse over" your level, the xp still counts it earns you motes of light in the background, it also levels your gear up. Myself and two friends should be hitting 26 very soon, maybe tonight, incase anyone wants to go die horribly in the raid
  15. "Announced" 13th and pre orders go live, out 20th. UK wise at least it's more expensive, was £60 before this one is £75.
  16. Yeah,it is happening, it is next week, it is the same as before and it is a limited single batch again afaik, don't know my numbers yet so not sure if it's a bigger/smaller/same size print run as last time.
  17. I had been thinking something like this over the weekend but I thought I saw something (Earlier this thread?) about a Dev saying that was a bug? Shame if it was, the idea of having to help others to regain your humanity is kind of an interesting take on the state of a lot of online gaming these days imo Test - I have died once, sitting by my summon sign at the first boss now... Done, am now human again! May now go die twice and try again... For Science!
  18. I'm pushing through the Campaign on Hard on co-op with a friend (and sometimes a third) but am always happy to play some more EDF with others if they want. I am more likely to blow myself up experimenting with new weapons than I am anyone else, that's a good thing yeah? I seem to have a habit of sidestepping past lamp posts or something as I fire rockets On another note is there a way of turning off the weapon level limits in MP? Do you have to finish the campaign first or?
  19. Quick question, 360 wise, anyone know if it's worth installing to the HDD to help with load times or w/e?
  20. Yeah, I think so but it feels so cheap and the repair cinematic makes no sense then! Yeah those ships are not jokes, also they "clear" the seas around them when you engage it seems, so you can't do it with them.
  21. There is a crazy trick to ship combat, which kinda ruins it, so much so that I will put it in spoiler tags, read at risk to your own fun! That may have been posted earlier but yeah, kinda daft, I tried to avoid doing it where ever possible.
  22. I found the collectables made me want to get them all this time round as well, I wonder how much that was due to it being a Pirate game and so collecting all the treasure is a core part of that image? Where as collecting Eagle feathers as a poncy (but awesome!) Italian Assassin was a bit... odd? Then again there isn't such an established frame of reference for that setting?
  23. A possibly odd question (may have been covered earlier in the thread but I can't see it, sorry if it has been) I only really play rush but this may happen on other game modes - The commander drops the class change/ammo box thing *on* the rush capture point thus meaning his team can't defuse/plant (depending on which way your going) the bomb as it's the same button and the box seems to take priority. Is this people just trying to provide some cover or are they just being standard internet dicks?
  24. I used to just have it running on the "Push Start" screen on the TV while I played on my PC. I loved the music/title sequence so much that it not being there really put me off Dark Arisen, which is possibly one of the daftest reasons to not like a game ever
  25. It's the NEW Microsoft, Every employee must give out different information! Or Something...
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