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  1. It's possible, but i don't know if i can get both weekends off work. Had some unexpected outgoings this month which are quite high so money for this sort of thing is slipping away already. I'll definately pay for a ticket for weekend 2 right now and in a month or so I could say if i could go definate for weekend 1

  2. I'd love to go as I've never seen Sleater-Kinney live before. But why can't they sell tickets for individual days?

    You could just go to see them (I was gutted at the uk tour being dropped) and swap your ticket with someone else for the other days or somthing? if you could work that out with someone. Assuming that sorta thing is allowed.

  3. When do you reckon they'll sell out, very soon?  I reckon we can make 5 or 6.

    Hey! Seerows from Scottyland...I think. i.e for potential REALLY LONG BUS FOR CHEAPNESS tripping with.

    I had a chat with some swot today (they checked their phone) and we'd exams on the 22nd, 25th and 1st (June).

    Dare I risk it? I'd be depressed if I went to anything else were the band ratio was less AMAZING:NOT AMAZING.

    Did I mention MC David Cross/Uncle T-Bag?

    Yes I am in Glasgow

    Can you not find out when your exams are?

    What are the chances it's on the friday before that weekend anyway? out of all the days it could be... Pretty low I'd say, and if it turns out they are then you could ebay the ticket? Could probably find one person who wants to go. If it turned out it wasn't on that date could you forgive yourself!?!

    I'm cool for either weekend but swaying to the 2nd because it has more bands i know i like, but then I don't object to seeing bands I don't know (quite enjoy it really, much to the puzzlement of a my friends)

  4. Trying to understand this all...you can get 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 people together in a party to share a chalet right?  Instead of being put in with people you don't know.

    Edit - sorted this all out now, seems a bit confusing but I got there. ;)

    There are some 7 person chalets left, so I'll try and find five others Seerow.  See if you can do the same. :)

    Are there no like 4 or 5 person ones left? I'd be really suprised if we managed to find 7 people before they sold out. If Matooine comes back and still says he wants to go that's 3 straight away... There are still a couple of people i can ask but i'm not hopeful.

  5. i'm in the same boat i would love to go to weekend 2 but can't rustle up enough mates


    Yeah weekend two would be my preference as well.

    Seerow, you're more than welcome to be my friend, I'm well up for this.

    When is it and who are playing this thing?  And where?

    I's in may, on 2 seperate weekends line up info and stuff can be found here: http://www.atpfestival.com/

    You need at least 2 people to go, because of the way it is set up, so 2 of you share a chalet with 2 other people, or you get 4 people+ and you all stay in the same one. It's £125 a ticket.

    Student loans and stuff should be in now and will be long gone by then so, if people are definately up for it the sooner we get booked the better, problems always arise when funds run dry nearer the time.

  6. No one i know wants to spend £125 on tickets to bands they don't know. so. I post here a plea for anyone going and in need of a spare bed filling to either or both weekends to consider me! I'm cool. honest.

  7. Club Sea Power, Glasgow QMU

    Started with British sea power doing about 6 B-sides in a row then finishing with True Adventures, they didn't put much into it and I was quite worried when they dissapeared and on came field music, who were a bit dull.

    Fortunately BSP came back.

    I shouldn't have worried, they never dissapoint. Seen then about 5 times now and this was probably my favourite. They had projected on the back some shots of animals walking, or trees with birds on in a sort of Sigur Ros Takk look. After about 5 or 6 tracks it started snowing (bubbles dropped from the ceiling) and everyone just went mad again from a great start to the crowd getting tired a bit this pulled it all together again. The snow stopped but they just kept playing merging one song into the next for the next half an hour or so. I just completely lost track of time to be honest, really caught up in the gig and not wanting it to end (I can honestly say this has never happend with any other band).

    I can't really get down how much I enjoyed this gig, and I go to a fucking lot of gigs. BSP. Snow. Ace.

  8. Somewhat missed my expectations, at least in the level of debauchery. Constantly saying cunt and a few short clips of tits wasn't really what the prologue led me to expect.

    Some very funny scenes though, the play rehersal in particular.

    Depp was fantastic, I don't normally rate him as much as some seem to, thought of him more as eye candy for the ladies in most of his parts. But in this he seems to exceed that.

    Definately a more enjoyable period film than the usual.

  9. Even with not reading the books it felt like large portions of story were missing, and things I would have liked to have seen. It's very much from the perspective of Potter, which is fair enough, but I would have liked to see what the other characters were up to at times.

    Be given a look at the other dragons, one really poor shot of the mini version of the green one wasn't really enough.

    Is this the one when the first character died? And a big deal was made of it? But it was total red-shirt style?

  10. I quite enjoyed Four Tet live.  Just don't stand around watching him while he stares at his computer.  Instead, dance your ass off and you'll enjoy it.

    It's hard to dance when he fucks about for a minute making daft noises and trying to emulate wolf eyes.

    I'll admit he manages to pull a few great bits out of each track when everythign comes together but before and after those short sections all you can do is stand and stare and wonder what he think's he is achiving.

    he had an ace spore print tshirt though

  11. He is pretty naff live to be honest, just makes a mess of his stuff while trying to 'mix it up' a bit or somthing, it doesn't work. If it is the EitS tour then it won't be a total disaster.

  12. It's just under 5000 tris, which might be a little high for the amount of definition I have, I dunno - I'm learning... Well I have tried modeling on an off for years but never seem to finish anything, mostly I like making the models then it comes to UV mapping and rigging and texturing and I get really frustrated. 5000 seems alright for half life 2 though.

    Modeled in XSI hl2 mod tool version, and intended for HL2 eventually although the mod myself and a friend were thinking of will likely never come into fruition. Hopefully I will get it in game at least if not included in anything. The mod was a sort of cyberpunk affair but less sci fi than the likes of dystopia, this would be a street/urban samuri character (hence odd leg protection loosely based on some samuri armor (probably got my terms/history confused there, but it's an aesthetic thing more than a factual one)).

    I was pretty pleased with the trainers, although they don't look exactly like cons as intended, I still like.

    Not Vin Diesel but he was supposed to be black so, I guess I did something right.

    The arms probbly need a big more definition, I didn't want uber muscles but they are pretty flat.

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