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  1. a) go nuts with the zillion-flavours drinks machine b) don't look at the bill c) split a fries, they're massive Edit - Hi5, Fox!
  2. DocG

    Rock Band 4

    I think Fry Crayola just sold me an Xbone. To be fair, if I owned one, it's not like I'd only use it for Rock Band.
  3. DocG

    Rock Band 4

    I am gradually talking myself into this, because (a) my love for plastic instrument games knows no bounds (b) unlike GH:L, it has drums © most of my old RB kit is old and tired. I have RB1-3 plus Lego and some DLC on the 360. I also have a PS4... and no XB1. This is problematic. How much of the tracklist from RB1-3 is in the store as DLC? There's many songs in there I want to re-play, but equally buying an entire Xbox One to maintain my catalog is outlandish. Could I just re-buy the songs, I wonder?
  4. http://theconcourse.deadspin.com/what-if-the-new-star-wars-sucks-too-1737539377
  5. You are technically correct The best kind of correct! But I'd add that I think the spirit behind "no book chat the books don't exist" indicates a general dislike for any sort of out-of-band content whatsoever; that's certainly how I feel, and everyone else who's responding to makkuwata too.
  6. How about this: 1) respect the thread's stated purpose and the clearly stated preferences of everyone here and shut up altogether -OR- 2) start another thread about GoT full of all the spoilerish speculation you like
  7. Ooh yeah, it's crouch, not jump. Which makes sense for drop I guess. But my brain still can't cope and keeps pressing x and falling. Bah. The controls are a bit... idiosyncratic when viewed with a decade of hindsight. Anyway, I met EVA and fought eight Ocelots, mostly by hiding under the bed and then spamming stun grenades. I'm getting better!
  8. Whoever mapped the "drop from ledge to your death" feature to the jump button can go do one.
  9. Eighteen months after I bought it and 12 years since it was released, I've finally managed to get sufficiently in tune with MGS3 to make headway. I just finished Virtuous Mission. I'm enjoying it!
  10. ...or who pretend that it isn't as a paper-thin pretext to get worked up about. Which they seem to be too dumb to realise is completely transparent to everyone outside their echo chamber.
  11. I have noticed the imminent release of the GX8 has brought the price of the GX7 here in America down to $600 new and as low as $500 for "as new" refurb (both with the 14-42 lens). I could ditch my aging GF1 entirely, plus the GX7 would be capable enough to render my Nikon D5000 almost entirely moot so I'd no longer have to choose between portability and image quality. I have the 20mm pancake with the GF1 to reuse. If I bit the bullet and sold all my Nikon gear (18-55, 55-200, 50 f/1.8, SB-700 flash), I might even end up slightly up. Or I could save towards the GX8... but it's £1050, so a big step up price wise. Someone talk me in to / out of this...!
  12. All the home-grown tomatoes I've had in the UK have been a bit crappy. A friend who grew them for a few years told me that most of the really tasty kinds are tricky to grow and don't ripen well in Britain's climate. By comparison, the ones most people grow in the UK are rather bland and watery and tend to have quite thick skins (this being useful for repelling insects and making them more robust to look after.)
  13. "Cows don't look like cows on film. You gotta use horses.""What do you do if you want something that looks like a horse?" "Ehh, usually we just tape a bunch of cats together."
  14. DocG

    Crackdown 3

    That's assuming Microsoft is one commercial entity, which it probably isn't. The question is better posed as: what happens when the Xbox division decides it's no longer worth paying all this money to the Azure division? Or to put it another way: people are assuming that because Microsoft have Azure these servers are "free" but that's patently untrue. A server being used for Crackdown 3 is a server that Azure cannot sell to customers, so there's still an ongoing cost associated with running the service. So the all the economics that lead to EA shutting down servers are equally applicable to this case.Edit -- software compatibility also plays a part in the long term. One day, let's say ten years from now, the version of Windows on the servers today will be turned off. Crackdown3Server.exe turns out not to start up on Windows 2025 Cyberpunk Edition. There are a handful of people playing it every day. Do you pay engineers to dust off that decade-old code, figure out why it doesn't work, and fix it? Or do you just abandon it?
  15. This is absolutely rad and everyone involved should feel very pleased with themselves.
  16. It's 8 petabytes. It's not nothing, but it's not a lot in cloud storage terms either [1]. As a very rough estimate, that would cost $250k per month ($3m per year) to host at Amazon. SCE's revenue was $11.5bn last year. You'd hope Sony could build its own infrastructure for less than Amazon's commercial pricing. [1] Randall Monroe, of xkcd fame, once tried to work out how many punch cards it would take to store Google -- search, Gmail, YouTube, everything. Being sneaky, he started off by asking his Googler friends "how much storage do you have?" They wouldn't tell him, but one did smile and say "when you start work at Google, you learn some new SI prefixes." That's certainly true. I no longer think a petabyte is a lot.
  17. DocG

    Rocket League

    We were playing 4v4 (with a bot on each side) which felt a little chaotic. I can see how 2v2 would feel like a very different game.
  18. DocG

    Rocket League

    I had my first online matches of this last night and it's bloody glorious.
  19. All sweeping generalisations are bullshit.
  20. To be fair, I've been to the cinema in America half a dozen times and that's never happened.
  21. The clone thing was in the opening sequence of one of the earlier games, you had to escape the cloning lab. Second or third game, pre Blood Money. Edit -- turns out it's the central plot of the first game.
  22. 16-digit number, expiry date, CV2, name on card. 38 bytes, tops. I don't have 9,210,526 credit cards.
  23. Apparently so on XB1, which is jolly decent of them. It was a Gold-only perk on X360, right?I wouldn't mind 1 GB on the PS+ so much if the save games were sane. But 350 MB for Driveclub is all kinds of fucked up. What the hell is it storing?!
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