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  1. Players in independant communication are more of a concern than bots!
  2. Rog

    Half Life 2

    I heard that it's only the extended version, with the making of etc, that comes on a DVD.
  3. Upload....so...fucking....slow.... Sent!
  4. Got review scans, at work, can't upload. Someone with space give me an email address!
  5. Rog


    Excellent teaser! Less is more etc!
  6. Michael Reed it was, this was fucking great: http://www.doom2.net/~mykdoom/oldstuff/0685.htm
  7. Mike Hooper....or something, made a map of the Hoover Dam which was by far and away the best non ID map, in my opinion. I'm just trying to find it now!
  8. Haha, I did exactly the same! What Uni/Hall? We should exchange files! God knows where my disks are though
  9. Rog

    EVE Online

    I'd like to point out that this is an excellent game, currently an absolute steal at £5 in Game. Although, if it's space graphics you want, take a look at X2!
  10. Well, if you ever had to attack the Houses of Commons...you'd know where to turn!
  11. It's on suprnova, with decent quality. I think they are legally downloadable from the StarWars site though.
  12. Slightly cheeky that by default steam downloads the locked CS:CZ, then asks you whether you want it or not.
  13. It was awful reading about it in the paper - "if I survive until morning, lets eat my balls for breakfast". That put me right off my bacon sandwich! I didn't see the program but the knob was too chewy because the "victim" got impatient and didn't want to wait for it to cook properly. Garlic & butter, apparently. I only read stuff about the court case - how did it turn out?
  14. That's odd - my (telewest) 512k BB is £25 per month. [edit] ah - you don't have the telephone service or something? Anyhow, I've not had any fecking reduction!
  15. I thought the tank bits of CoD were fricking great!
  16. My GF is the Bust-a-Move master in our home. The problem is that I'm one of those 'good winner' types, and I was expecting the same back from her... only to recieve a torrent of piss taking, dancing, pointing and shouting. It's bizarre... I mean, it's like she forgot what the win-loss record actually stands at... Perhaps you should have got the notebook out and shown her?
  17. TFC has had easy, properly coordinated team play for...4 years? Such a shame CS overshadowed it.
  18. To be fair, you'd pretty much be guaranteed your own seat without any forcefield/rifle if you sat on a train wearing that.
  19. http://www.planetquake.com/qdq/
  20. Don't have a link, but the fact that it's called "Quake Done Quick" will help find it. There's one for Half Life too, called "Half Life Done Quick", surprisingly enough.
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