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  1. Seerow

    Deviant Art Comp

    I am a bit uninspired by the theme (beyond cliche) but should have new camera soon so will probably give it a go.
  2. This year I am fcking going.
  3. I watched a few episodes but couldn't really get in to it, should help over tide the time until the new season of lost though!
  4. Nah they are alright. But that's just it!
  5. if biffy are considered headlining it probably isn't worth going eh D:
  6. those are ace. Think I will be ordering one soon!
  7. I know what you mean about uncut. I used to fucking love it.
  8. could certainly be a transvestite.
  9. I really want to seeit now.
  10. No speaking bloke is falling in love with hula hoop girl. Annoying twat man is losing partner to no legs bloke for being a twat.
  11. I'd like one 7.50+postage seams reasonable you ain't that big yet D: Don't post pics of them all though, we know the style now would spoil it a bit to see them all.
  12. To get anyone to look at your stuff you need to be a whore, go comment on other people's galleries and they will look and comment on yours, it doesn't lead to constructive critisism but if enough people really like it they will keep looking when you post new stuff, and telling you how ace you are and infating your ego.
  13. If you mean on deviantart I wouldn't get too wound up about it. You need to give much (comments) to recive anything. When you do recive it is mostly back patting anyway, rarely do you get a comment worth a jot.
  14. Seerow

    Put Here

    The whole thing, with the wee couk tm fairy dudes, it all works together rather well.
  15. Seerow

    Put Here

    teh couk can draw proper like too. More of this. Best thing I have seen from you I think!
  16. When I think of these bands I can't help but compare them to westlife or the like. Just now it is hip to be scruffy and record companies can't get away with such obvious manufacturing as before. But these bands are still manufactured - plucked from nowhere, and styled up to make some cash. Given more time to develop on their own and not thrust onto the radio so early in their careers they might have become more than throwaway. Kaiser Chiefs, not as bad as the Bravery at least.
  17. if there is still one going my flickr account is here http://www.flickr.com/photos/96494201@N00/ And I would appreciate the use of a pro account D:
  18. Photographs here; http://seerow.deviantart.com/gallery/
  19. One of those is quite plauseable given the images from the trailers, or the very end of one trailer.
  20. Seerow


    KT Tunstall - Glasgow Mogwai - Glasgow Four Tet - Edinburgh and others ones i'll end up getting off touts probably. Not been to many recently, but now I am back racking in the dough
  21. Omfg how can you like these adverts you great big flapping fannys. Most annoying thigns ever. Reasonably funny the first time but for any regular cinema-goer a real nuscience. Cept the french one I like that one.
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