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  1. Back up as far as Sen's Fortress on my new play through, I *love* this place, currently just sat at the boss door getting summoned alot for some nice easy souls to upgrade some stuff (damn me and my constant "oooh shiny" desire to keep changing weapons/armour!). well, apart from that last one where the guy ...that was a bit interesting
  2. No worries, got 10 or something through to give away to advertise the game but I'd rather give them to people who buy the game/already have it so they will actually get used. I've been lurking around reading here for so long for ideas on games to buy or to stock and what not I figured I'd take the chance to offer up something in return So yeah chuck me a PM as well!
  3. Send us a PM if you want one and I shall weave some magics. My first go the file was huge, so I took a low res crappy one. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it
  4. This is the one, if it isn't a standard one in the game let me know and will get one to you somehow *edit* Le sigh, if you can read sideways... whoops
  5. Bah, I think I will have to add this to my big pile of aquired but (sadly) as yet unplayed games, it was looking good and that description has tipped me over the edge. If yourself or anyone else who has it/is getting it is interested I have a stack of promo cards for it that came through, seems to just be a bonus card that may not be in the main game as a little extra, although you may have one already as I think all stores who pre-ordered copies got some through. I'll try and stick up a picture of it to check...
  6. ...... Blight town - Right, time to go and try and get my body back, rush, fuck it up and lose 11 Humanity and 25k Souls... and I still love the game
  7. I stopped at the Capra on the way past to do some summons and help some people, made me feel good Once you have a 100% Physical Def shield and enough stamina to actually take a hit off him you're set, just a matter of getting his dogs dead first. I did it on my first character Solo and was a real Fuck yeah! moment. I've got down to the gaping dragon now and am hanging around to help some more people, not putting off heading to blight town at all...no...
  8. Brain 1 - 0 Old Age Hurrah! *Edit* Oh gods, based on a weapon I have, I've done the depths... I guess that means I know where I am going next...
  9. Yeah it was more to clean up my inv than anything else, I think I remember now where I can sell them, That's after ringing both bells?
  10. It's been a while but I am back on Dark Souls now but have a couple of questions due to brain fail - Extra items I don't need/want Like my masses of Hollow soldier armour, can I sell that anywhere? I really can't remember, Sure I didn't use to have this problem but I don't think I was just dropping it all on the floor. I don't know if it is just all the NG+ people or due to me fixing my stupid Xbox NAT issues but there is a heck of alot more summoning going on than I remember. I'm just sat at the church constantly being summoned to fight the gargoyles, I would head off to carry on where I got to if I could remember where I *had* got to on this character... *edit* Yeah that was only one question about items... I got interupted by a summon and can't remember what else I wanted to ask, oh well
  11. After reading about it earlier in the thread I am now set on killing Havel via Parrying, this is not doing good things to my heart rate or stress levels on what should be a nice relaxing day. But I *will* manage it oh yes...when is just escaping me atm...
  12. Endemion

    Mass Effect 3

    Ending Spoilers Though on that note... Meh *shrug*
  13. Endemion

    Mass Effect 3

    jesus there are alot of spoiler tags in here I have to resist clicking on! As I have finally after 2 years or so fixed my rubbish moderate/strict NAT issue (due to being lazy mostly) I am happy advertise myself as available for multiplayer gaming without risking buggering up Party chats and stuff, Huzzah! Been playing this 50/50 SP/MP since it came out and loving the MP, If people want another person to avoid playing with randoms (not that you know me...) drop me a message,(Xbox) Gamertag same as forum name (Endemion) available most nights, happy to play any difficulty although not tried gold yet as silver seems a fairly good balance of fun+challenge at the moment.
  14. Endemion

    Mass Effect 3

    I'll resist the urge to post pictures but the wait for this just got alot harder as my strategy guide stock just turned up and the normal ones are unsealed... I'll need a serious willpower boost to not cirack and have a peek before the game itself turns up
  15. Endemion

    Mass Effect 3

    Heads up for anyone who missed re-ordering their collector's editions after GAMEgate or never got one in the first place, indies and possibly other places should be getting some stock as well now, Just had the call that we're getting some. So I will get one after all! If you start harassing shops now they might not know yet as they are calling round now letting places know but at least you'll be first in line.
  16. In the campaign when you get to - Not a major spoiler at all but still just incase.
  17. *sigh* "You can't connect cause your internet things someone else's internet said something about its mum" or words to that effect. Off to threaten the router that I'll make the cat piss on it.
  18. Gamertag as Forum name Cheers!
  19. Any people around on this Tonight? Ended up at a loose end and really want to try my hand at the online side to see just how bad I really am
  20. They can be a pain, check your shields/armour for better Lightning resist stuff. Also...
  21. I'd like to get in some races on this with some other sensible or at least well behaved people but I have a feeling I'd be plodding round at the back like a sunday driver while you are all off racing. If you got space and that wouldn't be an issue or if there are other rubbish drivers like me so I wouldn't be alone at the back that'd be cool. I am currently forcing myself to use in car view to get better (and it's a far cooler) and to stop me thinking I am playing burnout and trying to takedown people into barriers
  22. Sitting up the top of those steps admiring the view won't improve your gear, get down and get stuck in! They aren't really that bad, that and you want to get practice in to get good at fighting them...
  23. I really loved Sen's fortress and that boss, I hung around there ages helping people out. With regards your spoiler:
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