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  1. I may have only released your pawn and not rested after ...so it might not have done it, rested now, So check again
  2. Grimlock, did a search by friends to find him, so must have been the right one and certainly looked like the one from your picture earlier in the thread. Just gve him some new equipment and I think a goblin horn, as I am easily amused. On resting in an inn you should have got/should get a message saying words to the effect of "The guy who took your dude gave him new shit, use that or put him back to what you had him wear?" and whatever you pick the gear he then doesn't use will be dumped in your stash. If you did that without noticing you should have some new chainmail style armour bits for him and a new sword and shield as well if you have a look in the stash Sometimes it can take a little while for stuff to come through, so hopefully it'll be there.
  3. I was in the rift thing swapping out pawns and did the friend search, Grimlock looked a bit.. underdressed, so I hired him quickly and sent him back with some bits of spare doubled up equipment I had (yeah I am one of those "keep one of everything" types, hush) So he should have come back by now with some nice presents, though they may have all gone straight to your stash.
  4. That, tried it with a mate, seems thats how it works. I only hire people that wear sensible outfits that look good and practical (as much as can be expected from armour styles in a game anyways) for their role and reward them accordingly, more so if they have a proper name! Well, apart from that one mage I saw dressed like a prostitue, hired her and send her straight back with some shackles.
  5. If you equip them differently the other person can choose to stay as is or use the equip setup you gave them, either way whats not used they get as a gift, afaik anyways
  6. Yeah I found that on the way in while jumping out of my skin at any moving shadows (mostly of tree's blowing in the wind...) at night Long as any gifts that come back with my Pawn aren't rotten I don't mind! Some random people use her for long enough that I get 10-20k RC's from them or something and they send you nothing or something rotten grrrr, some people are nice though. I sometimes equip pawns with an upgrade before sending them back, and then usually with a health potion or something useful. Exploring in this game though, It's just so fun and not at all stressful or scary...
  7. So yeeeeah... Just finished a quest, early game pre-first go at Everfall notice board quest but still... You have some proper adventures in this game don't you I also finally got a question from sitting my pawn in the Naughty Chair about her combat looting habits, so that's sorted now as well!
  8. I tried the potions but they only seemed to change her secondary behaviour? Do the potions adjust those behaviour bars for like +5 or w/e that you see at the start during creation and then never again? Are they hidden away and basicly the highest 2 are her primary and secondary inclinations? I've tried working it out and I am not sure. I am now more ashamed than annoyed by her loot whoring ways if she has picked up the habit from me! The Naughty chair is (I think) in every inn, you sit the pawn down and get 2-4 random questions from them about their behavour and can adjust stuff a bit. It's mostly if you want them to be an arrogant git or not.
  9. Totally loving this at the moment but I have a slight Pawn issue - My main pawn, Lydia the Sword & Shield bodyguard type (not at all based on anything from Skyrim...) has at some point for some reason changed her primary inclination to Acquisitor, So mid fight she is legging it around picking up loot. I mean she still rushes to help others if they get in trouble but it is a bit annoying. Any idea why she has done this? Is it because as a strider at the end of a fight as the pawns are cleaning up the last stragglers I begin looting and she has learnt from me? I've sat her in the "naughty chair" thing to have words with her many times but I never get a question relating to her loot tendancies. I may have to resort to a rolled up newspaper! Right, back to trying to deal with those bandits down south!
  10. From the spawn... 1. Swim up!!! 2. Swim towards the setting sun 3. Follow the torches through the little cave 4. Taa da! Co-ords are for boring people (yes I use them as well)
  11. I came on, I explored a bit...I totally failed at managing to move items round in my inv any more so I couldn't craft anything...I died a little inside and logged off again. Seriously, How stupid was I being? left or right click just swapped items from my "main" inv to my quick bar, nothing would pick them up so i could arrange it/slap it in the crafting window. I am going off feeling puzzled to play something else for a bit *Edit* works fine in SP, meh must have been random wierdness oh well!
  12. I am so gonna be sucked back into this... Oh well! New PC recently and this was one thing that hadn't been re-installed yet (I know, cause it takes so long right?) but it now is and OMG, the Jungle type huge trees with vines and things are awesome! Slapping in something in the random seed I have a really cool one with a huge jungle hilly area with desert and snow within sight but this leads me to a couple of questions - Can the vines be 'harvested' or w/e so they can be placed down by hand as they look cooler than ladders? Do they re-grow naturally like trees? Are there sapling types for the new 'big' 4 block trunk size jungle trees? I was kinda holding off for the Xbox release and then maybe gonna play on that one but... Gah, I am so gonna be back on this all evening
  13. Crap, kinda feared that answer... Oh well as the wrapping seems to have somehow come off a copy while I was looking at it, I guess I have to buy this now...
  14. Q: I saw someone mention the Civilization board game in the 100 games to play thread, I've been tempted by this for ages and as I am currently playing alot of Civ 5 it's getting worse. Just wondering which is better, the old version from 2004 or so, or the newer one that came out 2010? From what I remember of the old one it looked quite different so if it was much better I'd rather try and get that one.
  15. Oh look, it just passed another milestone amount, wonder how that happened... I think you'll have to arrange some sort of meet up/ tournament for forum people for this once it gets released to celebrate!
  16. I've fallen into a trap I often do, of doing a bit much co-op helping others do a boss and now I have so many humanity I am affraid to do anything apart from get summoned to others worlds because I know it's a case of *when* I fuck up and lose it all and not if... So I keep going and get even more... *sigh* Oh well, I guess I'll hang around Sen's a bit longer helping people kill the big Golem!
  17. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/04/20/hands-on-heart-dark-souls/ Aww man... sorry Witcher 2, I am going to have to go back to Dark Souls again tonight after reading that!
  18. Yeah, you want the lists to be friendly and not competitive...if that makes sense? Hence not doing "Best" type thing.
  19. Don't phrase it as "best" Do.... "100 games to play before you die" or something, Board/card/other games are to broad to pick out right bestest ones. Then I'd say divide it up into 10 different sections and do like "10 classic games" "10 Card games" Rubbish suggestions I know but you get the idea. I prefer lists like that as the stalwart type gamers can see new things that they might not have played without going "This guy didn't pick game X!" or OMG X isn't better than Y" and the sub dividing helps new people not be as intimidated. *edit* Yeah Categories like that
  20. Done, Done and Done! Well, when I walk past the post office on the way back to work anyways, enjoy. *edit* Sent and with no queue, Hurray!
  21. It's generally unavoidable in 3 player games sadly, though not as bad in Stratego as in some others
  22. 4 player is quite good, 3 player always ends up with one person getting picked on. That's what I found anyways
  23. Regarding Stratego 3...you might have been joking but my version of Stratego 4 has the 3 player version on the back of the same board
  24. No worries, just send me PM's and will sort cards out I manage a games shop yeah, currently building up some more board/card games into my collection before I start doing a dedicated games night again as we have enough people interested to start it back up. Sadly this is down in the southlands miles away from most of you lot it seems. As I said I've been lurking here reading peoples opinions, feedback and maybe listening to someones podcast *cough* for ages so am happy to send a few of these out to regulars who are going to get use out of them as a mark of appreciation
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