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  1. Nope, but I shall pick it up! Was rather annoyed to miss them recently playing in Oran Mor.
  2. Really cool! On the cell shaded render - is there any way to increase the amount of shading? Like it doesn't really pick out many features in the renders you showed, such as the cleavage or much detail on the face. I appreciate that the insperition they are as featureless, but I think it might look a bit better if you could see maybe a tiny bit of shading on the nose and the cleavage especialy. Though it might not but if you havn't toyed around with that... Anyway, the illustration is really cool and I do think it would work very well in motion, though I imagine the hair moving a lot. If I sound a bit negative, I am not at all I think it is ace!
  3. Seerow

    New Painting

    I never fail to be impressed by oils, really fancy getting into that. How long have you been at it? Very cool, like the semi abstract background, really lets helps you focus on the figure without it just seeming to float in space.
  4. Yeah, that is why I thought the first idea was best.
  5. I thought the original idea was best. If people are limited to one entry each they might not spam the topc with loads of photos asking "which is best" or somthing simmilar, which would end up with the topic in a bit of a mess, but then if only one photo can be posted each it might be a very very slow topic...
  6. Limted to one entry each?
  7. I didn't get it for ages D: I was all up like 'yo ILR wtf wit comrade's shiz"
  8. and it didn't even show him failing to get get the horn, 2gs.
  9. When does spring end? And... cool idea!
  10. Serena is baltantly better looking.
  11. Seerow

    Spot Soong

    Didn't take as long as the faf where's wally one, but I think I only found this one by fluke! Very good.
  12. Seerow

    Spot Soong

    ahh, he's huge!
  13. those spoiler tags ain't working - right there.
  14. Seerow

    Hope Of The States

    I hate The Red The White The Black The Blue, worst trak on the album. Though the single had one of the best tracks they have done as a B-side, Angles Over Kilburn, bah.
  15. Seerow

    Spot Soong

    That was damn hard!
  16. Seerow

    Hope Of The States

    I won't sell the James Laurence one but I have another copy made by one of the other members that I might!
  17. Seerow

    Spot Soong

    The Matrix and XIII are class!
  18. Well, at least it's better than the fucking bravery et al. I wouldn't object to it being on the radio.
  19. Seerow

    Spot Soong

    I had loads of trouble finding soong in that one!
  20. Still waiting for an oppurtunity to use 'YOU YA CUNT!' When someone says what you staring at.
  21. Seerow

    Hope Of The States

    Black Dollar Bills is ace and the secret track, don't get along with most of the rest but it certainly isn't bad. I have the black dollar bills EP signed/made by James Laurence before he died
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