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  1. heh funny you say that....

    I was doing somthing simmilar in theme before but it became overly tedious, this wasn't intended to be like that...


  2. Well, I must first say - I am no literary expert - I bot a B in higher english 2 years ago and my opinion is probably not worth a whole lot. But things I picked up on while reading this were..

    Some of the language seems a bit crude, in the first paragraph for example "annoyingly narrow" and the repetition of the word damp don't lend to fluid reading, and repeating a boring descriptive word like that so soon in a short story (where you have less words to work with so each is more important?) isn't somthing i'd imagine is good.

    The ideas are very good though I think (seems like it might be aimed at at mid-teens?), all well linked together and easy to relate to. Gets much better in the third paragraph, but I think you'd want to get that engagement early on.

    But yeah, I quite like it and know the story well :P

  3. Illustration? Ugh - well I made these using illustrator so I guess they qualify...


    Based on a wee drawing by couk.


    First serious attempt at anything Vector, imaged it was based on wasn't that detailed so it is not very accurate...


    Did this last night and quite pleased with it though I don't know if it looks like she has big pink eyes or is obvious they are closed :/

    Any thoughts? Not really been using it very long or very often but i quite like the end results, and getting to grips with it a bit now (the fuctions at least!)

  4. The 50mm 1.8 is so well regarded because it's is indeed very good and sharp above f2.0 for the price...which is very low.  However that cheapness comes in the form of a 5blade aperture and cheap build.  I read about front focusing issues as well. 

    Anyway I haven't got one yet, but I'm planning on get one very very soon. There's no way I can afford the 1.4 50mm which is about 5 times the price.  So to that standard the 1.8 is indeed an essential buy.    Well that's what everyone says.

    Anyone know the cheapest place to buy one?

    Dunno about cheapest but I have always found www.warehouseexpress.com to be good, but then not really compared prices, they are better than jessops price wise anyway :/

  5. Love the album. Inflammatory Writ is probably my favourite track. The lyrics are just to die for. It's probably her most challenging vocal performance but there's certainly nothing child like about it.

    Yes, I love this track! So humerous and yet intelligent but loses nothing in the appeal of the sound for it.

  6. £10 for a portrait? That might be why you only got 2 people to do it. But ace idea for a present! Not going to cover costs of materials for anything bigger than a post card though. Not that I am a compotent illustrator or anything just pointing that out..

  7. Yeah I played the one amp teaser loads and downloaded most of the terrible maps that sprung up around it.

    Great fun, but is never going to be that big because it ins't team based. The new maps in the release are nice but lacking in atmosphere I think, why is he really in an office? it is a bit dull.

  8. I have no idea how easy they will be to come across though,

    Walnut Whales

    Yarn and Glue

    both out of print and not to be re-released apparently. Ebay Ahoy?

  9. Only just heard of this lovely wee lass, somewhere between Cat Power and Devendra Banhart I think but easier to get in to. The most peculiar voice I have heard in a long time, at first a bit abrasive but just wonderfuly weird. Any fans? I have only heard Milk Eyed Mender so far, are her self released EPs any good?

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