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  1. yeah it links you from the valley of the drakes straight back to your last bonfire! Well for me anyways, somewhere else first I think
  2. Nevermind I found the glaringly obvious shortcut after trying blight town and dying *sigh* I just realised whats been nagging at the back of my mind, I seem to have no music in the game anywhere. Any ideas?
  3. Oh gods My body is *somewhere* down in the depths, I was getting kinda lost but it was going ok until... Sigh...
  4. Aye when I saw one do that there was much swearing to be heard! About the knight guys -
  5. On 360 and lvl 22, just had a slight detour as I got itchy fingers and went exploring and found a hidden area and lvled up, now back to clearing out the green stone gits so i can sit by the door again
  6. Sitting on the stairs in front of the white light door to the annoying butterfly thing in the gardens as a human hoping to see a nice summoning mark appear on the floor, no luck yet
  7. Being a pessimist... I just see more hard to get/craft stuff to lose when I do something fucking stupid and die
  8. Yes and the game rewards you for it (in the score attack type campaign mode)
  9. The gears SE does have a lovely weight and feel to it, for anyone that owned it the case is very like the Forza 3 one, magneticly sealing but with an oddly tactile rubberish finish. One of the bonus codes you get is engraved/printed on the back of the cool CoG medal you can see in Moose's picture, which is nicer than a bit of paper.
  10. "New Mukville" Is built ontop of a *huge* abandoned mine and massive lava filled crevasse which myself and Nicky mostly explored tonight was a good laugh and we have a fair haul of materials to be brought back above ground now.
  11. Someone might have added it I guess, I don't mind. My mine entrance is hidden at the bottom of the lake just in front of the Lodge
  12. My lake retreat has a huge tunnel in the basement? Hmm I didn't build that... I might have to ignore my single player for a bit and pop back on for a quick look. Especially as its hinted the first part of 1.8 might be this thursday!
  13. T'is not until the 15th of November, Not quite next month sadly.
  14. Maybe less if Bethesda go all crazy medieval on his ass... Seriously?
  15. The bold bit, is that the flimsy reason why we will have to pay for it again?
  16. Is that App only on iPhone and not Android? Boo! I shall get the flames anyway? Yey! OCD for Game collectibles is indeed a terrible curse *sigh*
  17. Just finished playing for the night and a new Playlist message popped up. Seems anyone who plays at least 5 games of invasion over the next week will be eligible to play some super new special playlist with crazy credit bonuses after that. Someone else will probably come along ninja-quick and cut'n'paste the official thing, I have to go put the bins out as I just realised I forgot, bah.
  18. the new Flagstravaganza one only I think, but that and 2 or 3 others have their normal jackpots doubles as well, so your gonna get like 1000-6000 per game. *edit* Yeah that ^^^
  19. Crazy score weekend just started I just got a 21000 credit jackpot
  20. ah ha, It is on Android as well, cool. Nice little App
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