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  1. I meant to say that I thought you could only buy the pass with cash; assumed that since no one else mentioned it that it had changed! Sorry!
  2. Ha! I didn’t pay £500 to watch YouTube! Deleted everything and reinstalling...
  3. Anyone know how to restart the initial opening? Started the game to make sure it downloaded any updates, now feel like I’ve missed something as I’m straight into the game!
  4. Listening to the Monday night club and reading various pieces, it’s a mystery to me why no one has pointed out that the large majority of games between “super league” clubs are now irrelevant nowadays? By all means watch Inter v Barca from a purist football point of view but that’s not the audience making any money for anyone. The simple matter is that since the advent of the league structure being introduced to the Champions League means that the majority of games between the (traditional) big clubs are meaningless because they happen in the group stages where they’re likely to beat
  5. So, so close to a solo hat trick this morning, first, first, second. Killed by a bow as well just as an extra poke in the eye. Also had an odd finish a few days ago where me and third place killed each other simultaneously with rifles so you’d imagine hitscan. Handing the win to a bush creeper sat minding their own business. I’ll upload it when I work out how to do that...
  6. Sorry for the delayed reply! Yes it’s still available, but I’d rather not split it. £508 I think it was, plus postage (or collection, Bristol/Bath).
  7. Is there a demand for the series x here? I’ve got one on the way from Very almost accidentally and would be happy to let it go for cost to someone here (console and extra controller) but looking at the lack of replies to the above...I’ll just send it back?
  8. I’ve not played that much yet but although I agree that the bows are a waste of a slot, the stink one is murder to deal with in the endgame! It fires and reloads quicker than you can build away from it!
  9. Thanks, I thought the same and went negroni.
  10. A bit last minute but I’ve got a remote come drink with me tonight. Suggestions for a cocktail that’ll do well having been made up into a bottle and then left on someone’s doorstep for a while?
  11. Also just had one of the npcs drop an epic shotgun when I spoke to him. The storm was almost on both of us, maybe he would otherwise have sold it?
  12. Couple of games now, including a 13 kill 2nd place , player edited what I thought was my floor as we ran from the storm! No idea what the weapons are like but I hate the bows, and can confirm the scar still works just fine.
  13. I think I got one this morning from Studio. Dodgiest website around, felt like they were harvesting my details at every page; of course I’ve got to pay and they’ve got to deliver but still...you know Looks like there are a lot of them around today!
  14. Rog

    Oculus Quest

    Can someone sell this to me please? I’m interested in VR but there don’t seem to be any great sites listing what devices play which games. The quest 2 is standalone and I’ve seen a few games but is there a proper list somewhere? I don’t have a proper pc at the moment but that’ll probably change, would the pcvr eventually let me play Alyx?
  15. Haaa! I do this every time I’m near that waterfall! On supercharging, I’m semi interested in how it works. When you have it it’s definitely not time limited, you have a limit on the exp bar and when you get there it ends. I would say that it doesn’t kick in once a day, the opposite: I think if you’ve not played for a day or two then that’s when you get it and the longer you haven’t played for, I the more boost you get. I think Warcraft used to do a similar thing 15 years ago (and no doubt lots of other games). It’s to encourage you back.
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