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  1. So, I just "helped" Kryptonian finish his weekly challenge then...
  2. WoW... Did a game on Swat there and got 28 of the kills! *Happy Dance* made a nice change
  3. Not seen the Halo CE info yet, Will it be stand alone single and Multi-player but in buying it you also get those maps for Reach if you have it? Or does the multi-player part of Halo CE need Reach?
  4. Hmm this weeks challenge (and in fact todays) are kind of simple. Todays 4 are just "Shoot people for 5100 credits" and the Weekly is get 1000 Kills in Multiplayer. Actually considering I generally only just make the 100 normal kills ones in the time I play in the evening that weekly one might elude me
  5. Grats on the Weekly! I'd be up for trying that if anyone else has the time to have a go
  6. I'm in a room! Wait that joke doesn't work that way round. Endemion < Add me if you want some games
  7. Jumping on Reach now to shoot me some Spartans for the rest of the night if anyone else is on shout up.
  8. Don't think I have seen them yet, Map packs suck for the very reason of splitting up the player base! Yeah I might have a change, just about to pip over from Commander Grade 3 to Colonel, so will take a peak at my new goodies then. At the moment trying to resist urge to buy grunt birthday party
  9. Hmm, Everytime I get a major rank up, I buy some cool new armour be it chest/shoulders/helmets etc and have a change around... But while i can happily jiggle around the shoulders and whatnot I find now that if I change my helmet/visor colour from what i picked quite early on my dude stops looking like...well, me. Anyone else have this, or am I actually slightly mad?
  10. Fun, its Another LASO one for the weekly challenge. Would be up for it if anyone has a space for me.
  11. Phew, you linked one of the games where I didn't have some god awful score! Cheers
  12. I played Reach a fair bit but then most people I know got bored(as they always do *sigh*) and moved to other things, I still play now and then but can get frustrating on your own especially on SWAT. I'd like to get back onto Reach though, so if there are people who still play regularly and have room on their friends lists/in their parties feel free to Add me, Gamertag is the same as my forum name. Ta
  13. erm...From looking at those pictures you might be a bit near the spawn, it locks areas of that as un-changeable I think but not sure how big.
  14. Build it under a Mob Spawner is the obvious answer! If you don't mind making an ugly structure as thats above ground you can make a huge unlit box over it. Or move it underground and do the afore mentioned huge unlit cavern above the water for stuff to spawn in. Or build a forest round it and sit in the middle and night and lure them in
  15. That made me laugh way to much for a typo thats not even a good pun.
  16. Might be worth a list of whitelisted people, Forum Names + Minecraft name style. All you people with different names, gets confusing pairing up conversations in game and this thread and who wants what and who has spare what etc.
  17. You Sir have been running West, as pointed out the map Alex posted is sensible in that the top is north. So your probably miles out past The Frontier town. No you spelt it horribly wrong! (May be a lie) No worries though I had it happen the other day where I was a section that was fine, but a full circle round that was gone, kinda scary stuff.
  18. Next time someone is on the server with some time to kill, can they go check out my little place. Something odd is going on and I don't know if its just my minecraft or not, I have an invisible fence... I can destroy it and replant as much as I want but a particular section of it is always invisible. Its odd and annoying and makes the place look daft! If anyone wants to have a look I am just north of the Frontier town its the stone temple place out in the lake (kinda obvious when you see it) and the issue is on the docks at the base. It should be symetrical so if the issue isnt immediately obvious, it must just be my end displaying it wrong for some reason. *edit* No this wasn't viral marketing for the B'n'B I run in the basement there! *edit 2* But that bit was
  19. Here, who snuck up my tower and built what I can only assume is a stone hammer on the top? Proper freaked me out walking out there and something being where there should be nothing! Meh, 8 free cobblestone
  20. I got a load of iron and...hmm not much but some gold as well. Not using it so can be used for railways if needed.
  21. Maybe he needed it to *torch* the museum? ... I'll get my coat. More seriously. No idea this wasn't literally the second he logged on again, not sure how long I sat watching going "Duh" as it burned in disbelief before rushing to see etc, but from I saw when he came on again he ran around and picked up all the stuff that dropped to the ground after the fire so it might be from that. And as my brain fart has expired I shall now post this pic as well, Things not fun to find while exploring at night, in the rain, in a thunderstorm.
  22. I was going by the insert image button... Theres that button attach thing button I have to scroll past to hit post, but why would I read that or think that would work? *edit* this was after I ran over to inspect the damage and he relogged onto the server, So I grabbed this SS and Alt-tabbed to here to post. By the time I got back he had gone and then Myself, vaya and I think 1 other found more and more trashed things.
  23. I have no photobucket or w/e to upload them to to then post here, but can email it if anyone wants it. *Edit* Erm, the screenshot of the goldensun guy that is.
  24. Better safe than sorry tbh. If you want your hill purging of greenery I can come on later and bring an axe or two and help chop
  25. I *may* have gone/be currently going slightly overboard with the fences/doors/torches around town to try and cut down on creeper related damage... If its to much or people want to re-route the fences better then feel free to change it.
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