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  1. Did you turn off sharing of the Mii's while changing your shirt colour to yellow/blue/white to help people on the quest? (No idea if thats actually what that sharing option does?) As far as I can tell with experimenting with friends (Not like that... ) It *seems* to reset every six hours. Midnight 6am Midday 6pm I've had streetpass hits from someone I've had one from already just after these times, But seems to have some kind of 1-2 hour internal cooldown on each person and is possibly capped at 2 per 24 hour period. Doing more tests daily to try and Pin it down exactly but then I feel that may somehow forever ruin the joy of the little green light.
  2. Registered mine on the wednesday and no Email
  3. Kingmaker? I am Winning! *plague in York, everyone dies* I am Losing! It might be a different town, but thats the game
  4. Its kinda odd how they train their staff to do that. With kids/Grand parent types fair enough chances are they may need help. With a 20-50 year old just ask if they need help, people in looking for themselves can say "ta but leave me alone" and parents can go "Cheers" and wave the birthday list or whatever at them. I guess the just have a blanket policy to keep it simple for the staff as they can't be trusted to be clever enough to use their own judgement on if customers need help at all or not. Or maybe they just prey on the weak ones and so you have to go in looking angry, in a mood to punch stuff and not make eye contact then you will be left alone
  5. GW have used shit pots for a few years which is a big cause. Their New/current ones are fine, the previous ones sucked, the ones before that sucked, the ones before that... were good. Literally after a 10 year cycle of shittier paint pots they are back to the same kinda style/feel lids now as they had back then *sigh* I'd like to think this is in part due to feedback i've given to their Reps but I am pretty sure that'd require them to have a clue and listen. My current GW rep told me how he doesn't like the new Grey Knights codex as its daft and out of character to have inquisitors working with the Grey Knights... I assumed he was joking and went all sarcastic along with him, he wasn't and didn't seem to like me taking the piss out of him Not sure if this is better or worse than their other main type of rep the over enthusiastic annoying git. erm, end of GW Rant. But yeah Vallejo are good and basicly produce all the GW colours (not sure if they do the ones GW have discontinued, if so that'd be kinda useful)
  6. Hmm, without wanting to step on any toes... Having a clear out, a few WoW TCG loot card codes that can go to a good home (I'm never gonna use them all...) 11 x Footsteps of illidan 11 x Pet Biscuits 13 x slashdance (Party grenade iirc) 11 x Tiny 16 x Sandbox Tiger 7 x Path of Cenarius 11 x Paint Bomb 8 x Landro's Lil'XT 1 x Paper Airplane 1 x Goblin Gumbo Jesus, I kept finding more! But yeah if people are interested shout up, I'd only accept WoW golds not real moneys, but its unlikely anyone would have toons on my Realm I guess but I'd be happier they are used than just sitting here, I have enough TCG shit clogging up my bags! Just PM if interested, No being greedy and demanding all 16 Tigers though
  7. Thats really some impressive stuff, I am just considering a 2nd storey for my sandcastle at the moment after re-building it after my "Under mining my own castle built out of sand on sand" disaster and I thought it was looking pretty cool. It looks shit now. Once I have finished making my first spawn point base safe, I feel I have to build some kinda huge impressive structure asap to... validate my world!
  8. I've not tried it yet but I assume its easy and you are just having issues as you don't understand how pokemon games work Frost *cough* The gyms certainly could have been nasty but the new way you get xp makes changing your team around/lvling up more than 6 as you go through to cover all your bases alot easier. I think some things have been tweaked from the older games the rate of wild encounters in this can get quite annoying at times, having a pokemon in the first slot of much higher lvl than the area doesn't seem to lower the rate like I it swear it used to either.
