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  1. I’ve read he’s making a “proper” album at the moment.


    On 22/01/2019 at 20:10, Colonel Panic said:

    I'm so hyped about seeing him tomorrow. My partner is going in blind and I have no idea what she's going to think!!

    I was taking the wife along to Bristol back in…Feb (?) and she was in the same boat! Cancelled though.

  2. 18 hours ago, Timmo said:


    My first question is 'what is your vigor'? It should be at least 40 at that point. I ended the name with 60. Caps are much higher in this one and low vigor is only for challenge runs.


    I'm level 104, 37 vigor.


    17 hours ago, Davros sock drawer said:


    My strat if it helps. Don't neglect the bow!


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    Nice, my health bar is tiny in comparison though :)

  3. 18 hours ago, Uncle Nasty said:

    Lake of Rot - is it worth exploring more than I need to to as a Faith/Melee build? I got to the Cloisters to progress Ranni's quest but didn't poke around anywhere else. Ta for any pointers.

     There's a coffin to check out on the brink of the rot waterfall, just left at the end of the cloisters.



    I've got Godrick, Radahn, Morgott and the one from the queen. I have a feeling I was a bit over levelled earlier in the game so maybe it's just catching up with me. I'll give my ghostly lads a bit of a boost and get back to it!


  4. So I’m at a bit of an impasse here. I’ve got 4 great runes and have have an idea of what to do to get a 5th having opened up


    Castle Sol, but the two bosses I’ve found in the land of the giants are too much for me at the moment, Niall in particular, and I assume he has the other half of the Haligtree medallion as I’ve scrubbed the rest of the castle and can’t find it. Is there just a big jump in difficulty here? I think I’ve got at least two more runes to find but no clue as to where anyone but Miquella (according to the knight in the roundtable) might be! 

    Any mild hints?

  5. On 18/03/2022 at 11:39, Hexx said:



    It's a souls game. If you can't easily get somewhere maybe you'll come back to the area from a different route later.





    Made it up there now! Annoyingly, there’s a site of grace that won’t activate?


  6. On 17/03/2022 at 13:03, therearerules said:

    I'm just a member of rllmuk. That way every group interaction is special, even if it's rarer.

    Would this mean I only see messages from rllmuk group users? If so, how do I set this? I’ve had it up to here with people putting messages directly in front of doors, levers, ladders etc.

  7. 36 minutes ago, Hexx said:


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    Nope there's a waygate that takes you "up" above where you are.

    There's some items and a world boss (Dragonkin Solider variant) up there.

    You're not missing much there and it's a "dead end" AFAIK


    Yep cleared all that up now thanks. There’s a sizeable chunk shown on the map that you just don’t seem to be able to get to. Odd!

  8. 19 hours ago, Hexx said:


    Where you summoning co-op? Even if you didn't get one it blocks ashes if you're looking.


    There's something else down there - first a hint then a direction


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    Look for a way gate


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    It's on a half crumbled pillar nearish the middle grace site



    Are you talking about the 


    Merchant? I was surprised at the relative lack of things to do down there and feel like I’m missing something. I’ve not been into any of the castles you can see, and the way gate that looks like it should take me to the big red castle in the distance just takes me back down the hill - pointless! I also can’t reach the guy you can see stood on his own off in the distance!


  9. Finished this a few days ago over the course of a week, should've stretched it out a little longer really - it's a great game.

    4 hours ago, Capwn said:

    but did it take 30+ attempts? I do understand generally how to avoid the 2 most annoying attacks;


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    Bulls - I go and run around in a circle in the outer edge. Though I still get hit around 30% of the time 

    Red streams - As soon as this happens I run as far away as I can, often I'm able to do this thing where I run away and then as it lands near me I go back again in a straight line. Again, usually works but sometimes the attack happens in an awkward spot where I don't have time to dodge.


    So between those things, no matter how well I do, the longer the battle goes on the more I'm likely to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have 5 health, all the weapons. Statistically the default red sword is the best as it's x1 damage with 3 swings. Axe/Big sword do more damage but less swings. So I should stick with red sword for best chances?




    Bulls and laser (assuming you mean the targeted laser from the top), run in tiny circles in the very bottom right corner. As soon as the laser stops, move north. No bulls come down that way and you'll soon learn the timing to move away from him jumping down from the top.


    I found the only difficult attack to be his jump & pink laser one - as soon as you see that coming get as far away as possible, then be moving to a different corner when he's in mid air to give yourself as much time as possible to dodge the spreading laser.


    I'd also point out that you can reduce the time stunned when he does the clap thing by mashing X (I think) - it took me a while to realise that when I was fighting with the magic upgrade guys.


    When using magic, I'd go with the fireball assuming you've got it upgraded. I might be wrong but although it feels like the bomb is more powerful, I don't think the game ever makes that absolutely clear (?) and as this fight is a game of attrition, in my opinion it's better to shoot off the quicker fireball and stay mobile and have it burn him for another hit.


    Lastly, I would try not to be greedy with the swipes you put in on him. Better to swipe twice and the battle last five minutes rather than hit him three times to shorten it but take loads of attempts. Wait until you do it with the umbrella 😀



  10. I still get vbucks from STW but have had it for a while. As mentioned above, it's also rubbish so hope your son isn't wanting it to actually play it.


    The spell broke for me last season, haven't played for a few months until this week but the new season seems entertaining and has had me playing for a few hours, 4-5 wins :)


    A few observations - since when did the jump go all floating Halo? The laser dot rifle is fairly murderous, but I think they've removed the scar? Horror show. The map seems a little empty to me. Also, what the fuck have they done to the UI? They mess about with it every season and relentlessly make it worse!

  11. Can someone give me a hand here please - the various editions and what is and isn't counted as DLC is a clusterfuck!


    I have standard Miles Morales disk for PS5 and have just finished it. I've not played the original game and would like the remastered version, which I understand is part of MM Ultimate. I'd also like the expansions that I think come with the Ultimate edition. Are Spiderman remastered and the expansions classed as DLC? ie if I buy a copy from here or CEX or whatever, do I need to check whether codes have been redeemed, or is it simply that the Ultimate disk gives me what I want?


    I'm also not seeing any offers on the MM game menu to upgrade my version, or just buy Spiderman Remastered, it's only showing me full price digital versions (which I object to!). Help!


    Edit: Duh, found it in the game menu. Looks like a £20 download gets me everything!

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