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  1. I don't agree with anythignthat has been said here :|

    The only place I can see where people might fault the animation is with the bad guy's movement, but this seems intentional to me - lumbering mechanical armor/suits.

    I do agree on the MGS ninja front though, there seems to be a lot of insperation from him not just on the protaganist but the way the armor on the heads of the enemies opens/closes is neigh on identical. Not entirely a bad thing though.

  2. Start of a Link model for HL2 I am bumming about with atm. Mostly to get down the basics of each sort of model, will make a Link Player model, with Master Sword Weapon model(s) and maybe a couple of props based on a Legend of Zelda theme.


  3. It was meant to be a "game" you could play through sound alone, e.g. without the need for a monitor. The player must hover over the region that the sound is coming from in order to score. I knocked it up in a matter of minutes because I was just thinking of concepts and I wanted to quickly create one of them.

    The sound is coming out of the wrong speaker for me, yet normally is correct O.o

  4. Well, I want to transform a shape in photoshop to it fits better around a curved surface, say superimposing an image onto a mug for example.

    Now I would have imagined this to be simple and have been using PS for a fairly long time yet cannot fathom it. An example image of the sort of distortion I want to achive is below. Now I get the feeling this will involve using paths as there is no standard transform modifier to do it, if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.


  5. I didn't realise it was A level, I thought A2 was reffering to the size, doh.

    More interesting than anything people did for Higher at my school.

    Excuse earlier ranting, I thought this was for a degree, in these circumstance it is much more acceptable.

  6. As someone rather into graffiti and stencils in particular I have to say it is utter gash.

    But then I am not doing some wank art-school degree so what do I know, It probably stands up well with people who don't have a clue about graffiti.

    More respect would have been given if it didn't come across as you just "saw banksy and though stencils where cool" as so many art school kiddies do, then completely missed the point by emulating him. The technique is also appauling, over and underspray, drips. You can put it down to style but then I hate little more in the art world than the 'style' of incompotence with a media. So if you had used original stencils, perhaps multi-layered given layers where part of your theme and practiced before hand a bit more then you might have been on to somthing. Composition is a bit all over the place too.

    I am a cunt.

  7. I'll Have a bash! But I am going away for a week... so If i don't respond to PMs or anythign that is why, thus - put me down and don't cut me out if I don't get back the same week D: Pretty please.

  8. The arrow is there on purpose, in one of my more productive days I went to the library and looked up some books on good design and there was a lot said about the FedEx logo, and then I saw somthing about it on TV. Ace.

  9. A bit OT, but biglime (active in this topic right now and not in IRC) Next time your near st enoch centre have a wander around the outside of the Travel Centre out the back, theres a wee scribble you might like.

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