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  1. I remember seeing the original incident on an episode of Traffic Cops. It's completely shocking because there's no lead-in, just some innocuous police-at-the-side-of-the-road chat and the next minute they're running into traffic! At least the documentary posted above eases you into what you're about to see being quite graphic. The bit from Traffic Cops:
  2. Also did anyone watch it in UHD and did it look any good?
  3. It was seriously unhelpful to have so many callbacks to past events in a standalone episode, so long after the regular series ended. Oh right, the fam has met Captain Jack before, something about a lone cybermaaan, yeah, I guess I kinda remember something about that??? No idea what actually happened though. And then near the end an aside to ancient history, TORCHWOOD of all things! Well, at least it was one of the few references my brain could be arsed to recognise. But what was that at the end - a setup for a new spinoff, The Ryan & Grandad Adventures? Yes please. It w
  4. Throwing this in here as it's the most recent mega thread... Just a heads up for anyone (like me!) who only discovered Still Game via Netflix when it was years old already. There are a few Christmas specials that aren't on there - but now they're on iPlayer. Cold Turkey The Party Plum Number I've seen The Party in YouTube crap-o-vision before - worth a watch because it features the cast without their old codger getup - but the others are gonna be new to me! Looking forward to piling into them tomorrow.
  5. I've been paying £1 a month since April for the Entertainment pass, I dunno why really. It's continuing until next April as well. That was at the end of a £1 offer for two months which I took after cancelling a few months earlier, so I guess their algorithm thought I was going to cancel again. I probably was tbf!
  6. I can't remember ever running out of poses before, but this thread has done it singlehanded today. I would have given up on this rubbish long ago if it wasn't for the entertainment value of seeing exactly what you guys are ripping the piss out of - many times more enjoyable than the show itself. Like staying on the sauce because you love going to AA so much. This was my favourite moment too. By complete coincidence, Unification I and II were the last episodes of TNG I saw during my rewatch, yesterday. I might have had a mini stroke at key points of th
  7. Very excited to spot Diana paying a visit to UMIST in the final episode Anyone else recognised any of the filming locations?
  8. She's not only on the command training programme, she won the command training programme's half marathon! Which, not to bring that up again, does stretch credulity somewhat. (First few minutes of S2E3 - I had to check I'd got it right!) The difference with Barclay is, even when the crew succeeded in bringing him out of himself and he took up acting or whatever, he didn't turn out to be a sleeper agent master Thespian who moved the entire crew to tears with his every word. Which is what would happen if Tilly were in his place. He was just kinda on the way to overcoming h
  9. That bit was also called out in the "Choice" section of Radio Times.
  10. Where's that come from? They all call her she, including Saru after the reveal-oh.
  11. "We are completely disconnected... but... we are also... together!"
  12. Yeah, this is great. Worth watching the "how we got from this... to this!" intro on each episode if nothing else. I hadn't realised the Coronation Street tram crash was so ridiculous.
  13. That's good, and I'm the same! I ended up actually liking the Enterprise credits by the end, but that might have been Stockholm syndrome.
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