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  1. Can't stop listening to Get Schwifty.
  2. I watched this when I was off work very unwell and quite exhausted LOL THAT WAS A BAD IDEA. I need to watch it again though, it was fantastic. Need to try and make sense of what happened.
  3. The bit before the credits is just... Feelings.
  4. Oh I absolutely bloody loved it. After everything that happened with it, I didn't expect to come out raving about it to people as much as I have. I'd put it top 3/4 of all Marvel so far. <3
  5. *hugs everything* WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE
  6. The puppet episode of Angel. Series 5, called Smile Time. Hilarious.
  7. Oh this is absolutely my favourite episode ever.
  8. I'm a little bit in love with the away kit.
  9. Just changed my pledge for a PS4 physical copy. I don't even own a PS4 yet.
  10. Absolutely the greatest thing
  11. If anyone is ever in Lewisham check out Roxburger on Lewisham High Street, up past Nandos. Small independent place. They only do a simple range but their burgers are amazing and they do rare. Nice parmasan and rosemary fries too.
  12. Hey guys, remember a couple of weeks ago when Shenmue 3 wasn't a thing? Crazy times man, crazy times.
  13. I really liked it. It kicked in for me around episode three and after then I was totally on board. None of the characters annoyed me much and the last couple of episodes were great. Some people I know HAAAATED it though. Couple of people didn't even make it through an episode.
  14. Well this is pretty awkward. There's a petition for the cancellation of Metroid Prime: Federation Force. https://www.change.org/p/nintendo-petition-for-cancelation-of-metroid-prime-federation-force Edit: Oh deKay posted the link in the thread for the game, sorry dude I didn't realise.
  15. Video works fine now. For me anyway. 2.9 million omggg
  16. Oh. Yeah. That's a point. I should probably buy a PS4.
  17. I like popping on the Kickstarter page every so often and seeing the amount still rising bit by bit. So exciting.
  18. The thing with DNF though was that we were waiting for 13 years from the point it was originally announced and it went through trials and tribulations and new hands and pain and torture and heartbreak etc etc etc whereas this is starting fresh right now more or less, just after a long wait. So I'm actually not too worried.
  19. This is the best day of my life and remain so even if I get married or have children.
  20. I bought this on DVD for about 4 quid because I was curious. Fits in the 'wow that was pretty bad but totally watchable' category for me. I'm surprised there's going to be a second series though, I was told it had bombed?
  21. I was convinced that the inside of a saveloy was a more pale colour like the inside of a sausage, not red. Everything is a lie.
  22. Definitely going again next week. Might sit in the front row, cause myself some kind of sight/hearing/brain injury. Totally be worth it.
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