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  1. Thanks, that’s what I’ve read. Can’t understand why I didn’t find anything today in the first three areas tho. I’ll see what happens in the second half I guess.
  2. This is my mild irritation with the game, I’ve finished it and didn’t really know why I was playing through again since you’re given no indication of why you would do so. I get the mystique of the game and it works well but a developer is shooting themselves in the foot when there’s barely any suggestion of why you should play through again barring having experienced this sort of game before or being told to do so by the internet. Totally emptied every room of the first two biomes, left two blue triangle doors of the third as I didn’t have the keys to open them, one new datacube. I get that new objects won’t appear in the same place each time but surely they should appear somewhere in each biome?
  3. After the first finish? Fuck knows what I’m missing then as I definitely cleared out every room in 1 & 2, 90% of 3. I still can’t open the golden shielded doors mind you so maybe that’s what im missing. I’ll blitz through the second half of the game and see what’s what.
  4. Well, did a “proper” run through of the first three biomes as in, emptied all the rooms. Didn’t see anything new other than a new datacube. Felt like I wasn’t really following a proper path as I don’t think the map was indicating a new objective? I recognised the sun icons in the ending video a little more but can’t remember if that’s different to my first watch. Am I looking for the sun pickups in the 2nd act?
  5. I’ve had my time from the game for certain and am happy with it. When you’re running through though, are you skipping to the finale as quickly as possible? As I say I finished, ran thought the first two again and a combination of needing to stop and the 3rd biome being my least favourite… To get the extra story should I be trying to refinish the game as soon as possible or playing through as much of it as possible?
  6. So I’ve just finished. I enjoy the gameplay but what’s the purpose of playing through again? To get more story snippets? When you say you’ve completed the game twice today, what does that mean, you’ve run through all the bosses again? I ran through the first two biomes again but didn’t really see anything much new, then had to go out so that was an hour down the drain. I’ve not kept up with the thread here but the lack of even a single save is laughable, as good as the game is.
  7. Ok, so essentially I've been having the 3D experience through the wired buds I've been using? I've no problem with a proprietary dongle which claims to reduce latency from the console, it's just I'd like the same headphones/set to connect to the TV via bluetooth to keep the sound down at night. In fact, on Returnal, while I notice the difference with a cup as opposed to a bud, there wasn't that much of a change. I've been worried about missing out on awesome 3D audio. We're saying any headset is using the 3D audio from the PS5 and I should ignore the Pulse, 7p that are "optimised" for the PS5? Rereading all this, I've not made it clear that I'm looking for the same headset to watch TV on at night rather than playing games!
  8. Ah is that right? What do the pulse 3D or Arctis 7p do that other headphones don’t then? I don’t mind spending that extra for a solution that will do everything, the 7x were £160 anyway! Edit - on the phone. That quote is just your last line about any headphones doing ps53d.
  9. I've had a look but there don't seem to be any dedicated threads to gaming headsets. Am I useless with the search function or is there one somewhere? I have a PS5 and am looking for a headset. I've done a little research and am struggling to find anything that will let me try out the PS5 3D but which also include bluetooth for watching the TV. I read a few reviews this morning and went out and bought the Steelseries 7X as (and I'm certain I read this!) they supposedly included bluetooth so whilst I was foregoing PS3D, I would be able to use them with the TV. I get them home and....no bluetooth. Basically - are there any headsets that incorporate PS3D and have a bluetooth option? Surely other people have the same issue, how do you get around it? TV is an LG CX if that makes any difference (tried plugging the Arctis dongle into the USB ports on it but nothing).
  10. I meant to say that I thought you could only buy the pass with cash; assumed that since no one else mentioned it that it had changed! Sorry!
  11. Ha! I didn’t pay £500 to watch YouTube! Deleted everything and reinstalling...
  12. Anyone know how to restart the initial opening? Started the game to make sure it downloaded any updates, now feel like I’ve missed something as I’m straight into the game!
  13. Listening to the Monday night club and reading various pieces, it’s a mystery to me why no one has pointed out that the large majority of games between “super league” clubs are now irrelevant nowadays? By all means watch Inter v Barca from a purist football point of view but that’s not the audience making any money for anyone. The simple matter is that since the advent of the league structure being introduced to the Champions League means that the majority of games between the (traditional) big clubs are meaningless because they happen in the group stages where they’re likely to beat the other two clubs home & away so the results between them are often meaningless. Even for the football purist, over the last 30 years, familiarity has bred contempt. It’s only interesting when they meet in the knockout as that’s when there’s any jeopardy. The Super League would just be more of the same pointless games. The same principle has happened over an even longer period thanks to all the competitors becoming familiar with the rest of the European clubs. Malmö or Feyenoord doing well nowadays? No chance. This gets punctuated occasionally by Ajax or similar but not often enough to be significant. As a United fan I can’t really believe the PR fuckup that this is. Would I rather stick in the national league and have it studded with 7-8 (lol) exotic, exciting, important games a season against European opposition? Obviously. Not to mention that the big clubs play the breakaway card every 5 years. They may have gone a bit further this time but hey, when you rattle your sabre and get what you want, when you do it again you have to shake it a little harder.
  14. So, so close to a solo hat trick this morning, first, first, second. Killed by a bow as well just as an extra poke in the eye. Also had an odd finish a few days ago where me and third place killed each other simultaneously with rifles so you’d imagine hitscan. Handing the win to a bush creeper sat minding their own business. I’ll upload it when I work out how to do that...
  15. Sorry for the delayed reply! Yes it’s still available, but I’d rather not split it. £508 I think it was, plus postage (or collection, Bristol/Bath).
  16. Is there a demand for the series x here? I’ve got one on the way from Very almost accidentally and would be happy to let it go for cost to someone here (console and extra controller) but looking at the lack of replies to the above...I’ll just send it back?
  17. I’ve not played that much yet but although I agree that the bows are a waste of a slot, the stink one is murder to deal with in the endgame! It fires and reloads quicker than you can build away from it!
  18. Thanks, I thought the same and went negroni.
  19. A bit last minute but I’ve got a remote come drink with me tonight. Suggestions for a cocktail that’ll do well having been made up into a bottle and then left on someone’s doorstep for a while?
  20. Also just had one of the npcs drop an epic shotgun when I spoke to him. The storm was almost on both of us, maybe he would otherwise have sold it?
  21. Couple of games now, including a 13 kill 2nd place , player edited what I thought was my floor as we ran from the storm! No idea what the weapons are like but I hate the bows, and can confirm the scar still works just fine.
  22. I think I got one this morning from Studio. Dodgiest website around, felt like they were harvesting my details at every page; of course I’ve got to pay and they’ve got to deliver but still...you know Looks like there are a lot of them around today!
  23. Rog

    Oculus Quest

    Can someone sell this to me please? I’m interested in VR but there don’t seem to be any great sites listing what devices play which games. The quest 2 is standalone and I’ve seen a few games but is there a proper list somewhere? I don’t have a proper pc at the moment but that’ll probably change, would the pcvr eventually let me play Alyx?
  24. Haaa! I do this every time I’m near that waterfall! On supercharging, I’m semi interested in how it works. When you have it it’s definitely not time limited, you have a limit on the exp bar and when you get there it ends. I would say that it doesn’t kick in once a day, the opposite: I think if you’ve not played for a day or two then that’s when you get it and the longer you haven’t played for, I the more boost you get. I think Warcraft used to do a similar thing 15 years ago (and no doubt lots of other games). It’s to encourage you back.
  25. There's no doubt that the new season has dropped performance significantly.
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