  9. That Yogcast video is...insane. After my world eating Hard drive fail, I finally found a new world I like enough to start on fresh, Gargamel was cool but I wanted a world that was mine. Went through trying various strings and ended up using my landline/mobile number as one long string and it created some kinda awesome world. Its very like Gargamel with huge valleys and mountains and things, but you spawn in a huge desert valley with an ocean to the South (well I call it South!) Grass valleys north and Snow beyond that. I built my first safehouse, a cool sandcastle on a hill in the starting valley and then explored a bit and started some mining for stone just "north" of my Castle... But see you can get a bit confused underground and I may have ended up digging south back under the desert and my sandcastle... This didn't go so well. Going to use Sandstone to rebuild the castle with once I have dug out my chests of materials and tools and such... *sigh*
  10. Not the blue one no! Its like the DSiXL, the bottom half is all burnish metal colour and the outside of the top is a silver to black fade across is. it looked plain black in all the promo stuff, although they mostly showed off the blue one. and yeah, Seeing is believing, during set up it brings up the Nintendo 3DS logo and then goes "We will now test the 3D" and then right before your eyes it changes and its just... 3D. It proper fucked my head up and my eyes hurt when it actually switched but if you blink/look away and back at it once it is 3D its fine. Then again I don't have perfect vision by a long shot so... just glad I can see it in 3D!
  11. 3DS first impression... Its not actually Black, which suprised me!
  12. Aye and it was stupid and annoying then as well!
  13. Alot of people, me included have had fun with Shogun 2 and convincing it to actually instal off the discs and not download the whole fecking 16gig from Steam. When you first try and instal it after entering the code and registering it seems to launch steam, stop installing and just start the whole download. If this happens to you tell the download to feck off (pause it) right click Shogun 2, delete local game content and close Steam. Run the Setup.exe thats found on disc 1 (edject and re-insert the disc for lazy autoplay version of this step!) and then install again and this second time it actually does it from the discs. Stupid game/steam grrrr.
  14. A sneaky basicly never posting lurker I may be but I felt the need to post something where others will understand the pain... I learnt my lesson with Minecraft, I keep a save game back up, elsewhere on the same hard drive... See where this is going. Drive boom... Many hours and hours of re-installing and what not on a new drive, shiny fresh new windows install, all my new fangled games, Dawn of War, WoW, (Shogun 2 soon!) and all I care about is the lack of that tiny little few meg file that held so much of my imagination and time (mostly spend doing shit I didn't actually mean to, but you know how it is) and I have nothing left, not even 1 screen shot. Bah Humbug. Might fiddle with the seed thing for my next world, anyone found any decent words to try yet? Oh and gonna usb stick the fucker this time, yey for free tat with games (forza 3!).
  15. Mordor! My "grand plan" for single player was Mordor before I realised how much obsidian I'd need so I scrapped it, I have done rather alot of planning for it though and Have some Awesome (I reserve the right to ignore you when you tell me they suck) ideas for some of the bits of Mordor though if you want to know them! Whatever though I'd be more than happy to help you build it.
  16. Using the tool to fix the HD Textures, if trying to use a 512 one its not there as an option, does just picking 256 work or?
  17. If he can take that much of a beating just getting dressed in the morning...wtf are we gonna do to him? Oh and wtb some kinda quest for all tanks to do to be "able" to take a hit from him. Tanking him normally would be a bit dumb... but then again I wonder how many hits from Frostmourne I've taken while tanking the LK...hmm.
  18. Tried that but you can't actually pick up/drop leaves in Single Player, unless I'm missing something. My current plan involves single blocks of dirt on top of trunks with fresh tree's growing out of them, but its a bit...odd.
  19. Quick question as my current efforts are failing. Anyone got any tips for growing the 'worlds biggest tree' so that I can build myself a treehouse?
  20. Cheers the help on the save games, having gone back to check I blame the stupid so tiny I missed it "search non-indexed files as well" tick box *sigh* Much more fun when not worrying about losing my whole world! Nevermind my "new" world is far more interesting anyways a huge mountain with a sheer side right at my spawn with water and lava! So I have been busy constructing a castle right atop the peak that scrapes the sky, next stop the depths of the world! Then once I have a decent variety of materials I might try and decorate the massive clean sheer side of my mountain fortress with a big picture! I have a plan I am drawing up for a rather larger project but its getting a bit out of hand, trying to work out the exact scaling and how much space I'd need and I think it would end up being around 5000 x 5000 Blocks ish... Which is frankly mind bogglingly crazy. So I may abandon the whole project and just build one part of it.
  21. oooh first proper post after to many years of lurking, Hurrah! *bows* For a Java game... go figure. This might be a dumb question but any way to back up Minecraft World Saves? As in Singleplayer ones. Having lost 2 worlds and however many hours work now to pc crashes (blah blah, fix the pc issues...meh!) I want to hurt something/someone.
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