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  1. My word, a mogwai avatar and talk about thief in one thread


    Is this more playable than DXI then? As nice a concept as it was it was utterly un-finish able, at least for me when it came out. And after trying to pick it up recently, I find it unplayable now.

    It’s not that I don't enjoy it, its more than there are so many possibilities that I feel I’m missing out on a better experience than I am having. So I need to try and see every way to do everything and it really distracts from actually playing the game, achieving something rather than faffing about.

  2. It's kind of the problem of having a 'film-head' on when thinking up a game. It would look cool in a film but as you've said, essentially all the cool stuff like the explosions cars going off bridges etc. would be going on behind you.

    It's a bit like the new 1080..you rarely get to see the effects of said avalanche, and its the new big gimmic for the game.

    The mirror you suggest would be kinda hard to watch if you are constantly doing all the above stuff to get the reactions...Maby a fancy reply function? like in MaxPayne2 when you kill someone in a super way.

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