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  1. I'm currently save-scumming like a twat. I started assaulting a largish UFO landing and thanks to mystical teleporting aliens I keep getting attacked from three sides by two drones, a cyber disk, five mutons and a berserker. Unsurprisingly, this is too much for my squad of alleged badasses. I'm not sure how you Ironman nutcases do it.
  2. How about some pizza? Easy to vary the toppings, make a meaty one and a veggie one. Plus, even as a committed carnivore, I really like vegetarian pizzas; here's a three cheese and shaved asparagus one I'm very fond of, for example. And I think it's fun to let guests top their own pizzas. I can't recommend a dough recipe though, I use slow ferment ones that need 48 hours to mature. Edit -- how committed are they to being vegetarians? Parmesan is made with animal rennet, so some veggies won't touch it.
  3. Sure! For the longest time, my carbonara tasted good but had far too much runny sauce. The problem was using whole eggs, instead of egg yolks.I don't drain the pasta off very well, either -- I want a little water in the sauce. I often just grab it out of the water with tongs, let it drip for a second, then put it in the frying pan.
  4. Quite. It stops the pasta sticking to itself, without you having to oil the pasta (which is a terrible idea that stops the sauce sticking to the pasta). This isn't so much an authenticity issue as a simply superior way to serve itIf you don't want to serve a homogenous bowl of pasta + sauce mix, compromise: add a serving spoon or so of the sauce to the hot pasta immediately after draining, stir well, then dish up the pasta, then dollop the sauce on top. Aaand now I'm hungry for homemade carbonara (which I recently, finally, nailed).
  5. Also, use far less water for your pasta, so it's proportionally much starchier. It's a myth that you need gallons of water: http://www.seriouseats.com/2010/05/how-to-cook-pasta-salt-water-boiling-tips-the-food-lab.html
  6. I think you need more than three satellites.
  7. So that's actually the 720 then. But a SCSI drive? No way is that right, which makes the rest of it a bit dubious. Edit - and 22.2 support? Not bloody likely. There's no consumer interconnect that could even hope to carry the data, for one thing.
  8. Apple has carved itself out a good slice of tablet gaming, but I think it succeeded by accident not design; I don't think Apple really understands gaming on any level (look at how poor Game Center is, for example). On the other hand, the Xbox brand is powerful and (I'd argue) well-managed. So I think there's an opportunity here. But: will this tablet do things Surface can't do? That would be weird, right? Are people supposed to buy this *and* a Surface? How many damn tablets am I going to end up owning? But the Verge is talking about gaming-orientated hardware; more powerful GPUs or whatever. That suggests it would be distinct from Surface. And it has to do more than just SmartGlass, or it'll have no reason to exist over $99 Android tablets. Perhaps it makes more sense to think of this as Microsoft's answer to the Vita, and not really a "tablet" at all. In which case, it's perhaps noteworthy that the Vita isn't selling very well. Although there's no good idea Sony can't bungle the execution of, of course.
  9. I saw exactly this behaviour when I had too many game saves. How many did you delete? I'd been merrily saving away and gone some large amount over the maximum number the "load game" dialog could show. I had to delete loads before the most recent saves showed up.Also: have a look under the Xbox dashboard and see if that shows different save games. I found that had a true, complete list of all my saves; only the in-game dialog was broken (as you might expect). (Substitute "PS3 save game menu" or "save game Windows folder" as appropriate.)
  10. I'm stuck on this right now. I took some less-experienced squaddies into a UFO landing to train them up, but I've come across three mutons, three of the more powerful sectoids with the mind control ability, and three normal sectoids. Everytime I move from where I am in my save, the three sectoids teleport into the middle of my position. I can't find a way to take them down that doesn't accidentally open up line of sight to the UFO interior, at which point the mutons and sectoid bosses come out and kick my arse up and down the map. I've tried it numerous times and I think I'm hopelessly stuck; going to have to back out to my last geoscape save and try it again with a beefier squad I think.
  11. I don't think looking at just the Metacritic headline weighted-average figure is a useful thing, any more than skipping past 2,500 words of a review and just reading the number at the bottom is a useful thing. I contend it's better to read down the Metacritic list of reviews, reading the quotes, paying attention to the sources you trust, and following links out to reviews that are making interesting points.
  12. DocG

    Food Festivals

    No you didn't. You went to Abergavenny food festival. Aberystwyth is about four more hours drive away
  13. I don't drink a lot of rum and no gin at all, so I can't comment. But for tequila, I can recommend Waitrose; get El Jimador blanca for cocktails, and Herradura añejo for drinking neat.
  14. Oh my, Santorini. Went there for my honeymoon last year. Best gyro we had was over on the far side of the island, from some tiny hole-in-the-wall place. I can honestly say I didn't eat a bad meal the entire time I was there.
  15. DocG

    Pulled Pork

    Here's the pulled pork I made back in September when Craster came to stay. None of this slow cooker stuff; my wife is American and there's no way I'd get away with that. This was cooked for 11 hours on a Weber kettle barbecue at a steady 105 deg C. If you look closely, you can see a pink layer around the outside of the meat -- that's the "smoke ring". It's caused by the smoke from the barbecue penetrating the meat and a chemical reaction between the nitrate compounds in the smoke and the proteins in the meat. This is the same reason that bacon is pink. You can also see the outer layer of "bark", or chewy, heavily seasoned meat. That's been dehydrated by the long cooking process and flavoured by the spice rub; it's almost jerky, in fact. Although it's very dark, that's from the smoke -- it's not burnt at all, there is no bitter flavour. Here's how it looked on the barbecue. The coals are raked to either side so the meat roasts, rather than grills. The water pans under the meat and over the coals help regulate temperature and keep the smoke moist. There's plenty of hickory wood chips on the coals, too. Here's the finished product. I served it with a home-made coleslaw, and two kinds of BBQ sauce -- one thick/rich/tomato based (Kansas City style) and one thin/vinegar/chilli based (Lexington Dip). It was a lot of work to tend the barbecue for almost an entire day, not to mention that I had to get up at 6 am to get it started; but it was well worth it in the end.
  16. Anyone else think that, or spot any proof of it? This is absolutely the case. There's many hints throughout the game, a good list of which can be found at http://dishonored.wikia.com/wiki/The_HeartIt's also
  17. Hi guys. I'm the Minecraft sysadmin over on Beex. It was my server that Owen built most of his stuff on. A few things: Firstly, I think it's proper lovely that you guys thought of preserving his stuff. Brought a lump to my throat. Secondly, you don't need to worry about that, it's in good hands. My server is private and restricted to 20-ish Beex posters only, all of whom knew Owen. No-one is going to vandalise his structures and we don't have any anonymous griefers. The only change we've made was that a few of my players laid flowers and torches outside his castle entrance. Thirdly, I'm happy to help you out in any way I can with your own memorials to him. I can provide access to the Beex server so you can see his creations there and I can provide copies of our backup snapshot files so you can dissect the map any way you please.
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