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  1. I'm a big fan of the reverse sear. I don't often use it in the house, because I only have one oven and I'll inevitably be juggling roasties etc through it just before serving; I can't easily arrange the final super hot blast. But I cook everything I barbecue that way: half the grill with coal and half empty, start meat on the empty side with the lid on ubtil cooked, the. flash it over the coals briefly.
  2. Today I made: - easy mode sausage rolls (pre-ground pork; pre-made puff pastry. I added fresh herbs and bacon) - ham, boiled in Coke, then glazed with black treacle, maple syrup, and mustard - chicken liver parfait to a Bluemnthal recipe (this will be brûléed tomorrow as a starter) - diced some bread and left it out to go stale for stuffing tomorrow - chicken teriyaki noodles (for dinner, as a change of pace)
  3. Hehe yeah I know I was simply contrasting the cooking times. I guess what I was pondering (but hadn't got far enough to actually type out) was if you could do 6-8 hours on High, which would give you a saner start time. 'Course, experimenting on Christmas dinner is a bit of a high wire act...
  4. Wow, that's a long time. Last time I made brisket, about the same size as yours, I cooked it for about 1.5 hours at 180 deg C, then 2 hours at 160. I wasn't sure about the temperature (felt high) but it was great. This is Nach Waxman's famous recipe (http://www.onceuponachef.com/2012/12/onion-braised-beef-brisket.html), which I heartily recommend to anyone. In particular, slicing it halfway through and leaning the slices back means each slice gets a generous amount of tasty crust, and means you can do much neater slices than if you wait until it's falling apart tender. Well, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.
  5. Stock problems would explain the soft launch.
  6. I tried one of these a little while back at Droidcon London, running Lands End. I couldn't stop telling the bemused Samsung rep how good it was. As you said, if you already own a compatible phone, it's dirt cheap -- almost a must-buy. And a very smart move from Oculus, because I think accessible VR like this will seed the market for Serious VR Rigs without ever significantly cannibalising from it.
  7. The plural of anecdote is not data. I wouldn't eat that meat myself, let alone serve it to others. Edit -- do you actually think that's a counter-argument against essentially every piece of published food hygiene science?
  8. "Don't assume that re-cooking an improperly-stored item will make it safe. Most bacteria produce protein toxins, which are actually the primary agents responsible for food poisoning, and several of these toxins are heat-resistant. Cooking will not kill or inactivate these toxins and eating the re-cooked food will still make you sick."http://cooking.stackexchange.com/questions/17528/how-long-can-cooked-food-be-safely-stored-at-room-warm-temperature Related: "Don't assume that cooking "kills everything" and that a cooked food or cooking surface is absolutely sterile. Cooking kills enough to make the food safe to eat, but some organisms - such as bacterial spores from bacillus and clostridium - can survive the cooking process and immediately start producing more bacteria. Sous-vide bags, crock pots, etc. are not safe environments for cooked food in the temperature danger zone."
  9. Seriously?! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Campylobacter https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Escherichia_coli https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salmonella ...etc etc... Don't you keep meat in the refrigerator between buying and eating it?
  10. How early are you planning on starting? I wouldn't have thought you had to cook that for all that long...
  11. I'd be wary of leaving the meat out at room temperature overnight.
  12. People hold beloved and cherished stories to a higher standard than cookie-cutter action flicks? I'm OK with that.
  13. I left two years ago, but at the time the Grazing Shed was worth a visit.
  14. Star Wars wikia claims bowcasters appear in all three OT films.
  15. I will never tire of Lucas's insistence that he had a grand plan for ninety billion movies with perfect continuity being revealed as paper-thin bullshit by the most casual of observations. The most obvious is that Luke and Leia were clearly fated to be a couple in ANH, and the sibling thing was a retcon. But one of my favourites is the first time Luke holds a lightsaber. "Your father's lightsaber," says Obi-Wan, sagely. "An elegant weapon for a more civilised age." SMASH CUT TO: RotS, Anakin using that very same lightsaber to straight up murder thirty defenseless little kids.
  16. Ah, now, yes. That I can agree with!
  17. It's not "where do they get their money from" it's "just how big and powerful are these people?" We see massive scale from them -- as big as or bigger than anything we saw from The Empire. Huge Star Destroyers, a massive army, the Starkiller Base. Meanwhile Leia's still leading a plucky rag-tag bunch with hardly any ships or pilots. I don't understand how you can't immediately start wondering how the rebels are still, well, rebels, and not the establishment; and just how long the odds against them are. This isn't a minor detail, it's pretty central to the setup of the film.
  18. I thought it was even simpler than that -- my take was Ren simply notices that Finn is standing there and not firing. His body language (and the clever use of the bloody hand print) makes him stand out like a sore thumb in that scene.
  19. You are a monster walking the earth cloaked in the skin of a man, BTW. HTH HAND
  20. Oh, and as for mash on Boxing Day: for me it's all about cold ham, cold turkey, leftover stuffing, some pickles, and steaming hot chips. I like the textural and temperature contrasts. This is one of these things where I ate it as a kid so now have an affection for it out of all proportion.
  21. +1 for real gravy. So worth the effort. I'm doing Guinea fowl again this year, as it's just two of us for Christmas Day and we're going away for a few days just after so even a small turkey crown would be wasted. Last year I did a pot roast with cabbage and wine, this year I think I'll dry roast it for a change of pace. Sides: - I'm doing "sideways" dauphinois (https://goo.gl/photos/eW9puwG9rozjFfNx7) - glazed carrots in maple and thyme - lemon and thyme stuffing roasted with the pigs in blankets on top of it (so it absorbs the drippings) - I was going to do roasted baby parsnips but puréed with horseradish sounds great so maybe that's changing now. The stuffing I'm going to do American-style, with small chunks of bread rather than crumbs. Starter is an experiment: brûléed chicken parfait, a Blunenthal recipe. It's pretty complicated but I can make it entirely the day before so I have wiggle room if it goes wrong. And for dessert my wife is making an ice cream cake with Creme de Menthe and an Oreo crust. We felt like going white trash at the end I did a big turkey for Thanksgiving, as usual -- this year I cooked it in parts (I'm a total fan of this approach, much easier to control cooking time) and smoked it on my new Weber! Pics are here: https://goo.gl/photos/GvzBgZN1zkF5272Z9
  22. Yes, this is one of the nits I could pick. I was quite confused about exactly what the First Order were. If only Star Wars films had some established way to quickly bring you up to speed on the back story just before the film started...
  23. I cooked risotto in a pressure cooker and it turned out great. Making this later this week
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