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  1. I thought it was alright. It was never claiming to be anything more than a simple action thing with a pretty girl lead and a bit of odd camera work. So I can't get worked up about that. And it was reasonably entertaining. I won''t buy the DVD but it isn't worth the slagging it is getting here.

    KK's teeth are fucking weird though.

  2. I like that one. Your bottom one seems out of place compared to the others, though. I reckon you needed someone sitting on that fence.

    Cheers :D

    I was going for a more abstract shot with the last one I liked the lines heh. But it's not often I take them.I could try getting someone on that bench if I go back there... which is likely.

  3. Aye, I'm in the same position as Mr Pogo so what sort of thing are we thinking here - 2000ad stlye multi stories in one issue? smaller scale, drawing differnt frames or sets of frames each? Writing/Drawing our own stuff, or a writing team/drawing team?

    I think if someone writes somthing it would be easier to fit drawings around it as I interperated it than writing to fit any certain style of drawing?

  4. Give him an eyeball though! Just leave out the pupil is what was suggested. Lack of drop shadow is defiantely a must, it would look naf on your arm is alright on screen with the drop shadow.

  5. Yeah been looking forward to this, although not picked it up yes. Was pick up the phone not the first single? Anyway, live recordings of them seem alright and the fact they are BSP and The Tenderfoot guys make them rather interesting.

  6. Well I used it for making textures for models. Scanning is alright for getting the lines but if you want to colour it in photoshop you reaally want to be using a tablet.

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