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  1. I saw them on the telly the other week... Hadn't heard them before but they held my attention and I quite frankly need.cds.now.

  2. Frou Frou's track Let go being featured in Garden State brought it more to my attention as an ace track...

    I can't really thing of any negative ones :/

    There was a Future Sound of London track on some shit advert about some woman not liking beards once. I didn't think much of that... nor the In the house in a heartbeat from 28 days later being in a peugot advert but I still like the tracks :/

  3. I hate how everyone comes down on this film. Classic "OMG I WAS THERE FIRST BEFORE IT BECAME POPULAR" bollocks. The film is as good as the first. The first is hardly fantastic cinematography, acting or anything else. It was just a good concept and it had somthing to say, while being shocking. This one works on exactly the same terms, only falling down not being as fresh, which is a given with sequals that are not Mad Max 2.

  4. Is it as good as Captain?

    I thought not.

    I used to hate captain, but listening to it now it is rather good. First impression was, ohnoes, idlewild try to be Greenday, but it is really a whole lot better than that.

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