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  1. No idea about Thief, but the "class" you start with is only a vague set of starting stat levels, you can do what you want with any class really (though you need certain vendors to buy spells etc from). The Massive scary demon up the tower on the battlements should be your first target really. As your a tiny skinny runt with a little pokey stick (I assume) I'd try... Hope it helps.
  2. yeah but he can't even get to him yet can he? Oh...Master key? Haha, that items more of a curse than a benefit for new players then if it lets you think you can go that way
  3. Capra one shotted on my new Pyro, Thanks in part to sacrifice of a kindly summoned dude. So much easier when I know what to do and know he can die. Off to Firelink to rest and then back and into the depths, Tra la laaa la laa...straight out of the viaduct/sewer and off the egde...
  4. Leave the black knight for now he's a "one off" enemy and you can come back to him. The battlements boss there are a few ways, what class did you start as? and the Rock Demon? erm, not sure what you mean by that one?
  5. Took me a while to work out what was going on there, Summoned by the same person into the Parish right by the Bonfire/Blacksmith entrance. First time, got the black knight and died to the Sorceror, second time got him and died to Gargoyles, third time got the gargoyles. Why was that so hard ignoring the fact the other guy just didn't heal with flasks, when he or I needed it (he died first both the fail goes!). Then I thought about the equipment and spells he'd used, I think that was a NG+ go i got summoned into. Kinda harsh as I am only lvl 20 with noob starting gear still really. Would it really have done that to me?
  6. Good I'm not being a total idiot with the build I am doing on my Pyro, he is going to be some kind of crazy do or die (and die and die some more) glass cannon type Boo, helped like 4 or 5 people kill the Gsrgoyle last night with maybe 5 minutes or so wait each time. Sat here for over half an hour now while eating my dinner and nothing, can see lots and lots of ghosts running around and plenty of blood splats appearing all over. Maybe they all just trying to solo it
  7. Yep! Some of the views around the Burg are amazing, more so when you know you can get to all those places. The first time I came in through the darkroot basin door was a ... ... ... as I died, got annoyed, realised what had killed me, where I'd seen it before and where that meant I was. The first view of Anor Londo as well was properly amazing, looking at it for a while and then seeing all the messages fading in on the floor around me and knowing they would all say "Gorgeous view". Anyways, Quick Pyro question - When i rescue the pyro vendor guy, the Pyro fist upgrade, that does boost all my pyro spells as well? Not just the shitty punch attack? The ammount of questions I am asking I should have just brought one of the guides home from work before we sold out
  8. Ah ha! Cool, Cheers. least i know I am not going mad, thought it had been mentioned waaaaaay earlier in the thread but it kind of moves a bit fast to remember how far back
  9. Dumb question, did people mention before about sticking the same spell in 2 different Attunement slots and ending up with twice the number and it stacking them sensibly? If so how do you do it? if not, why the hell did I imagine this? Cheers!
  10. Black Knight archers... *shakes fist* Apart from them, a fun (k)night in Anor Londo being summoned lots and lots
  11. Yes, I left the crazy spider covenant and still have the Chaos Fireball spell.
  12. and.... Promptly I beat him! That is an amazing view on that next bit...
  13. Sens fortress! I need help on the boss there as I appear to be a mong and unable to not die to him in a stupid fashion each go.
  14. Gah, I am currently sucking big time at the Boss in Sen's Fortress, it looks perfectly do able I just keep doing stupid things. Oh well, realised I have the more item drops ring from somehwere, so with that on ending up with loads of Titanite/Large titanite from the dudes around here so its not *that* annoying.
  15. Stupid questions time. How do you upgrade weapons with the boss souls? Is it the modify option at a certain Blacksmith?
  16. Yeah exactly, Talking about this! Fun no? Also
  17. Took the wind right out of my sails when I found that out. Oh... I now feel much less badass
  18. I found them fairly easy even with a guy invading me half way and proper scaring the crap out of me. If you buy the forest crest...
  19. Catacombs Whats next in the Catacombs then? oh I see
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