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  1. I'd like in on the Whitelist to as well if possible username Endemion same as forum name.
  2. I find most of my iron in the "Surface caves" or whatever you want to refer to them as, but just the random holes and stuff you find around the place, have an nose around places like that generally nets you Coal+Iron
  3. Just mining to deep by the sounds of it, Iron can be found pretty near the surface.
  4. It may well be a Pc Vs Console thing? PC types used to a mouse its more about moving the cursor around the screen, Console types its more about "looking" around? Or at least what sort of games/platform you started with as yeah if you started on flight sims of some sort you may be happier with inverted as well.
  5. Surely one of the options being called "Normal" gives it away?
  6. It was clear skies when it happened, the only thing I actually saw burning was the museum and surrounding trees. As I said I had just placed the last doors/fences/torches at that corner to make the center of town safe and looked up to see that Then the goldensun guy logged off. I told the others who were on Vaya and I can't rememeber who else who started coming over, I went to see the and the guy logged back in where the museum had been. So I took and Screenshot and went to post on here. When I went back to minecraft the guy had gone again and it was when I turned to go back to town I could see the doors open where he had gone through town, I assume trashing the coloured wool building etc. Is it not possible to enclose the whole spawn in an Obsidian cube with a lava lake at the bottom (not sure how big the can't build zone is) and then only let out people that are wanted? Bit harsh but simple, but then doesn't cope with people who've already left the spawn I guess unless there is a way to reset that. *edit* Though yeah where there has been the odd single block etc gone, 1 square of wool from a roof type thing, it could have been something like that.
  7. Aye, its sad, just read about the pokemon centre. Thats alot of red flowers gone While having a look around for more shit a thunderstorm started over head, I am now Hiding on the roof of the forge with zombie pigman locked inside it as he seems to be impossible to kill. But yeah, even if stuff has to be rolled back a day or three its probably better than rebuilding whats gone.
  8. Fuck me, exploring for Damage with Vaya, footy pitch, the wool house thing in town, various wooden paths. Oh then I headed out to my little fort miles out of town to fetch wool to mend footy pitch and to get to mine you go past the frontier town... I nearly fucking cried
  9. First, Good news. I just finished a complete fence/wall (I hope) around the center of town, the fountain/general store etc and lighting up roofs and things to prefent spawning. The bad news. As I finished and turned round there was a huge fire raging in the distance. Turned out to be the museum and surrounding trees. As far as I could see it was started (on purpose or accident, no idea) by "goldensunawl" or at least he dc'd while it was raging and then logged back on 30 seconds or so later where it was. I grabbed a screenshot in case, for all the good that'd do. I'd not been there before so have no idea about rebuilding etc.
  10. you left out the bit where it was finished and then I promtly wandered outside into loads of creepers and blew it all up and then had to rebuild half of it I am now logged off hiding in town as its night and raining and I am surounded by creepers and I fear for the towns health if I try and make a run for it.
  11. Just stopped into Mukville to log off for the night en-route for my next exploring/mining adventure and ended up doing a Benny Hill routine round the town trying to avoid all the creepers chasing me. Everywhere i turned seemed to be another creeper or some building I didn't want to go near incase, in the end I just stood in a gap and let one of the buggers get me. hence the crater near the Notice board. Thought I'd let people know so at least that one isn't a mystery. If I get back on later/tomorrow i'll check and patch up the hole if no one else has yet.
  12. He should add some kind of... well, Street pass, so you can swap maps of bits you've explored with other people on multiplayer. Or have it be an item you build and place, like at the spawn, and then you have to explore and bring back your knowledge of the area to "fill" the map up as you explore.
  13. Dunno, I never bother and never have any issues, The Head/top of the bed should be against a wall, same as in Real life!
  14. Fun? Hiding in a damp cave with the rain lashing down outside surrounded by creepers isn't fun! (well ok a little) After you logged off re-traced our mad mob chased dash and fixed up all the creeper damage with help from Tunisia (which ended up as more running battles along that wooden path). But yeah, seem to be *alot* more monsters around post 1.5 its certainly more interesting out and about at night.
  15. Endemion


    I guess, its just sickening compared to how many people play bloody CoD online
  16. Endemion


    Thought I'd give Blur a go tonight, 426 people online. Poor game
  17. Endemion


    Hmm, Blur is another game I kept meaning to get and never did (I blame holding out for a cheeky free copy from a friend who works worked at Bizarre on it). Are there still enough random people playing it online to be worth it now?
  18. If you hit the power button and select sleep mode it says - "Closing the system without pressing the power button will also activate sleep mode" on the screen so... I think it does do the same thing
  19. This one is just back to basic, Health bar and musou Musou's are indeed now a set move not a "20 seconds of being uber" or whatever like the older games. Most charcters learn a 2nd Musou attack and a 2nd bar, so you can have 2 attacks stored up and a have choice of which to use, generally speaking its a crowd clear and an anti-officer but not always. Killing less than 1000 guys on a map is rare so yeah upped a bit! The campaigns in this are done Per Kingdom, so on the Wei campaign for example you play different guys on different maps so it can follow the "proper" story, people dying when they are meant to etc. Xiahou Dun has both eyes and no eye patch until he loses it as well! It has campaigns for Wei, Wu, Shu and also Jin. As well as the Campaign it has a conquest mode with a huge hex map to take over. It also has strange bits before the battles where you wander around your main camp and chat to people. While they are a bit wierd some of the stuff the peons say is amazing, lots of silly jokes and things.
  20. I stuck 64 cobblestone in your chest, that should get it finished...
  21. I'd say its the best one since Number 3. It has online co-op. yeah you read it right. (sort of) Though I not actually tried it yet. Also after the shit that was changing peoples proper weapons in the last one, they are back to being "correct". Xiahou Dun has a sword not that stupid stick thing etc. Oh and you can have pet tigers and ride a Bear to battle. If you needed a proper reason to buy it
  22. Yeah but it'd be easy to find the culprit, just follow the new rail tracks that lead away from your house
  23. Going to jump on to have a look around for some ideas, got bored planting my huuuuge forest/wood farm in singple player, Starting out in a huge desert does have drawbacks But yeah gonna have a snoot around for some building ideas and maybe take a look at the mob traps to see if I can replicate one in SP. Shout at me if i walk muddy feet through anyones house or something *edit* Awesome stuff on there, crazy building projects, Sadly my night ended locked in a jail cell in the desert without even a bucket to pee in! (those things are like a mouse trap, only you didn't even need any cheese to entice me in)
  24. Hmm, really want to have a look around the stuff you are all talking about and building but being mostly a lurker for ageees it feels a bit cheeky. Downloaded that backup to have a sneaky gander in SP but can't seem to get it to recognise its there, Anything that has to be done to the file etc to get it to load in SP?
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